Definition of 'healthcare'


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1. Alternative spelling of health care.

2. the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession


1. Beyond our borders, healthcare is progressing at a bewildering pace.

2. Police pay and pensions need serious review, not healthcare.

3. Unions say their new contract makes healthcare unaffordable and creates an unfair wage structure.

4. It comes down to a gross inefficiency in the healthcare system.

5. More private healthcare or less private healthcare?

6. There will also be minimum training required for healthcare assistants.

7. The way we deliver healthcare should be determined by local people.

8. Fourth, healthcare must change from being public sector to becoming a public service.

9. This clause applies to the whole of healthcare, not only to private providers.

10. ‘The costs included the direct medical costs of health care within the programme and elsewhere.’

11. ‘It will have wide effects, as Medicare pays for much health care in the United States.’

12. ‘Not only do latex allergies threaten health-care workers, but patients are also at risk.’

13. ‘There's even a laptop computer for use by other health-care professionals.’

14. ‘It is difficult for patients, it is difficult for health-care professionals, and it is difficult for society.’

15. ‘Most of us know health-care costs are spiraling out of control in this country but this raises a question.’

16. ‘More than three times as many were most concerned about Medicare and health care or jobs and the economy.’

17. ‘There are few more basic needs than efficient and safe health care provision.’

18. ‘This would lead to reduction in medical costs and improvement in health care.’

19. ‘Many of the primary care trusts that commission health care are also in crisis.’

20. ‘How much of the health care has been peeled away, by so-called health-care reform?’

21. ‘Electronic communication promises to revolutionise the delivery of health care.’

22. ‘Stimulants were the most commonly prescribed drugs in both health-care systems.’

23. ‘We have to put more individual responsibility in making wise health-care choices.’

24. ‘The community deserves a say in the development of its health-care program, he said.’

25. ‘The regulatory bodies cover most professionals who work in health care including nurses.’

26. ‘His aim is to reshape US health care by changing the way that medicine is taught.’

27. ‘A rash of external inspection is affecting the delivery of health care around the world.’

28. ‘Is our objective to increase knowledge, change attitudes, or improve health care?’

29. ‘The volume should be of help in rationalizing the use of these products in health care.’

30. access to healthcare varies across different countries

Other users have misspelling healthcare as:

1. heathcare 4.14%

2. healthcar 3.18%

3. healthcares 2.87%

4. healtcare 2.87%

5. wealthcare 2.55%

6. healthcore 2.55%

7. helthcare 2.23%

8. Other 79.61%

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