Definition of 'lying'


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1. A place where one lies.

2. Falsehood; untruthfulness.

3. Present participle of lie.


1. Of course, there was always the possibility that Mogget was lying.

2. She was lying on the bed with her legs up, carefully examining her thighs.

3. The mantid was lying on her back, the massive trunk having crushed her abdomen nearly flat.

4. And you ignore the fact that Clinton pissed away 3 years of his term lying about getting a blow-job from a 22 year old in the oval office?

5. Is that what they call lying in Obamaland these days, "aggressive rhetoric"?

6. And Sarah Palin lashing out at what she calls lying, pathetic bloggers.

7. DERSHOWITZ: I want one case where there has been a disbarment that is not a person denied admission to the bar, a disbarment from somebody who has no prior record, who has engaged in what you call lying at the deposition.

8. Originally the lands were fiefs of the Holy Roman Empire, the city municipalities owning the Emperor for their lord, and the great family of Hapsburg, in whom the Empire became at length hereditary, was in reality Swiss, the county that gave them title lying in the canton of

9. "That's what I call lying," said Ted Kaptchuk, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard University.

10. Riley, who was married to the abrasive, annoying 23-year-old blonde for 10 months, is now revealing what he calls her lying, cheating and stealing ways.

11. you lost because your policies are horseshit. further, the great body politic has figured out that every case you numbnuts make is based on crap figures, limbaughian hallucinations or outright greed. i think the term lying swill comes quicly to mind.

12. Then again, the word "lying" is dead-on accurate as well.

13. ‘Getting out of that situation was the absolute nadir of my barefaced lying career.’

14. ‘This fear of God's rejection is not only caused by the lying accusations of the devil.’

15. ‘I SO much want to tell him what a lying bastard he is and how much his hostile betrayal hurt me.’

16. he was always lying to them and they didn't believe him anymore

Other users have misspelling lying as:

1. lysing 5.53%

2. lyeing 2.37%

3. Other 92.1%

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