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1. variety of sweet eating apples

2. Pleasing to taste; tasty.

3. colloquial Metaphorically pleasing to taste; pleasing to the eyes or mind.

4. Very pleasant; delightful.

5. Highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, especially of taste or smell.

6. Affording exquisite pleasure; delightful; most sweet or grateful to the senses, especially to the taste; charming.

7. obsolete Addicted to pleasure; seeking enjoyment; luxurious; effeminate.

8. Delicate; luxurious; dainty; addicted to or seeking pleasure.

9. Synonyms Delicious, Delightful, luscious, savory. Delicious is highly agreeable to some sense, generally that of taste, sometimes that of smell or of hearing. Delightful is highly agreeable to the mind; it is always supersensuous, except perhaps as sight or hearing is sometimes the immediate means to high mental pleasure. Delicious food, odors, music; delightful thoughts, hopes, anticipations, news.

10. Pleasing in the highest degree; most sweet or grateful to the senses; affording exquisite pleasure: as, a delicious viand; a delicious odor; delicious fruit or wine.

11. Most pleasing to the mind; yielding exquisite delight; delightful.


1. They taste delicious and are full of fibre.

2. Pasta dishes are often delicious simply fried with a little olive oil the day after being made.

3. They took us to their home and fed us a delicious meal of rice and beans.

4. IT'S not just about cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen.

5. Food looks more delicious in daylight.

6. This book has 50 delicious recipes and explains the best soups to eat and when.

7. In an unexpected twist, it smells delicious too.

8. It will still taste delicious, mind.

9. We wound up the day with a delicious meal at our hotel - the welcoming Beaulieu.

10. They soak up the delicious chicken flavour.

11. This simple salad provides all five tastes in one delicious mouthful.

12. Yet the warmth and honey spread over the notes were always a delicious compensation.

13. There are many many recipes for this delicious sticky drink.

14. The heat from the pasta will cook the egg to a delicious creamy coating.

15. They made simple food from delicious local produce.

16. This dish is delicious with rice and a sharp green salad.

17. This easy pasta dish would be equally delicious with fresh clams.

18. Your tub will sparkle and smell delicious.

19. Today we have two more exercises along with more delicious meal plans.

20. It adds a delicious tangy flavour to meat dishes and salads.

21. This simple combination looks stunning and tastes unbelievably delicious with a dollop of fresh tomato sauce.

22. The food is always seasonal and delicious.

23. Now they have released a book of delicious recipes for pies of all seasons.

24. This delicious and nourishing dish is cheap and quick to make.

25. There was always a delicious smell coming from our kitchen.

26. The finished dish is almost like a warm steak salad and is a delicious and hearty meal.

27. Fresh pods are worth splashing out on for the delicious flavour they bring to baking.

28. They have their own delicious elusive taste.

29. Our house is always filled with delicious aromas of baking muffins and simmering sauces.

30. Wouldn't that be a delicious irony?

31. When creamy and delicious, season with the sugar and a little salt and pepper.

32. You don't have to do very much to make fresh meat delicious.

33. There is a delicious irony about a campaign promising more honesty in politics through the deployment of an argument it must know to be entirely dishonest.

34. In this recipe, the chef elevates what he calls "delicious peasant food" with two Moroccan-inflected sauces: a lime-coriander yogurt and a tapenade made with dates and Lucques olives.

35. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal 2010 Saracco 2010 Saracco Moscato d'Asti, $16 The word "great" is rarely, if ever, applied to Moscato d'Asti, but the word "delicious" would not be amiss in describing this light, bright, slightly fizzy white with notes of pear and white flower from one of the best Moscato producers in Piedmont.

36. Goldberg did serve as an informal adviser to Tripp during the months in which she was taping conversations with Lewinsky, and Goldberg relished hearing what she called the delicious "dish" about the president.

37. About “gravlax” which I called a delicious fermented salmon dish, something some of you Americans thought was funny:

38. He likes how she says the word "delicious," so she repeats it three times: "delicious, delicious, delicious."

39. He resides near Jocotepec, Jalisco, in "delicious" remote mountainside privacy.

40. Sometimes I pick wines because they are just plain delicious, but it goes beyond that.

41. EW, your clips are delicious from a menu of mutton.

42. I am very much of the belief that a walk or a subway ride for something really delicious is alwasy worth it.

43. ‘When he eventually opened the foil packet, the smell was amazing and the venison tasted delicious too.’

44. ‘Learn how to tell when a custard is set, why eggs need to be relaxed before baking, and taste delicious results!’

45. ‘They nearly always taste delicious and everyone seems to really like them.’

46. ‘Pork rillettes were a little salty for my taste but nonetheless delicious.’

47. ‘Of course, the problem with sweets and cakes is that they taste delicious and we end up eating more than we set out to.’

48. ‘Golden Wonder was not a high yielding potato but it used to be referred to as the king of spuds with a delicious taste.’

49. ‘No worries, they taste delicious and you will probably find your guests gobble them all up in no time.’

50. ‘There will be the opportunity to taste many of the delicious products displayed.’

51. ‘The wind may change, the smoke may drift over them, and still they taste delicious.’

52. ‘Quinces have to be cooked, when they turn the most becoming pink and taste delicious.’

53. ‘We knew that we were going to be tasting some delicious dishes when we saw the huge variety of spices lined up.’

54. ‘Now that's actually really good for your voice and it tastes absolutely delicious.’

55. ‘I chose the Thai fishcakes and mango salad, which were delicious and had a great chilli kick.’

56. ‘The prawns were delicious and the salad accompanying it was incredibly fresh and crisp.’

57. ‘I often put a table out of doors at my house in Surrey and pile it with big pots of delicious pasta and salads.’

58. ‘The point of this delicious salad is to gather whatever you have ready in the garden.’

59. ‘Breakfast was included and consisted of delicious banana bread and juices.’

60. ‘The delicious French bread we occasionally buy from our local deli is not French but Irish.’

61. ‘The chicken tasted very fresh and the sauce was delicious with a strong mustard flavour.’

62. ‘It was delicious and very moreish and one which I'll try to recreate at home.’

63. ‘It would be a delicious irony if these actions now deem him to be unfit to sit on the council.’

64. ‘Which would make that irony even more delicious.’

65. ‘But then Nicole arrives looking simply delicious, and her voice is tolerable enough.’

66. ‘In a stroke of delicious irony, their transformative record is merely alright.’

67. ‘There's a delicious, almost salivatory frisson to the way she discusses them.’

68. ‘From sponge bags to aprons, from cushions to quilts, all covered in the delicious colours of spring.’

69. ‘In fact, the whole middle third of the album is just delicious.’

70. ‘And for a few, brief, delicious seconds, you might even do a bit of thinking about them.’

71. a delicious joke

Other users have misspelling delicious as:

1. dilicious 6.26%

2. delicous 4.87%

3. delisious 2.55%

4. delici 2.55%

5. deliciou 2.09%

6. Other 81.68%

7. awful 0%

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