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1. Evincing a becoming generosity or nobleness of character; liberal; generous.

2. Ample; moderately large.

3. obsolete Dexterous; skillful; handy; ready; convenient; -- applied to things as persons.

4. Suitable or fit in action; marked with propriety and ease; graceful; becoming; appropriate.

5. Having a good appearance

6. of a man Agreeable to the eye or to correct taste; having a pleasing appearance or expression; attractive.

7. of a woman Striking, impressive and elegantly proportioned, though not typically beautiful.

8. Having stately or attractive proportions or appearance; impressive: synonym: beautiful.

9. Large in amount or measure; generous or considerable.

10. Pleasing in form or appearance, especially having strong or distinguished features.

11. Marked by or requiring skill or dexterity.

12. Appropriate or fitting.

13. Agreeable to the eye or to correct taste; having a pleasing appearance or expression; attractive; having symmetry and dignity; comely; -- expressing more than pretty, and less than beautiful

14. Suitable or fit in action; marked with propriety and ease; graceful; becoming; appropriate

15. [Colloq.] to act liberally.

16. transitive, obsolete To render handsome.

17. Such as to suit one's convenience or desires; ample; large; on a liberal scale: as, a handsome income or outlay.

18. Agreeable to the eye or to correct taste; pleasing in proportions and aspect; having symmetry or harmony of parts; well formed and well attired, equipped, or arrayed: as, a handsome person or face; a handsome building; a handsome display.

19. To make handsome; render pleasing or attractive.

20. Graceful in manner; marked by propriety and ease; becoming; appropriate: as, a handsome style; a handsome delivery or address.

21. Synonyms Pretty, Fair, etc. See beautiful.

22. Characterized by or expressive of generosity or magnanimity: as, a handsome apology; a handsome action.

23. Easy to handle or use; handy; ready; convenient.

24. obsolete To render handsome.


1. You will notice on your right a handsome house on a large lake.

2. The promoters of these schemes also cite the chance for handsome capital appreciation.

3. He is popular and handsome so why would he want a fat slob like me?

4. "I give it up," said I. "It's because I'm so _handsome_ -- we're _all_ handsome, you know, and

5. But the word handsome did not even approach the glory of Alec Aarronson.

6. But still he is not quite a — what one calls a handsome man, nor quite

7. I, prompted by that worst of devils, poverty, returned to the vile practice, and made the advantage of what they call a handsome face to be the relief to my necessities, and beauty be a pimp to vice.

8. “I'm not sure about the word handsome,” Joseph said.

9. If I'm going to ride what he calls the handsome, Jake thought, I'd just as soon go with plenty of company.

10. I often reflected how my lover at the Bath, struck at the hand of God, repented and abandoned me, and refused to see me any more, though he loved me to an extreme; but I, prompted by that worst of devils, poverty, returned to the vile practice, and made the advantage of what they call a handsome face to be the relief to my necessities, and beauty be a pimp to vice.

11. Do you not know that the animal, which they call a handsome and beautiful object, is so much more formidable than the Tarantula, as those insects instil something when they touch, but this creature, without even touching, but if a person only looks at it, though from a very great distance, instils something of such potency, as to drive people mad?

12. ‘He's handsome, with chiselled good looks and hypnotic blue eyes that make Mel Gibson's pale by comparison.’

13. ‘In the same way as the handsome David replaced the good-looking Saul, Esther replaced Vashti.’

14. ‘He was extraordinarily handsome - better looking than most movie stars.’

15. ‘These are fine, upstanding, handsome men, who were all wearing their formal uniforms and drinking heavily.’

16. ‘There is this girl who is very flirty with almost every guy she meets, especially tall, cute, handsome guys.’

17. ‘When he was courting Gertrude, he was a handsome man and a fine dancer.’

18. ‘And he backed up a few steps and saw that a stunningly handsome man replaced the black hood and long cloak.’

19. ‘He couldn't deny that he was a handsome man, with fine features and light hair that waved over his forehead.’

20. ‘I know I'm crazy, I mean who wouldn't want to go on a date with this cute and handsome guy?’

21. ‘His face emerged for the first time, giving her a view of a stunningly handsome man of about thirty.’

22. ‘He's a very handsome guy, as you know, apparently, still good looking.’

23. ‘Growing up he was tall and good looking and could be described as the most handsome man in the parish.’

24. ‘He was handsome, she was gorgeous and on screen they were electric.’

25. ‘There's Irene at the wedding of a handsome chap and spunky blonde who we now call the mayor and mayoress.’

26. ‘I have now place my first personal ad, inviting handsome fellows to ball games.’

27. ‘And the great story of this is this little shy governess who isn't all that attractive really but she gets the handsome man, she gets Rochester.’

28. ‘But the man in her life, a trim, handsome fellow who works as an airline pilot, was sitting on the edge of the bed in his running gear, and tapping on a laptop.’

29. ‘I wouldn't say he's especially handsome, although he's reasonably good looking and presentable.’

30. ‘Now, I don't find Brad Pitt in the slightest bit attractive, but I can accept that he's a handsome man.’

31. ‘The other bloke was handsome, tall, drink in hand and lazily people watching as I had been.’

32. ‘Besides which, dangerous or no, she was a rather handsome woman.’

33. ‘He shows genuine fondness for her as a strikingly handsome woman.’

34. ‘The man jokingly uttered an ‘Eh,’ sitting back as a rather handsome waitress visited our table.’

35. ‘A strikingly handsome woman, she was a pillar of the New York literary establishment, much sought after by men.’

36. ‘Rather, she was handsome with long bones, lean muscles, and almost no fat.’

