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1. The time of the day between dusk and night, when it gets dark.

2. The time of the day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight (compare afternoon); the period after the end of regular office working hours.

3. figuratively A concluding time period; a point in time near the end of something; the beginning of the end of something.

4. A later period or time.

5. Chiefly Southern US The time from noon to twilight.

6. The period between sunset or the evening meal and bedtime.

7. The period of decreasing daylight between afternoon and night.

8. The latter portion, as of life; the declining period, as of strength or glory.

9. (Zoöl.) an American singing bird (Coccothraustes vespertina) having a very large bill. Its color is olivaceous, with the crown, wings, and tail black, and the under tail coverts yellow. So called because it sings in the evening.

10. (Bot.) a genus of iridaceous plants (Hesperantha) from the Cape of Good Hope, with sword-shaped leaves, and sweet-scented flowers which expand in the evening.

11. See under Primrose.

12. the bright star of early evening in the western sky, soon passing below the horizon; specifically, the planet Venus; -- called also Vesper and Hesperus. During portions of the year, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are also evening stars. See Morning Star.

13. The latter part and close of the day, and the beginning of darkness or night; properly, the decline of the day, or of the sun.

14. the early part of night (from dinner until bedtime) spent in a special way

15. a later concluding time period

16. The delivery at evening of a certain portion of grass or corn to a customary tenant.

17. The latter part and close of the day, and the beginning of darkness or night; the decline or fall of the day, or of the sun; the time from sunset till darkness; in common usage, the latter part of the afternoon and the earlier part of the night before bedtime.

18. The time between noon and dark, including afternoon and twilight.

19. Hence The decline or latter part of any state or term of existence: as, the evening of life; the evening of his power.

20. Present participle of even.

21. Being, or occurring at, or associated with the close of day: as, the evening sacrifice.


1. Malone suddenly determined there would be no further talk this evening of domestics.

2. There were quite a few people around, for a Monday evening.

3. For the third consecutive evening, the six ate in silence under Aída's watch.

4. When candles are brought into the tent at night, the servant wishes the company a good evening: he says "_M'sah elkhere_," the literal meaning of which is "_Good be with you this evening_;" which salutation it is courteous to return, even to a slave; and if any one, however great his rank, were not to return it, he would be considered a bad muselman, a disaffected and inhospitable barbarian.

5. In many cultures the term evening is linked to time of day when people have their main meal of the day.

6. In many cultures, the term evening is linked to the time of day when people have their main meal of the day.

7. The bulls emerged in the late hours of the trading session to attack the bears - so the term evening attack.

8. Senate: The first big race to watch of the evening is the race for Jim Bunning's seat that pits Rand Paul (R, son of Ron Paul, a Tea Party and libertarian favorite) against Jack Conway (D, State Attorney General).

9. By chance this evening is also a meeting for parents, etc., of gifted students and I agreed to go to that since it's downtown and they're going to provide my dinner (and it gets done before Wyrdsmiths starts).

10. ‘Except for short exercise periods in the evening the prisoners were confined to their individual cells for the first three days.’

11. ‘When I was doing the play I was tiring and absolutely using up all of my resources but it was a two hour period in the evening and then it was finished.’

12. ‘Then allocate work to do in all your free periods and in the evening.’

13. ‘Many cultures eat the main meal at midday and have a light meal in the evening.’

14. ‘The people inside the taxi, look hopeful anticipating a good bargain and a fleshy nutritious meal in the evening.’

15. ‘However, 9 pm is a bit early, especially if a family is out for a meal in the evening.’

16. ‘Everyone then comes together for a nice meal in the evening and we're all in bed by 10 pm catching up on our sleep.’

17. ‘Fasting all day and eating a meal in the evening actually puts on weight.’

18. ‘They had only one meal in the evening consisting of fermented barkbiter roots and gruel.’

19. ‘I know in Darwen our police station closes down in the evening and there's no police at night time.’

20. ‘A complete food service was provided late in the evening after night flying.’

21. ‘Fortunately for us, it rained heavily in the evening so the bars closed quite early for the night and we managed to get some sleep.’

22. ‘Make sure you take provisions for when the main site closes in the evening, because the camp site then becomes a festival in itself.’

23. ‘The course will be held in the evening and will run over a period of 10 weeks.’

24. ‘Depending on the time of year and the work schedule, the main meal may be served at midday or in the evening.’

25. ‘The flowers open wide in the sun and close in the evening.’

26. ‘A meeting was held in the facility's clubhouse later in the evening after offices had closed.’

27. ‘Traffic was diverted on to minor roads, causing tailbacks in the evening rush-hour as workers made their way home.’

28. ‘They are having a sit-down meal for 30 and a disco in the evening before leaving for a honeymoon in Cornwall.’

