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Other users have misspelling werewolf as:

pie chart
  1. warewolf 42.11%
  2. warwolf 10.53%
  3. wearwolf 10.53%
  4. wereworlf 5.26%
  5. werewov 2.63%
  6. werwuf 2.63%
  7. woriwof 2.63%
  8. Other 23.68%

Definitions of werewolf


  1. a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again

Examples of werewolf

  1. In short, she has stumbled into a werewolf movie.
  2. ‘It's fine,’ the werewolf stated with such finality that it left no room for argument.
  3. Harrison's new collection, "The Farmer's Daughter" - a title redolent of Merle Haggard or off-color barroom jokes or both, depending on your referents - contains three stories that feature, among their sprawling casts, several lusty adolescent boys (including one with a clubfoot and one who's a werewolf); an aged rancher, who, at 73, on his "last conscious day" of life, gingerly gropes a

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