37. ‘The reporters are all Emma Thompson / Kate Winslet clones, handsome women, but not too pretty.’

38. ‘She was a handsome woman then of course, the prettiest in Shepherds Bush some said.’

39. ‘A handsome girl, elegantly dressed and holding a large fan, gazes out over the balustrade.’

40. ‘Jean was a handsome woman with awesome personal charm and great presence.’

41. ‘She was a tall woman, almost regal looking, however under no stretch of the imagination could she be described as pretty, although she was handsome.’

42. ‘A tall, handsome woman with the colouring and cheekbones of her Irish engineer father, Murphy exudes both strength and sensitivity.’

43. ‘Loren won a beauty contest at the age of 14, and she and Romilda, who was a handsome woman herself, embarked on careers as film extras.’

44. ‘A tall, strong, handsome woman, she looks momentarily lost and vulnerable.’

45. ‘Belinda is a handsome woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to John Cusack.’

46. ‘She's now a quite handsome woman, I don't really know her but we have a mutual friend.’

47. ‘Actually, he reflected, Hannah Zachal was a handsome woman, despite her prickly personality.’

48. ‘She had handsome, rather than pretty, features and deep brown eyes.’

49. ‘The handsome woman was well-liked - her graceful and cheery disposition a welcome addition to the small community of Opunake.’

50. ‘Amelia Grayson had always been a handsome woman.’

51. ‘For as well as being intelligent, she was a handsome woman!’

52. ‘Serious hunters have long sought Zeiss riflescopes for their handsome looks and quality optics.’

53. ‘They said, however, that it was a handsome town and that with continued effort and support from businesses and individuals it had great potential.’

54. ‘Built in 1778, this handsome town house is set within screened gardens that overlook Banff and the mouth of the River Deveron.’

55. ‘The Observer has had to apologise for saying the handsome town of North Shields is in Northumbria.’

56. ‘The government and commercial buildings - excluding the many pubs littering the entire town - were handsome and well maintained.’

57. ‘What I like most about the Armor-Tuff finish is its handsome, subdued appearance and non-reflective qualities.’

58. ‘The leading falcon was handsome all right, but there is a strange quality about him.’

59. ‘The nearby town centre has a popular street market and handsome buildings.’

60. ‘Situated on the eastern edge of the New Town, this first-floor property forms part of a handsome Georgian building.’

61. ‘The original capital had been Ciutedella at the western end, a site favoured by the Arabs: the town is still run from the handsome palace alley built for their governor.’

62. ‘A bonfire flares beside the handsome, Tudor-style Redstone Inn, the town's big hotel and restaurant.’

63. ‘He lived with his parents, two sisters and one brother in a large, handsome sylvan residence outside the town.’

64. ‘Underwood is clearly a handsome house in very generous grounds.’

65. ‘This colorful and handsome site featuring fine gifts and collectibles is a breeze to navigate through.’

66. ‘The contents are systematically arranged and liberally illustrated with handsome and informative colour photographs and diagrams.’

67. ‘It is the more disappointing that the handsome, generously illustrated volume that has finally been published shows no evidence of new investigation.’

68. ‘Congratulations to those involved with the venture as a very handsome sum of money was raised and overall it was a great night, enjoyed by all present.’

69. ‘First of all one has to pay quite a handsome sum of money for its large cage and feed.’

70. ‘Under the government guidelines, journalists cough up a handsome sum of money to the government and individual officials.’

71. ‘But his compensation as a discard was substantial - a handsome pension and a barony in 1761, when even his minor post was needed for someone else.’

72. ‘That both sides have offered their respective industries handsome sums in state funding cannot be disputed.’

73. ‘Remember, all states but Queensland already charge a handsome sum in petrol taxes.’

74. ‘I paid a handsome sum of twenty dollars for home plate box seats.’

75. ‘Certain politicians and federal judges were actually paid handsome sums in order to coronate Hayes and to overturn the election.’

76. ‘They'll tell us so much, and no more, and demand handsome sums because they know publishers are desperate to get their names into print and shift some trees.’

77. ‘Tourists who flock to the city pay guides handsome sums to walk in places where he never trod, and drink in pubs where he only slaked his thirst on paper.’

78. ‘The handsome sum of E1,000 was raised and a cheque for that amount has gone to the Special Olympics.’

79. ‘Officers and councillors are not our masters but servants of the populace, the council tax payers make their handsome salaries, pension conditions and allowances possible.’

80. ‘Winning first prize, it was supposed to bring the first-time author the handsome sum of five hundred dollars.’

81. ‘Today, we still own the vast majority of these shares, plus we've received handsome dividends (the income paid by shares) along the way.’

82. ‘This service would cost Prakong a handsome sum of 40,000 baht.’

83. ‘Moreover his brothers got paid a handsome sum not to develop state-owned lands in Arizona.’

84. ‘Father had to pay a handsome sum, but when it comes to my mother, he spares no expense.’

85. ‘Mind you, it is a pity that other Scottish pundits are not as forthright as Walker was last week, many evidently willing to accept handsome pay packets for doing little more than stating the obvious.’

86. ‘The handsome tributes paid to her at last week's annual Town Council meeting were no less than she deserved.’

87. ‘One of my best Wiltshire Leaks is obviously behind a letter bearing a handsome cheque for five crisp crunchies, no less.’

88. very pretty but not so extraordinarily handsome

Other users have misspelling handsome as:

1. andsome 3.94%

2. hand-some 3.94%

3. handsame 2.36%

4. handasaim 1.57%

5. handosme 1.57%

6. Other 86.62%

7. ugly 0%

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