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1. Alternative form of judgment.

2. (law) the determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it

3. the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event

4. an opinion formed by judging something

5. See judgment.


1. Judgment in the case is now reserved.

2. Just a few drinks can distort your judgment and make you vulnerable to all kinds of risks.

3. The government has made a huge error of judgment.

4. That judges can work and give judgment without intimidation is the foundation for an open democratic civil society.

5. Harsh critical judgment is temporarily suspended, and rightly so.

6. It will accept borrowers who have two missed mortgage payments and up to three county court judgments or defaults in the past three years.

7. Their interest is not in identifying a superior idea of fairness, or making judgments about what we should think is or is not fair.

8. The scale of lodged allegations came to light in a Court of Appeal judgment.

9. And it will confirm the opinion of many Tories inside and outside Westminster about his poor judgment.

10. In what ways do we sit in judgment over cases that we have no jurisdiction?

11. The regulator is struggling to fight criticisms about its judgment.

12. It is a judgment about whether we like or approve of the things that people do.

13. On hearing the judgment in court yesterday she wept and hugged her daughter.

14. You have to hold your nerve and back your judgment and ability.

15. We have to stop people forming judgments on the basis of skin colour.

16. This is a sensible and careful judgment.

17. We make snap judgments in an instant.

18. He came to be regarded as a source of balanced judgment on the future of nuclear power.

19. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part.

20. It was a bad error of judgment.

21. The judge has reserved judgment in the complex case.

22. His judgment in this respect was perfectly correct.

23. Previous judgments have heaped criticism upon those responsible.

24. And most firms offering credit builder cards will accept those who have had county court judgments against them.

25. Individual cases need individual judgment calls.

26. They could have county court judgments or debts but I have the contacts to be able to help.

27. The High Court has reserved judgment.

28. The reason why parents are to be consulted is, because they deliberate from judgement, knowledge, and love; from _judgement_, because they are in an advanced age, which excels in judgement, and discerns what is suitable and unsuitable: from _knowledge_, in respect to both the suitor and their daughter; in respect to the suitor they procure information, and in respect to their daughter they already know; wherefore they conclude respecting both with united discernment: from

29. And Firefox doesn't believe judgement is a word, either!

30. Being impartial in judgement is a very important principle.

31. Maybe his judgement is as poor as his eyesight ...

32. If his judgement is as poor for other things as it is for his choice of friends, maybe we should question his ability to be President.

33. Of course, he also got giddy that the dow was up to 9150 a few weeks ago (seen it today?), so his judgement is a little suspect.

34. To question my judgement is his right; to question my commitment to effective central government is unacceptable.

35. Of course, all this talk of "judgement" is code for "political agreement."

36. Absent full information about the person and the situation, our judgement is impaired.

37. Any written judgement is also swiftly posted on the Internet and dissected by one expert or another into smithereens.

38. ‘That her decision was a reasonable decision, in her judgment - in his judgment, I mean.’

39. ‘Ten more patients like this simply increases the capacity for those making the decisions to make errors in their judgment.’

40. ‘He felt safe with women because they were easier in their judgment of his abilities and feelings.’

41. ‘In my judgment the conclusion must be that general use on the roads is to be contemplated.’

42. ‘In my judgement those overall conclusions did not require elaboration.’

43. ‘For this reason, in my judgment, the decision of the Tribunal on this issue is flawed and cannot stand.’

44. ‘In my judgment the conclusion at which the Tribunal arrived on this issue was one which was open to them on the facts.’

45. ‘Enraged, Lear banishes Cordelia from the kingdom, only to later recognise the error in his judgement.’

46. ‘That document contributed immensely to the acceptance of the decision-usefulness theory for two reasons, in my judgment.’

47. ‘What I don't believe however is that they were prophets or infallible or delivered from all possibilities of error in their judgment.’

48. ‘That is what she thinks, but this is an error, in my judgment.’

49. ‘In our judgment there was no error in the approach, nor in the conclusion reached by the sentencing judge.’

50. ‘Justin's shrewd judgement and his ability to make the necessary changes when needed contributed to this famous victory over the rebels.’

51. ‘In my judgment, it was a carefully thought-through decision, not only by the president but by the senior military.’

52. ‘I stopped my words there, realizing the error in my judgment.’

53. ‘It is characterized by a loss of intellectual abilities such as judgment, memory and abstract thought.’

54. ‘Of course, we don't plan to be the ones to tell the big man of the error in his judgment.’

55. ‘Is there, in your judgment, reasonable expectation that the dollar is going to lose value here in the months ahead in response to that massive deficit?’

56. ‘What is, in your judgment, the principal reason for it?’

57. ‘‘This is the day of the voters and we have absolute confidence in their judgment,’ Mr Caramanlis said.’

