Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling orange as:

pie chart
  1. orang 57.41%
  2. orangey 2.52%
  3. eranga 1.63%
  4. orenge 1.22%
  5. orangi 1.14%
  6. ornge 0.98%
  7. iranga 0.9%
  8. abrange 0.9%
  9. Other 33.3%

Definitions of orange


  1. a river in South Africa that flows generally westward to the Atlantic Ocean

Examples of orange

  1. Neutral sodium absorbs orange light - at wavelengths of 5890 and 5896 angstroms - from stars that lie behind it.
  2. After a long, tedious sail, during which I was subjected to every discomfort, and exposure to the weather, as well as jeers and insults that effervesced from a corrupt heart, where they had been concealed for so many years, we reached a spot near enough to the land to discover a cluster of orange trees and a cabin.
  3. Vogue was feeling peckish, so had a couple of mini croissants and an orange juice.

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