Definition of 'werewolf'


Word Frequency
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1. mythology A person who is transformed or can transform into a wolf or a wolflike human, often said to transform during a full moon.

2. A person believed to have been transformed into a wolf or to be capable of assuming the form of a wolf.

3. A person transformed into a wolf in form and appetite, either temporarily or permanently, whether by supernatural influences, by witchcraft, or voluntarily; a lycanthrope. Belief in werewolves, formerly general, is not now extinct.

4. etc. See werwolf, etc.


1. In short, she has stumbled into a werewolf movie.

2. ‘I heard the pounding feet and paws of other wolves and werewolves coming towards the tree.’

3. ‘We must also take Diane to determine whether our killer is a wolf or a werewolf.’

4. ‘The grass had both footprints of the boy and werewolf but the werewolf was out of sight.’

5. ‘We've killed eight vampires, six werewolves, and had to outrun a pack of ghouls.’

6. ