Definition of 'obese'


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1. Extremely overweight, especially: weighing more than 20% (for men) or 25% (for women) over their ideal weight determined by height and build; or, having a body mass index over 30 kg/m2.

2. Having excessive body weight caused by the accumulation of fat; extremely fat. synonym: fat.

3. Excessively corpulent; fat; fleshy.


1. Two in three adults are now overweight or obese.

2. This could have important implications for obese people.

3. Some obese people are at lower risk because their fat stem cells store it more efficiently.

4. MILLIONS of obese and overweight Britons may soon be given a graphic insight into exactly how fat is invading their bodies.

5. In the UK, about one in five women are obese when they become pregnant.

6. ALL fat and obese patients should be offered free slimming courses by their GPs, experts say.

7. Your dog is also likely to become obese and unhealthy.

8. The survey also found that the number of fat cats and obese rabbits is on the rise.

9. This means obese people might be able to alter their eating habits.

10. The tendency to become obese is at least in part hereditary.

11. More than half of the adult population is now overweight or obese.

12. This is often taken to mean that obese people bear little responsibility for their shape.

13. They are known to make people obese.

14. The number of obese people coming in through the doors is rising.

15. The first thing it does is decide whether you are ideal, overweight or obese.

16. If anything, the metabolism of the obese becomes more sluggish when exposed to cold.

17. One in three 11-year-olds is currently overweight or obese.

18. Not overweight, not obese, just fat.

19. The UK is on course to be the most obese nation in Europe by 2050 with 60\% of men and 50\% of women classed as obese* and surgical weight loss controls are becoming evermore popular.

20. "I was just shocked to hear the word obese related to me."

21. Doctors who use the word "obese" in their notes may risk alienating patients.

22. Last year, she suggested doctors start bluntly telling their patients they were "fat" because it would have more "impact" than the word obese.

23. And if a child is obese by the age of thirteen, he or she is likely to remain obese for life.

24. These results suggest that symptoms of ADHD are more common in obese individuals (irrespective of BED status) and that the D3 receptor may play a role in the manifestation of the hyperactive/impulsive symptoms of ADHD.

25. These studies show that compromised oocyte and early embryo mitochondrial metabolism, resulting from excessive nutrient exposure prior to and during conception, may underlie poor reproductive outcomes frequently reported in obese women.

26. ‘It is estimated that more than one in five Britons is now classed as obese and three-quarters are overweight.’

27. ‘Nearly two thirds of men and more than half of women in England are now either overweight or obese.’

28. ‘The latest evidence shows people are getting more overweight and obese.’

29. ‘It can also be used to determine if people are at a healthy weight, overweight or obese.’

30. ‘Two-thirds of the population are either overweight or obese, a figure which is rising.’

31. ‘More than a third of the girls from the poorest backgrounds are overweight or obese.’

32. ‘However, they suggest doctors may be missing deadly cancer in overweight and obese men.’

33. ‘Currently medical treatment options for obese and overweight people are limited.’

34. ‘Overweight and obese conditions occurring at this age show persistent health effects decades later.’

35. ‘With so many children and parents overweight or obese, there's little stigma attached to being fat.’

36. ‘American doctors have for years observed the reliance on fast food of overweight and obese people.’

37. ‘More than one billion adults across many parts of the world are obese or overweight.’

38. ‘There is no consensus as to the definition of overweight and obese children.’

39. ‘Children were much more likely to be overweight or obese if both parents were overweight or obese.’

40. ‘White men are by far the most likely to be obese or overweight and black men are least likely.’

41. ‘Recent research has shown poorer outcomes for overweight and obese boys than for girls.’

42. ‘At the present time, more than half the women and two thirds of men are either obese or overweight.’

43. ‘Children who are overweight but not obese should be evaluated for other factors as well.’

44. ‘One in five nine-year-olds is estimated to be overweight and one in ten obese.’

45. ‘The charity said over half of adults in the UK are overweight, with one in five classed as obese.’

46. he suffered from being obese

Other users have misspelling obese as:

1. obeso 3.1%

2. obesi 2.41%

3. Other 94.49%

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