Definition of 'paparazzi'


Word Frequency
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1. Used as a plurale tantum.

2. nonstandard, uncountable Paparazzi taken as a group.

3. Plural form of paparazzo; freelance photographers who sell photographs of celebrities to the media, especially ones who pursue celebrities and attempt to obtain candid photographs.

4. nonstandard A paparazzo.


1. That would be the first place the journalists and the paparazzi would come looking for him.

2. Immediately behind a hastily erected cordon of thick gold rope stands a scrabbling posse of paparazzi.

3. (Soundbite of movie, "Teenage Paparazzo") (Soundbite of people yelling) Mr. ADRIAN GRENIER (Actor): You know, the work paparazzi comes from the Italian word for a mosquito?

4. There's also a reason why the term paparazzi even exists.

5. You do see a lot of celebrities around main street, but the paparazzi is a little overwhelming sometimes.

6. The marriage of Britney Spears and the paparazzi is a marriage made in heaven, which is to say that it is as tawdry and upsetting as any other marriage.

7. For example he describes a dinner at a Chinese restaurant at which someone called the paparazzi, who set bulbs flashing as Jacqueline Onassis and my mother walked out.

8. What he was most worried about is what he called paparazzi, photographers just showing up when they go shopping, when they go out to the mall or around their school and things like that.

9. “You mostly see pictures of Dan as Harry Potter or in paparazzi photos,” he says.

10. Finally, although I didn't hear that Weiner was facing any charges, I'm also taken by this day-after-the-confession "we're going to follow you around the neighborhood" shot in the NYT in which the press not only frames Weiner as someone officials would call "a person of interest," but, like a guy out on bail, we see the visual media starting to own not just the title of paparazzi, but also the "lurker" role.

11. the famous singer was photographed by the paparazzi

Other users have misspelling paparazzi as:

1. paparazzo 20.97%

2. paparazzos 6.45%

3. paparazzis 6.45%

4. paparrazi 1.61%

5. pabarazia 1.61%

6. Other 62.91%

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