Definition of 'vertical'


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1. An individual slat in a set of vertical blinds.

2. A vertex or zenith.

3. A vertical geometrical figure; a perpendicular.

4. A vertical component of a structure.

5. Something vertical, as a line, plane, or circle.

6. A vertical position.

7. rare Vertical position; zenith.

8. See under Prime, a.

9. (Math.) A vertical line, plane, or circle.

10. a vertical structural member as a post or stake

11. something that is oriented vertically

12. A vertical circle, plane, or line.

13. In a two dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system, describing the axis oriented normal (perpendicular, at right angles) to the horizontal axis.

14. Along the direction of a plumbline or along a straight line that includes the center of the Earth.

15. marketing Of or pertaining to vertical markets.

16. Being or situated at right angles to the horizon; upright.

17. Situated at the vertex or highest point; directly overhead.

18. Relating to or composed of elements at different levels, as of society.

19. Medicine Of or relating to transmission of a disease or condition from parent to offspring, either through genetic inheritance or through circumstances occurring between conception and birth.

20. Economics Relating to or involving all stages from production to sale.

21. Anatomy Of or relating to the vertex of the head.

22. a graduated arc attached to an instrument, as a theodolite, for measuring vertical angles.

23. (Astron. & Geod.) an angle measured on a vertical circle, called an angle of elevation, or altitude, when reckoned from the horizon upward, and of depression when downward below the horizon.

24. a sash sliding up and down. Cf. French sash, under 3d Sash.

25. an upright drill. See under Upright.

26. (Bot.) such anthers as stand erect at the top of the filaments.

27. Perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; upright; plumb.

28. (Dialing), (Conic Sections), (Surv.), (Geom., Drawing, etc.) A line parallel to the sides of a page or sheet, in distinction from a horizontal line parallel to the top or bottom.

29. (Astron.) an azimuth circle. See under Azimuth.

30. (Mil.) the fire, as of mortars, at high angles of elevation.

31. (Bot.) leaves which present their edges to the earth and the sky, and their faces to the horizon, as in the Australian species of Eucalyptus.

32. a steam engine having the crank shaft vertically above or below a vertical cylinder.

33. (Conic Sections), (Projections), (Persp.) The plane passing through the point of sight, and perpendicular to the ground plane, and also to the picture.

34. Of or pertaining to the vertex; situated at the vertex, or highest point; directly overhead, or in the zenith; perpendicularly above one.

35. upright in position or posture

36. at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line

37. of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group)

38. relating to or involving all stages of a business from production to distribution

39. Seecircle.


1. We were reviewing the metrics and I asked if the units on the vertical axis were thousands or tens of thousands.

2. What would the angle from the vertical have to be before this would occur?

3. Keep the walls vertical and store on the side the dirt that you dig out.

4. The jet is the first supersonic stealth aircraft capable of short takeoff and vertical landing.

5. Various efficiency gains may accrue through vertical integration.

6. Previous climbers have scaled the near vertical pillar with ropes and a harness.

7. The different faults in the area show up as vertical planes cutting emphatically through the crust.

8. Sheer vertical faces of rock rise on either side.

9. Wooden pallets were turned upright to form vertical frames in which paintings could be slotted and displayed.

10. Of course they also hang in vertical lines on garden feeders.

11. The vertical axis shows the ratio of international prices to domestic prices.

12. At such depths the weight of the surrounding earth exerts tremendous stresses on vertical trench walls.

13. There are doubts over the logic of vertical integration in the metals and mining business.

14. The slide features a vertical drop in a clear tube that then extends over the side of the ship.

15. Legend has it that the building is attached to the vertical cliff face by the hairs of the angels themselves.

16. On the inner side of the island there are truly astonishing vertical limestone cliffs dropping hundreds of metres to the sea.

17. Or some kind of vertical take-off system.

18. Result: a perfect landing with zero vertical velocity at zero height.

19. Seagulls prefer not to swoop down if there's a risk of them hitting a hard vertical surface.

20. This time I could see two sharp vertical lines of concern across her brow.

21. ‘The navigator switches on the radar system and the antenna extends, turning through 90° from the horizontal to the vertical plane.’

22. ‘These corners appear in the horizontal and vertical planes.’