29. ‘In the evening rush hour, four young women were injured in a lightning strike in Hyde Park, central London.’

30. ‘Trosley's next event, an evening of Russian folk music round a campfire, is taking place on Saturday.’

31. ‘The disc is too propulsive to be background music, but too modest to be your evening's main event.’

32. ‘Lying in Morgan's double bed, their heads inches apart, Dawn thinks over the evening's events.’

33. ‘The evening's events will include dinner and a casino night for all attendees.’

34. ‘I lay awake for hours that night trying to make sense of the evening's events.’

35. ‘Get a guided tour around this beautiful house, visit the gift shop or look out for events such as ghost evenings throughout the year.’

36. ‘For everyone, Ramada's Iftar evenings remain a unique event of special food items.’

37. ‘This evening's event in the Kings Hall is already sold out.’

38. ‘The other big give away about the fantastic nature of the evening's events was the presence of so many of Polly's media idols.’

39. ‘There was one unfortunate event of the evening, however, and it involved bad eyesight and a stone dog!’

40. ‘There have been reports of women at parties who wake up wearing no clothes and with no memory of the previous evening's events.’

41. ‘However, there were no major blazes and the ambulance service did not report any serious incidents as a result of the evening's events.’

42. ‘A few blocks away stood the object of the evening's activities: the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’

43. ‘The event was an evening of entertainment focusing on the legacy the outgoing Bishop of Manchester will leave.’

44. ‘The après match comedians kept the ball rolling before the main event of the evening.’

45. ‘Many friends, and customers turned up for the event and a great evening was had by all.’

46. ‘I thought about it for a while, tried to remember the events of the evening, it was patchy at best.’

47. ‘All were delighted with the great evening where music was played and all relaxed in a most homely and wonderful atmosphere.’

48. ‘Perhaps the most memorable social event is the karaoke evening at the Hotel Seedorf.’

49. ‘The 100 back seemed to serve as a great warm-up for her main event of the evening.’

50. ‘People dressed in formal evening attire made their way to the entrance of the center.’

51. ‘So you see, it's possible to get and wear beautiful evening shoes without suffering.’

52. ‘If you decide on the tuxedo, then get your hands on a slick pair of evening dress shoes.’

53. ‘All the ladies wore evening dress - they had been helped to make their own.’

54. ‘It is thought that a long silk column evening dress, cut beautifully, may be her choice of wedding outfit.’

55. ‘She is wearing a low-cut black evening dress, he a dinner suit.’

56. ‘For evening functions long dresses and evening gloves were worn by the women and dinner suits by the men.’

57. ‘It may be the height of Viliad fashion, but it's not exactly human evening dress.’

58. ‘These were virtually court occasions, and guests indeed wore court dress, not evening dress.’

59. ‘Dinner in Ta Cenc is a formal event, so Anne should pack an evening dress.’

60. ‘She's wearing a revealing evening dress and proceeds to drape herself over various parts of the car's anatomy.’

61. ‘The only real flash of colour in the whole production was the evening dress wore by Lady Macbeth as she plots murder with her husband.’

62. ‘The matron of honour wore a strapless evening dress in gold, and carried calla lilies.’

63. ‘Lace is very popular on its own or as trimming - expect to see it worn during the day and used as an overlay for evening dresses.’

64. ‘You don't want to be wearing spectacles with a black velvet evening dress.’

65. ‘Exiting his bathroom, he saw his brother lounging against the door jamb of his room in full evening dress.’

66. ‘She was dressed in her most beautiful evening dress, bought especially for the occasion.’

67. ‘Jim watched them, each dressed in fancy evening clothes and still reeking of alcohol.’

68. ‘I thought these evening outfits were pretty interesting and geometrical.’

69. ‘He also braided black mink with satin ribbons for the casually elegant evening capes and throws.’

70. ‘I was working evenings and weekends.’

71. ‘evenings the place has an eerie yet charming appeal.’

72. ‘evenings, he would gather his friends and read the albums as a performance.’

73. ‘evenings, he plays a punishing game of tennis.’

74. ‘evenings she's on stage, either crooning jazz classics or acting.’

75. ‘Weekend evenings there's also a jazz band in the bar area.’

76. ‘The successful candidate will be expected to work evenings.’

77. ‘Because I work evenings, I don't get to see my family or a lot of my friends who work office jobs.’

78. ‘evenings, we went ashore to dine and drink and compare notes with other sailors.’

79. ‘evenings, she cleans offices for corporate execs.’

80. he enjoyed the evening light across the lake

Other users have misspelling evening as:

1. evning 12.41%

2. evenin 12.22%

3. oefening 10.37%

4. eveing 7.41%

5. eavning 2.96%

6. evenning 2.78%

7. evining 2.78%

8. evevning 2.59%

9. Other 46.48%

10. morning 0%

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