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1. Belonging to, or proceeding from the original stock; native; hence, not counterfeit, spurious, false, or adulterated; authentic; real; natural; true; pure.

2. Not spurious or counterfeit; authentic: synonym: authentic.

3. Actually possessing the alleged or apparent attribute or character.

4. Free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere.

5. Being of pure or original stock.

6. Honestly felt or experienced.

7. Belonging to, or proceeding from, the original stock; native

8. not fake or counterfeit

9. Belonging to the original stock; corresponding to an original type or source; hence, not spurious, false, or adulterated; not of a deceptive or affected character; true; real; sincere: applied to both persons and things: as, genuine descendants; genuine materials; a genuine text; a genuine man.

10. In zoology, typical; conformable to type; not aberrant: as, the genuine isopods. See Euisopoda.


1. The way you blend personal ambitions with a sense of caring spells genuine progress.

2. The reality for innocent parties with genuine claims is very different.

3. Women tell each other genuine things about their actual lives.

4. You have to accept very genuine reactions from people who lead really hard lives.

5. This interest must be genuine and sincere.

6. You do some deep thinking about relationships and know who has warm and genuine love to offer.

7. You only find out when you work with them and he is a genuine and honest player.

8. Why settle for the real thing when you can queue for a genuine fake?

9. This is a real and genuine entrepreneurial opportunity for the winner.

10. To be authentic is to be genuine.

11. Both works were full of genuine emotion.

12. None of the handful of genuine passengers submitted claims.

13. This is about genuine love of the game and your home town.

14. This makes it easier to recognise genuine people and not be fooled by charming but unreliable ones.

15. He was a genuine and sincere person.

16. They all offer genuine friendliness and great family facilities.

17. He is a guy who is honest and genuine.

18. There are reports of systems that can outperform human beings in distinguishing between fake and genuine smiles.

19. And the winning ingredients are genuine emotion and tunes to die for.

20. There were genuine concerns about his making a full recovery.

21. Jupiter's gift to you is a love based on fun and genuine caring.

22. The real test for genuine belief is not what people say, but what they do.

23. Early in the film, he seems so caring and genuine.

24. It is the club's one genuine claim to fame.

25. ‘Latham is showing us all that the next election will be a genuine race, a real battle.’

26. ‘I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.’

27. ‘The Real Madrid boss is one of the genuine enigmas of modern football.’

28. ‘They were hidden in a legitimate cargo which was taken to a genuine warehouse on delivery.’

29. ‘I gave my dad who is a genuine handyman a leatherman tool which he loves and still wears on his belt today.’

30. ‘It is thought that during the transaction a genuine computer is swapped for the dummy package.’

31. ‘It advised traders to be careful that they only sold genuine licensed products.’

32. ‘Performed with such brilliance, they aptly recreate genuine folk music of the era.’

33. ‘You mentioned in one interview that genuine democracy requires accurate and truthful information.’

34. ‘But the real question is: is the torn document genuine?’

35. ‘While their legitimacy is being disputed in some quarters, to many Pollock authorities the paintings appear genuine.’

36. ‘The news station and this reporter fully believed the documents were genuine.’

37. ‘Nothing could prove beyond all possible dispute that the tapes are genuine or fakes.’

38. ‘Sorry to a bit all over the place but I am feeling genuine distress and anger at all of this.’

39. ‘The meeting is open to all with a genuine interest in having a say in the future of their community.’

40. ‘It is a shame that governments do not have the same genuine compassion shown by ordinary citizens.’

41. ‘It was a genuine pleasure to hear a master talk so eloquently about his work.’

42. ‘There was genuine appreciation for what is happening here and we now have a great deal to shout about.’

43. ‘The fear she was feeling was now genuine, for she knew she'd screwed up and was in trouble.’

44. ‘It proves that beneath the showmanship, there is real talent and a deep well of genuine feeling.’

45. ‘This record shines because there's a genuine love of its influences driving it along.’

46. ‘He seemed a really genuine guy and sincerely appreciated that we had been following the tour.’

47. ‘It was a fair offer and a genuine attempt by the company to resolve the disputes.’

48. ‘All this smacks more of a seedy circulation battle than a genuine attempt to help.’

49. ‘Rachel's slight smile was more genuine this time.’

50. ‘His smile was so genuine Pearl couldn't help but smile herself.’

51. ‘I am absolutely genuine in my desire to assist if I can.’

52. ‘I began putting on shocked faces, trying to decipher which one seemed more genuine.’

53. ‘He laughed again, but this time it seemed more genuine.’

54. ‘As Singaporeans viewed the dreadful pictures from the scene of the hotel bombing there was only genuine concern and sympathy.’

55. ‘He said the defendants had lied to police, lied to the court and demonstrated little genuine remorse.’

56. ‘There was no malice intended, only genuine interest.’

57. ‘In Johns case, the genuine affection that people had for him shines through.’

58. a genuine Picasso

Other users have misspelling genuine as:

1. geniune 4%

2. genuin 2.55%

3. genene 2.18%

4. Other 91.27%

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