Definition of 'feisty'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Easily offended and ready to bicker.

2. Belligerent; prepared to stand and fight, especially in spite of relatively small stature or some other disadvantage.

3. Tenacious, energetic, spunky.

4. Full of spirit or determination; plucky or spunky.

5. Quarrelsome or aggressive.

6. Same as fusty.

7. Sameasfusty.


1. My advice to a woman with a feisty husband is to encourage him to employ a cleaning gentleman to do his chores for him.

2. She was also feisty and funny and looked gorgeous at her eviction.

3. He realised she was not a feisty woman after all.

4. There have been concerns that the feisty four lead characters are getting on a bit.

5. You will meet your fit and feisty new love in the fitness centre.

6. My mum is quite a feisty character and she definitely wears the trousers in the house.

7. She was a vibrant, lively and feisty woman who had an extremely positive attitude towards life.

8. She was a really feisty, fearless woman who loved to laugh.

9. In so many ways the feisty young man from Dunblane is a dichotomy.

10. Bosses hope the crash episodes will boost ratings further - something the feisty young cast deserve.

11. You realise you have hidden energy and courage - and your feisty new side intrigues a partner or admirer.

12. A key attribute of the new ruling class is to be married to a successful and feisty woman.

13. She was feisty and funny.

14. You have a feisty new approach to life and what others see as a problem, you see as an exciting challenge.

15. She must have been dying inside, but this feisty woman managed to salvage something from the wreck of her wedding day.

16. Turn to p18 to read her funny, feisty interview.

17. She's funny, feisty and gorgeous.

18. Eve is a feisty and resourceful heroine, and the earl and his wayward family are viewed as an intriguing mix of the blinkered and the humane.

19. These feisty heroines are not tough for the sake of it; they're tough because they need to be.

20. In reality, she is a woman of feisty opinions, broad observations and an almost obsessive curiosity about dance.

21. She most enjoyed her early years as a nurse in the rough and tumble of A&E, and is clearly a feisty character.

22. I know she's got a reputation to maintain as a feisty, fiery character but she got really personal.

23. The word feisty might be used to describe this beauty.

24. USATODAY. com - Red Wings outlast Flames in feisty Game 4

25. Guess what happens when you call a feisty 3 year old "Newt's goober"?

26. In different families the same behavior will be defined as feisty or rude, sensitive or cowardly, endearing or irresponsible.

27. It really boosts my self esteem to know that I am so much better than the nastiness you call 'feisty'!

28. Republican base and she quickly became known as a feisty "hockey mom" who throughout her short political life was known as a reformer not afraid to take

29. Palin's burst onto the national political scene energized the Republican base and she quickly became known as a feisty "hockey mom" who throughout her short political life was known as a reformer not afraid to take

30. On the other hand, Cambridge University art historian Alyce Mahon -- often described in print as "feisty" -- has an agenda.

31. Bruckheimer told MTV that audiences can expect a lot of humor from Cruz's character and called her "feisty" -- confirming that she will be playing a Spanish character which is perfect considering she's ...

32. ‘Yet set against that is the fact that this is a pretty dry effort with an unusual lack of feisty anecdotes, and this remains one for the real aficionado.’

33. ‘They are characters you can get underneath and they are all quite strong and feisty, but they are all flawed and frail.’

34. ‘Scotland were well beaten by a determined and feisty Irish side who now go to Twickenham next weekend with a chance of winning the championship.’

35. ‘Still on the west side, a feisty and determined group of community residents looks set to achieve a fine piece of conservation.’

36. ‘Even so, the country has begun to ponder what it will be like without an outspoken, feisty prime minister.’

37. ‘It's a lively little read as it stands, but neither as feisty nor effective as it could have been.’

38. ‘Hadrian built his wall to keep out raiding parties from what is now Scotland; then, as now, the Scots were a lively, feisty people.’

39. ‘But she does have lots of feisty Irish spirit and a best friend called Marion, who enjoys a few drinks and a good old sing song in the local pub.’

40. ‘They're all 6 feet tall and in their sixties or seventies and they're spirited and feisty.’

41. ‘But this is a sparky and feisty player who wears his heart on his sleeve.’

42. ‘There is undoubtedly a feisty spirit about the current Aberdeen squad.’

43. ‘He was stubborn and feisty, determined and driven, and that's the mark that he has left.’

44. ‘Be like President Truman and live an active, useful, feisty life into your late eighties or even longer!’

45. ‘He saw her physical beauty well enough, but he never noticed her intelligence or her feisty spirit.’

46. ‘She speaks softly but forcefully, an indication of how feisty she can be.’

47. ‘Connor brings a feisty sweetness to the stage, coupled with a well-integrated voice boasting a sizzling range.’

48. ‘When I meet Kate, with her shiny, white-blonde hair, bronze skin and feisty manner, I feel I already know her.’

49. ‘She is stacked and feisty, but not actually that smart a player.’

50. ‘The characters are feisty and unusual, but at many points I couldn't really understand where any of this was going.’

51. ‘Once they adapt to their new coach's ways, the team will be aggressive and feisty.’

52. ‘I simply nodded, quelling that feisty, fiery side of me, and offered yet another ghost of a smile.’

53. ‘The feisty old lady lives alone but fights with the men almost every day.’

54. ‘A feisty, scrawny white guy is frantically attacking the black guy.’

55. the champion is faced with a feisty challenger

Other users have misspelling feisty as:

1. fiesty 16.22%

2. festi 16.22%

3. festy 5.41%

4. fisty 5.41%

5. fisilty 2.7%

6. Other 54.04%

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