23. ‘The added patterns were folded, and profiles in horizontal and vertical direction were obtained for further analysis.’

24. ‘The inclinometers are 2-way sensors which record rotations with the vertical direction in two orthogonal vertical planes.’

25. ‘Lines every 15 feet divide the field into squares, both in horizontal and vertical direction.’

26. ‘First, penetration of the environment is essentially in the vertical plane rather than horizontal.’

27. ‘The cloth denotes both vertical and horizontal planes as pure modulation, without any opposition between them.’

28. ‘Their eyes fluttered across the breadth of vertical and horizontal planes, missing no detail of change.’

29. ‘These are vertical planes of horizontally stacked planks of wood backed by a pole or beam planted in the ground.’

30. ‘But gravity actually functions as a source of support for structures that are properly aligned around a predominantly vertical axis.’

31. ‘Genes are represented by branches along the left vertical axis.’

32. ‘The green line is charted against the left vertical axis.’

33. ‘The earthquake resulted from horizontal displacement of the ground across a nearly vertical fault plane.’

34. ‘The climb ahead was nearly vertical in ascent with few to none hand holds.’

35. ‘Layered gabbros at the deeper levels have been rotated so that their layering is nearly vertical.’

36. ‘We all shouted ' hold tight ' and then we were almost vertical going up this massive wave.’

37. ‘Next she removed a scalpel from her first aid kit and made a small vertical incision into the trachea.’

38. ‘One mirror has a thick vertical fluorescent orange stripe of paint running up its center, the other a horizontal.’

39. ‘The ship was capable of doing a completely vertical takeoff, when she was on her feet.’

40. ‘The true parameter values used in the simulations are shown as shaded vertical bars.’

41. ‘The human being possesses levels of reality situated in the vertical hierarchy of body, soul and spirit.’

42. ‘Scinduism must do away with the vertical hierarchy of castes and the complete plethora of superstitious beliefs.’

43. ‘Thus, the objective of this article is to empirically test the market power motive of vertical integration-a different objective from that of Bhuyan.’

44. ‘‘A lot of the design process in such a vertical house involves figuring out how to get people around,’ says Ranon.’

45. ‘This vertical contact between grade levels was further enhanced through assignments to committees that established curricular goals.’

46. ‘Note that each graph has a different vertical scale.’

47. ‘We don't usually divide it into vertical levels, and no particular distinction is made in terms of correspondences depending on depth.’

48. ‘Its initiative resulted in the early twentieth century in a process of vertical segmentation or pluralism known as pillarization.’

49. ‘With all firings, Chrysler ended up stripping out several levels of management, with a much flatter vertical hierarchy.’

50. ‘The initial approach was to have different block exemptions for different types of vertical agreement.’

51. ‘This type of marginality can be illustrated easily in antiquity in relation to hierarchy, or vertical social ranking.’

52. ‘You aren't sure of what you've read, once you get to the end of the horizontal line in the process of creating a vertical meaning.’

53. ‘Managerial employees, anxious about job security and access to vertical mobility, may pressure themselves into working longer hours.’

54. ‘It emphasized lateral links between members of the same class rather than vertical cross-class national solidarities.’

55. ‘First, I analyze prior research on the impact of vertical cooperation on firm performance and present the theoretical framework.’

56. ‘‘Lawson continues to have good products and a good vertical strategy,’ says Sholler.’

57. ‘The vertical dimension of a cluster consists of firms with complementary products and competencies that are linked through supplier and customer relations.’

58. ‘Under vertical FDI, the corporation keeps control of the various stages of a production process.’

59. ‘In the vertical production structure, work is contracted out to households, which use child labour freely.’

60. ‘‘We are a completely vertical toy company, like none other,’ Booker says.’

61. ‘To be vertical is not easy, but it is the only way to offer customers quality and consistency.’

62. ‘We're vertical, supplying the tools to other Web sites.’

63. ‘That's why Resolve is designed to encourage vertical work.’

64. ‘There are two types of vertical market-places, which bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions.’

65. ‘One is large companies coming together in their industries to create vertical marketplaces to streamline procurement.’

66. ‘Still, the opportunities of vertical retailing are strong lures.’

67. ‘As a consequence, we see today, the disintegration of vertical industries and the rapid growth of global specialists.’

