Definition of 'luscious'


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1. sweet and pleasant; delicious

2. sexually appealing; seductive

3. obscene

4. Having strong sensual or sexual appeal; attractive.

5. Archaic Excessively sweet; cloying.

6. Sweet and pleasant to taste or smell: synonym: delicious.

7. Richly appealing to the senses or the mind.

8. Sweet; delicious; very grateful to the taste; toothsome; excessively sweet or rich.

9. rare Gratifying a depraved sense; obscene.

10. Cloying; fulsome.


1. The Frenchman has the most luscious lips.

2. Instead of combing his luscious locks, the suave Italian was undoubtedly tearing some of them out on deadline night.

3. Serve this thick and luscious curry with boiled basmati and a few sprigs of coriander.

4. My lips felt luscious and in condition after use.

5. Lipstick always looks better on luscious lips.

6. They came luscious, sweet and perfectly cooked.

7. Add garlic and chilli then beat in the olive oil to make a thick, luscious dressing.

8. Its luscious velvety fruit will make you and your guests feel that it costs a lot, lot more.

9. You can be sure all the top brands will help make your lips look more luscious, soft and beautiful.

10. The meat ends up juicy and luscious, the gravy rich with a hint of sweetness and the carrots have bite.

11. FANCY luscious lips without the surgery?

12. So what caused it and how can the reality TV star get her luscious locks back?

13. And I always thought those luscious locks were all her own.

14. Stir in the sugar, then vinegar and simmer for 5 min until thick and luscious.

15. Stir in mustard, then beat in oil to make a thick, luscious dressing.

16. Bring to the boil, then simmer gently for about 5 min until thick and luscious.

17. WANT luscious locks for summer?

18. Splendid materials -- materials that the hand of an artist would make luscious -- egad, sir; _luscious_ -- utterly ruined in the handling.

19. When we moved in luscious purple grapes hung from them ... last yr not such luck.

20. Out mid-October: a biopic on Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, shot in luscious black and white by renowned photographer and music video director Anton Corbijn.

21. I feel a little bit like a commercial using the word luscious, but this cup of custardy tofu, dressed with a thin layer of light soy sauce really was luscious.

22. Bock beer is of a darker colour than the common lager, and possesses a certain luscious flavour, being spiced with an infusion of coriander or some such aromatic seed.

23. My seven-year-old daughter, who'd only consented to make this Swedish journey when told she'd be sleeping in a real farmhouse, pronounced her peanut butter and jelly sandwich "luscious" -- an adjective she usually reserves for things like pink and green breakfast cereals.

24. The Sichuan Wonton with Red Oil was once again luscious perfection (the sauce is too good to waste and so I add a few forkfuls of their (somehow) delicately seasoned plain white rice to soak up the sauce when done.

25. But on his end, the marriage plummets quickly from him preening about landing someone another character calls "luscious" to displays of intense, irrational jealousy.

26. However pleasant it may be to the palate while we are feeding on it, it is sure to leave a bitter relish behind it; and so far, indeed, it may be called a luscious morsel, that the most greedy appetites are soon glutted, and the most eager longing for it is soon turned into loathing and repentance.

27. ‘Huge chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, luscious cakes and tempting sweets are in every shop.’

28. ‘I blew out the candles on my twelfth birthday cake, indulging in the luscious chocolate taste.’

29. ‘Now I am guessing that a sweeter Meyer lemon would make really sweet and luscious lemon tartelettes.’

30. ‘When Nathan spoke, Isabelle looked up from the sweet, luscious dessert she was devouring and found his unfathomable gray eyes studying her with interest.’

31. ‘It tastes like a luscious milkshake, only it's guilt-free!’

32. ‘A succulent roast with herbs and mushrooms and other extremely luscious foods.’

33. ‘One of the things I made was this luscious chocolate cake.’

34. ‘This also took me away from the Alliance Française, where their Café des Amis serves a luscious coffee, rich and caramel-like in flavour.’

35. ‘This had a lovely smell of passion fruit when cut open, and a sweet luscious taste of the fruit as promised.’

36. ‘Anorexics are under increased pressure to eat whilst bulimics feel there is too much in the way of exotic and luscious foods on offer.’

37. ‘A sublime combination of a luscious honey and apricot succulence with crisp, cleaned-edged acidity explodes onto your palate.’

38. ‘She ran towards her bedside and took a large bite of a juicy luscious apple and looked outside the window.’

39. ‘I'd forgotten I couldn't indulge myself in luscious food.’

40. ‘Everyone seemed to be having a grand time dancing and socializing and sampling the luscious foods that spread out on a table that took up one wall of the gigantic ballroom.’

41. ‘Those events are to the season what a savory appetizer and luscious dessert are to a fine meal.’

42. ‘In Europe - Germany, Alsace and Italy, the best Pinot Gris are oily, sweetish, full-bodied luscious wines.’

43. ‘Marvel at the luscious chocolate cream you have created.’

44. ‘The wash is as heavy as the lead weight bottle, the perfectly ripe handpicked fruit is luscious with plum, chocolate and spicy touches.’

