Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling feisty as:

pie chart
  1. fiesty 16.22%
  2. festi 16.22%
  3. festy 5.41%
  4. fisty 5.41%
  5. fisilty 2.7%
  6. Other 54.04%

Definitions of feisty


  1. quick to take offense
  2. showing courage

Examples of feisty

  1. Helping him to do so, meanwhile, is Proteus' feisty betrothed, Marina, who gives as good as she gets in helping to ensure Sinbad doesn't stray from his path, while winning over the respect of his crew.
  2. But if it gets fiery and feisty, then we have players here who can handle themselves.
  3. Once they adapt to their new coach's ways, the team will be aggressive and feisty.

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