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Other users have misspelling obese as:

pie chart
  1. obeso 3.1%
  2. obesi 2.41%
  3. Other 94.49%

Definitions of obese


  1. excessively fat

Examples of obese

  1. CALLS for firefighters to move obese people are up by a third in just three years.
  2. Currently, 30 percent of Americans are obese, compared with the 4 percent who meet criteria for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge-eating disorder.
  3. Fifty consecutive, nonobese, habitually snoring, otherwise-healthy children (age range: 6-9 years) and 50 age -, gender -, and ethnicity-matched obese children (BMI z score: 1.67) underwent an overnight polysomnographic evaluation, followed by a multiple sleep latency test the following day.

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