Definition of 'probably'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. In all likelihood.

2. Most likely; presumably.

3. In a probable manner; in likelihood.

4. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

5. with considerable certainty; without much doubt


1. You will probably have to use it for at least two to three weeks.

2. Your guess is probably as good as mine.

3. There was probably about eight people in there.

4. Some individuals probably feel that pressure and responsibility too much.

5. We probably ought to say things like this more often because referees deserve genuine respect.

6. They probably love seeing her but they may be horrified at his lack of responsibility.

7. He probably wants to party without his mum first.

8. You will probably need to ask for an assessment.

9. If anything, it will probably just make things worse.

10. You'll probably find you last longer the second time around.

11. Most people would probably benefit from paying for expert independent advice as well.

12. You probably still feel the need to talk about your husband to people who knew him.

13. It probably makes the commute more enjoyable as well.

14. You will probably pay far less if you wait a while.

15. They say he was probably not aiming at her.

16. You will probably find that more than one exposure looks acceptable.

17. You have probably seen this visual effect looking down a straight road or railway line.

18. British buyers in country areas will probably need to hire a car when they get there.

19. This is probably going to mean something to only half of you.

20. Since then she has probably used the centre three times in the last four or five months.

21. She is probably feeling sensitive and vulnerable.

22. But it probably would not make much difference.

23. The younger ones will probably be less nervous than the older players.

24. You probably will find it difficult to give your trust again.

25. They probably wanted to see the back of me.

26. As you will probably only want a few plants of each variety use the smallest pot size practical.

27. Continuing on can lead to what is termed "burn out "which will probably need medical help.

28. It was probably good for me.

29. You probably think you're sweet and kind and being buffeted by the storms of love.

30. It's probably fair to say that.

31. You'll probably want a touch more smoothness and sweetness though.

32. We think that's probably enough now.

33. ‘My legs were about to give way on me, my throat was dry and my eyes were probably the size of saucers.’

34. ‘It would probably be truer to say that he would be the first openly gay Prime Minister.’

35. ‘In fact, most of them probably aren't even aware that there is a field in front of them.’

36. ‘I should probably do one myself and put it in the same envelope and see how right I was.’

37. ‘Hate to break it you, but there was probably a little more to all of this than you guys realise.’

38. ‘They probably recognized that they were not up to the task of running a modern state.’

39. ‘He had loved him more, probably, than anyone else in his life, and now it was at an end.’

40. ‘The worst is probably over so the best policy is to sit tight and wait for the market to recover.’

41. ‘You probably have more of these in your house than you'll be able to use in the next decade.’

42. ‘The problem is that such an action would probably be in breach of their human rights.’

43. ‘There are probably four areas in these islands where rugby is the game of the people.’

44. ‘They will probably consider it a holiday, but it is unlikely to feel like much of one.’

45. ‘Furthermore, as much as it sticks in my throat to say so, he has probably got it right.’

46. ‘Plus the fact that I think my spoken French is probably worse now than it was a year ago.’

47. ‘I did enjoy it somewhat and will probably go back at some point to see the rest of the museum.’

48. ‘Which is probably why she ignored it when it hit her on the back of the head during the second half.’

49. ‘The fact that he's moving to Japan in a few months is probably at least half the draw.’

50. ‘It was probably about five seconds into the journey that a grin broke across my face.’

51. ‘It seems to have been done up a bit better though, so ours is probably a bit cheaper.’

52. ‘This is probably the least funny of the discworld series, but it is still a good read.’

53. He is probably out of the country

Other users have misspelling probably as:

1. probly 16.73%

2. probley 7.18%

3. probaly 6.17%

4. probally 5.99%

5. probabily 5.16%

6. probabl 3.56%

7. propably 3.44%

8. probabley 2.02%

9. probubly 1.9%

10. proably 1.78%

11. Other 46.07%

12. certainly 0%

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