68. ‘Leach's worry is that vertical integration will stifle competition.’

69. ‘The great sugar entrepreneur also saw the profit to be made in vertical integration.’

70. ‘Vaccination in utero may reduce the vertical transmission of infectious diseases.’

71. ‘Well informed general practitioners can and should play a part in preventing vertical transmission of HIV.’

72. ‘A total of 266 knew that vertical transmission can be reduced.’

73. ‘Phylogenetic analyses of these elements in the genus Drosophila indicate a strictly vertical transmission of R1 and R2.’

74. ‘Short vertical lines indicate deletion endpoints defined by cloned sequences.’

75. ‘Simeon shoots with a recurve bow in which the ends curve up to the vertical whereas a long bow is D-shaped.’

76. ‘The horizontal plane addressed, we now turn to the vertical.’

77. ‘Gravi-responding hypocotyls or coleoptiles can likewise show enormous variations in trajectory back to the vertical.’

78. ‘At noon on midsummer's day he measured the length of the shadow, and calculated that the sun was 7° south of the vertical.’

79. ‘When it comes to the comments feature, remember that I control the horizontal and the vertical.’

80. ‘Like the stern, the bow itself is upside-down, its line rising just off the vertical from the seabed with keel uppermost.’

81. ‘If the signal is slightly mistuned, the line is a bit buckled and rotated against the vertical.’

82. ‘From the horizontal line that crossed the vertical, the line curved around and met the bottom end of the vertical.’

83. ‘In one motion they flip from the horizontal to the vertical.’

84. ‘The concrete curves seem to organize the circulation routes, the horizontal as well as the vertical.’

85. ‘The original photo the designer found and cropped on the vertical at the far right just didn't have the resolution for the job.’

86. ‘When doing this turn, the swimmer would roll to his side, keeping his shoulders just shy of the vertical.’

87. ‘Its harbour elevation tilts out at approximately 8 degrees from the vertical; the elevation to the Adriatic at twice that incline.’

88. ‘The walls angle away from the vertical by 10 degrees and wrap around to create a rising spiral shape that can be read from both inside and outside.’

89. ‘We will control the horizontal; we will control the vertical.’

90. ‘Friction with the table top forces the egg to rise up in a series of little jerks, and this shifts the axis of symmetry somewhat towards the vertical.’

91. ‘The best direction for the thrust line is thus not the same as the gravitational vertical.’

92. ‘The defendant's lintel had a rear support which was inclined 6° or 8° from the vertical.’

93. ‘The engine began to hum and the metal supports moved the shuttle ninety degrees to the vertical.’

94. ‘Originally, this elongated oval, itself perfectly aligned with the vertical of the colonnette, would have been cut precisely in half by the diagonal of the spear.’

95. ‘It is broadly composed around two matching verticals that suggest abstract maypoles.’

96. ‘And a block down the road is the Jeppe Street Post Office, an impressive building in light grey granite with tall attractive verticals.’

97. ‘One by one they trotted and cantered over little crossbars and verticals and then filed out into the smaller grass ring that adjourned the hunt field.’

98. ‘I like to build verticals (multiple vintages) of wines and we need enough to both sell and age.’

99. ‘The city's numerous verticals depict a rich trading past and its journey into the 21st century.’

100. ‘The emphatic verticals of sheet metal piling mark out the eastern and northern peripheries of the car park.’

101. ‘They can be disturbing unless supported by verticals or opposing diagonals.’

102. ‘Cleveland Bays are natural jumpers, and they excel at verticals.’

103. ‘A Paul Nash-like landscape of stark black verticals against a black ground was created.’

104. ‘Two intense verticals divide the format vertically, on the right hand side of which is more incised carpet, left a creamy hue.’

105. ‘The whiteness of the paint on the wooden verticals had the effect of dispersing the mass of the structures.’

106. ‘The horizon is low, the masts and hulks of the ships making a series of horizontals and verticals receding far into the distance.’

107. ‘Without the verticals of Vail or Park City, they could never develop into anything more than regional, half-year ski destinations.’

108. a vertical camera angle

Other users have misspelling vertical as:

1. verticale 6.41%

2. verticle 6.09%

3. vertikal 4.81%

4. vertikalt 4.17%

5. Other 78.52%

6. horizontal 0%

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