45. ‘It is a luxuriously big Cabernet Sauvignon-driven wine, with heavy luscious fruit and firm, but supple tannins.’

46. ‘The 1999 is a peppery, luscious wine of considerable complexity and intensity.’

47. ‘Oil paint can be thinned to a watery consistency or brushed on with thick luscious strokes.’

48. ‘Pottery and dyes are rich, luscious and seductive, marks of decadence and luxury.’

49. ‘The four luscious colours and little brush ensure it's a winner.’

50. ‘With an enchanting melody and chords that sit alongside luscious lyrics, strong images are conjured up: ‘I water flowers in the rain, I dance beneath your silver flames’.’

51. ‘Easily their best work yet, it combines their trademark girl/boy vocal interplay, rush of melodies and luscious harmonies with more experimental elements.’

52. ‘It bulged voluptuously in luscious and supple ripples and folds, and the spruce band gave a pleasant, cedar-like aroma.’

53. ‘I asked cockily, with my eyes fixed on a girl with thick, luscious black hair.’

54. ‘Here, the calm, mystical music already glimpsed in Les enfants is allied with an avowedly Debussian orchestral palette, to produce a luscious work of sensuous religiosity.’

55. ‘Have fun with texture when experimenting with lipstick - from sheer stains to moist mattes and tones, from sensuous nudes to luscious color.’

56. ‘Sure, they were beautiful and had a luscious aroma.’

57. ‘Her soft and luscious brown hair flowed around the girl's tiny face.’

58. ‘The doors were opened and a familiar woman with long, luscious blond hair and an elegant and fetching air was admitted.’

59. ‘In front of the Cajun was a very pretty girl in yellow, with waist-length, wavy hair of luscious caramel, and eyes of sparkling amber.’

60. ‘Ariel Watson, the Warden in charge of Brittany and Jill, was a small Native American woman with thick, luscious, wavy black hair.’

61. ‘Not surprisingly, he is particularly attracted to a luscious surface and to virtuoso effects.’

62. ‘For as long as I recall, I have admired beautiful women, whether they have an attractive figure, beautiful eyes, luscious lips or other redeeming features.’

63. ‘The script, while hopelessly literary, is filled with some beautiful moments captured in luscious widescreen by cinematographer Richard Greatrex.’

64. ‘This is a voice utterly unfettered and its luscious purity is a gorgeous gift to the speakers from which I listened transfixed by the variety and high standard of the music!’

65. ‘Think Roja and you would think gorgeous smile, luscious lips, limitless joy.’

66. ‘But the real revelation was the chicken tagliatelle plumped for by the party's female member - luscious creaminess cannily grounded by leek and pungent tarragon.’

67. ‘She was luscious, there was no other way to put it.’

68. ‘Here, we present 16 luscious females, each of whom has a tenuous link to football and ask: just who has the hottest totty?’

69. ‘And I never told anyone, bar those luscious ladies, of it until now.’

70. ‘Every one of the luscious ladies had the twisted features of a bearded, demonic, wildly sneering Richard D. James; remember?’

71. ‘He takes one look at the luscious lady and starts getting his crankshaft in a conundrum.’

72. ‘Then you made mummy, who is already shapely, even more luscious and voluptuous and reubensesque.’

73. ‘One time we had the additional joy of watching two luscious French-Israeli girls enjoying eggs and cigarettes.’

74. ‘He told me that the extensions were going with him to the Cosmo shoot to transform the short-haired Christina into a luscious big-haired Cosmo girl.’

75. ‘I could say, yeah, this girl here was luscious and euphoric, even though she hadn't moved at all since I popped in.’

76. ‘Forbidden Fruit offsets a studio photo portrait of an innocently luscious teenage girl with a Gourmet magazine cover featuring glamorously lit ripe pomegranates.’

77. ‘She presented a luscious curvy figure and wore a luxuriant dark wig - something that seems to have developed since this production's early performances.’

78. ‘Whether you're a fan of pole-dancing stunners or just appreciate the luscious charms of a buxom beauty, her videos are sure to satisfy.’

79. ‘Her luscious body in those sexy clothes was bait enough for a man who had an admittedly high sexual drive - but besides that, the woman had started to get to him.’

80. ‘Meanwhile, the Sunday Times, the one everyone reads, is running this article, which is up now online, jumping off the screen with candy-colored cartoons of luscious women.’

81. ‘And then there was Lost in Translation, in which a man in the throes of a midlife crisis spends hours in a hotel room with a luscious young woman, and… they talk a lot.’

82. ‘One knows about St Anthony being tempted with luscious women, in visions which appeared precisely because there were no women for fifty miles.’

83. ‘In contrast, the real pin-up girl in the photograph was the luscious Liz O'Donnell, who wore a skimpy bikini.’

84. ‘Would a half-naked woman with a luscious body influence my buying decision?’

85. ‘Just then, Dallas noticed one of the luscious women walking towards him.’

86. ‘She was elegance, sensuality, and ferocity all rolled into one luscious woman.’

87. luscious barmen

Other users have misspelling luscious as:

1. lushious 5.13%

2. Other 94.87%

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