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Other users have misspelling paparazzi as:

pie chart
  1. paparazzo 20.97%
  2. paparazzos 6.45%
  3. paparazzis 6.45%
  4. paparrazi 1.61%
  5. pabarazia 1.61%
  6. Other 62.91%

Definitions of paparazzi


  1. a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities trying to take candid photographs of them to sell to newspapers or magazines

Examples of paparazzi

  1. Galella, 79, whose life is examined in Leon Gast's "Smash His Camera", is old enough to have been working when the term "paparazzo" -- the sound in Italian made by a buzzing mosquito -- was coined to name a celebrity-chasing photographer character in the 1960 film "La Dolce Vita".
  2. The actress claims a paparazzo photographer used a telephoto lens to snap her when she was partly undressed in her home.
  3. He tracked down a paparazzo photographer who had snapped him surfing, and the pictures showed he was wearing the ring before he entered the water, but not after.

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