58. ‘The underwriter might also charge higher rates based upon subjective judgements and conclusions from their analysis of your property values.’

59. ‘Naturally, when making such decisions, one's own culture and pre-conditioned opinions and judgments are strong influences.’

60. ‘But when the public world doesn't hold to the idea of cultural value, their judgements are merely personal opinions.’

61. ‘Then everyone else can give their opinion and make a judgment.’

62. ‘That is, I make my own ill-informed judgements of their varyingly-informed opinions.’

63. ‘The new services are non-directive, which means that the counsellor does not give an opinion or form a judgement.’

64. ‘Indeed, it is just these potential biases and subjective judgments being made by the sitters that obviously cries out for controlling.’

65. ‘In fact, we go out of our way to refrain from making a judgment based on our opinions of the views expressed in an advertisement.’

66. ‘Evaluation, on the other hand, seeks to draw conclusions and render judgments on the quality of the performance task: in this case, the test.’

67. ‘The fight will not bear fruit if it assumes the preserve of emotionalism and unbridled hatred or preformed conclusions and judgments.’

68. ‘It is doubtful if there will ever be a conclusive judgement about colonialism.’

69. ‘Hall does not draw conclusions or make judgments about his subjects but allows readers to form their own interpretations.’

70. ‘Adams' biography confesses to concentrating less on the later years and this deprives the book of a conclusive judgment about its subject.’

71. ‘I had just spent seven years in an English public school, a school which in terms of its attitudes, beliefs and judgements was not so much out of date as stuck in a time warp, back in the nineteenth century.’

72. ‘Our attachment to all the petty judgments and opinions and chatter endlessly flowing through our own heads is how we keep God at bay.’

73. ‘He passes judgments and expresses opinions without adequate knowledge of facts.’

74. ‘Something I will never give a judgment or an opinion on is how many children a family should have.’

75. ‘A referee only makes a judgement based upon his opinion.’

76. ‘But these are subjective rather than objective judgments.’

77. ‘We may have our own subjective judgments about this matter, but we should at least have the honesty to recognize that they are completely irrelevant.’

78. ‘A motion by the Plaintiffs for a summary judgment as to the Defendants' liability and negligence was dismissed.’

79. ‘When reviewing cases, councils will also need to take into account any fresh case law judgments from the Appeal Court that may be relevant.’

80. ‘This nuanced study of the U.K. shows how difficult it can be to really tell if Strasbourg judgments and decisions have in practice been properly executed.’

81. ‘Many of the leading decisions contain judgments by Lord Denning which should be read for their chronological symmetry and clarity of exposition.’

82. ‘There are a number of helpful passages in the judgments in that decision.’

83. ‘The other issue with regard to planning is the issue of the lengthy and abundant jurisdictional judgments and decisions about various aspects of planning and consents.’

84. ‘But then you have a decision and a judgment of a single judge of the Federal Court.’

85. ‘Rather than go to court, civil defendants may accept default judgments.’

86. ‘This is because trial judgments and sentencing decisions were not differentiated by Coates et al.’

87. ‘But the problem is that American courts don't enforce Australian defamation judgements unless liability would also have arisen under American law.’

88. ‘In addition, the applicants complained that the county courts' residence judgments were not pronounced publicly.’

89. ‘I reckon that whatever court it be, it should base on facts to make a decision and make a judgment.’

90. ‘I find nothing in those judgments which determines the point which falls for decision on this appeal.’

91. ‘The domestic law of France can properly determine what judgments may be enforced in that country.’

92. ‘The order was made following a summary judgment hearing upon affidavits.’

93. ‘It seems clear that the diocese's insurers will not cover much of any future negligent supervision judgements or settlements.’

94. ‘Civil contempt at common law consists largely in disobeying a judgment or a court order.’

95. ‘Does somebody who consents to a judgment have a prima facie right to costs, or not?’

96. ‘The power of this Court to grant orders staying execution of judgments pending applications for special leave to appeal is undoubted.’

97. ‘Many great defamation judgments have been written by Chancery judges.’

98. ‘In this modern perspective, the death penalty expresses not the divine judgment on objective evil but rather the collective anger of the group.’

99. ‘So, Sue asked the DUP councillor, could Katrina have been a divine judgement on born-again Christians?’

100. ‘His death is the divine judgment on me and my sins which he, the blessed Lamb of God, took instead of me.’

101. ‘The loss of the temple was a divine judgment on account of the unfaithfulness of the priests, scribes and Sanhedrin elders.’

102. the judgement was too harsh for such a crime

Other users have misspelling judgement as:

1. jugement 19.52%

2. judemint 10.48%

3. judgemen 3.81%

4. judicialmente 3.81%

5. Other 62.38%

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