Definition of 'exaggerate'


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1. To overstate, to describe more than is fact.

2. To heap up; accumulate.

3. Toheapup;accumulate.

4. In the fine arts, to heighten extravagantly or disproportionately in effect or design: as, to exaggerate particular features in a painting or statue.

5. To cause to appear immoderately large or important; amplify in representation or apprehension; enlarge beyond truth or reason.

6. To amplify unduly in thought or in description; use exaggeration in speech or writing.

7. To increase immoderately or extravagantly; make incongruously large or extended; amplify beyond proper bounds.

8. To consider, represent, or cause to appear as larger, more important, or more extreme than is actually the case; overstate.

9. To make overstatements.

10. obsolete To heap up; to accumulate.

11. To amplify; to magnify; to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth ; to delineate extravagantly ; to overstate the truth concerning.


1. I shook my head at him, trying to look like a warning, a big frown to exaggerate gravity.

2. Surely the police come when someone rings 999. ' `I do not exaggerate !

3. Francie's is small, but mirrors cunningly exaggerate the space she has.

4. Don't exaggerate her physical virtues, Caspar; it does no good in the end.

5. ‘he was apt to exaggerate any aches and pains’

6. ‘claims of turmoil within the firm are greatly exaggerated’

7. ‘I couldn't sleep for three days—I'm not exaggerating’

8. tended to romanticize and exaggerate this 'gracious Old South' imagery

Other users have misspelling exaggerate as:

1. exagerate 6.58%

2. exadurate 2.63%

3. exsadurate 2.63%

4. Other 88.16%

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