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1. A piece of women’s ornamental jewellery having a pin allowing it to be fixed to garments worn on the upper body.

2. A piece of jewelry that is worn on a piece of clothing, attached with a pin that clasps shut.

3. (Paint.) A painting all of one color, as a sepia painting, or an India painting.

4. An ornament, in various forms, with a tongue, pin, or loop for attaching it to a garment; now worn at the breast by women; a breastpin. Formerly worn by men on the hat.

5. a decorative pin worn by women

6. A monotint, or picture in one color, as a sepia sketch.

7. An ornamental clasp consisting of a pin and a projecting or covering shield, used for fastening the dress, or merely for display.

8. transitive To adorn as with a brooch.

9. To adorn with or as with a brooch or brooches.

10. rare To adorn as with a brooch.


1. The current trend for a prim, buttoned-up collar lends itself perfectly to brooch wearing.

2. Yet these were the years that most intrigued me; as I continued my research, I found out she may have had a broken romance with Prince Leopold of England but ended up marrying another man (while wearing a diamond brooch from the Prince on her wedding dress); as a mother, she suffered heartbreak during

3. Vintage Gold Toned Leaf Pin/brooch Sarah Coventry butterfly pin brooch gold silver enamel cloisonne 1. 2″

4. VINTAGE AVON BRUSHED GOLD APPLE PIN/brooch butterfly pin brooch gold silver enamel cloisonne 2″

5. Sunburst pin brooch Pink and White with goldtone metal

6. For the brooch is an engagement present from Tsar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia, to then Princess Alix of Hesse who was to become his wife in 1894.

7. That there would be a time, lurking in the foggy years to come, when the brooch was the lone key to her survival.

8. The 4cm-long brooch, which is about three quarters intact, was found alongside a broken silver coin.

9. ‘A fabulous collection of ladies costume jewellery by Pave includes brooches, earrings, necklaces and gorgeous gift sets starting at very affordable prices.’

10. ‘There are always gold earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and rings for some special holiday flash.’

11. ‘More within the reach of the novice collector are the myriad of smaller novelty pieces, from the cameo brooch to the charm bracelet.’

12. ‘There is also plenty of additional space available for bracelets, earrings, brooches and rings.’

13. ‘Learn to make all types of jewellery - bracelets, pendants, brooches and rings, easily and affordably.’

14. ‘Goldsmiths and silversmiths make earrings, brooches, and bracelets, which are especially noted for their filigree work.’

15. ‘Also choose from a range of bracelets, chains and brooches which are uniquely different and often more appealing than current trends.’

16. ‘The resulting bracelets and brooches were realised in gold and enamel, encrusted with a dazzling array of precious gemstones.’

17. ‘Military cloaks were fastened with brooches, so the Roman army had an important influence on brooch design.’

18. ‘A red sash curved from her left shoulder down to her right hip, and a golden brooch fastened the garb at her right shoulder.’

19. ‘I saw silver rings and a gold brooch, jewelled knives and other finely worked objects.’

20. ‘Usually, a woman also accessorizes with a bracelet, ring and necklace to go along with a brooch.’

21. ‘They made off with a silver charm bracelet, two passports, a gold brooch and a silver chain.’

22. ‘Therefore, Crown jewels might include everything from the regalia to swords, tiaras, rings and brooches.’

23. ‘Look out too for the ultimate accessory: silk flowers on brooches and chokers.’

24. ‘Find any photo of me on a significant occasion and you'll see me wearing a brooch, a ring or a necklace that comes from that earlier time.’

25. ‘They dug up thousands of plates, brooches, hairpins and pendants, carefully placed for the afterlife with the bodies of wealthy rulers entombed in royal burial chambers.’

26. ‘She saw a selection of silver brooches at a jewelry store.’

27. ‘The silver animal pendants, brooches and ear studs are appended to a miniature carrier bag on which a little poem is written.’

28. ‘Last he took out a golden brooch with a few precious stones in it.’

29. she wore a brooch on her vest

Other users have misspelling brooch as:

1. broch 28%

2. brouch 8%

3. Other 64%

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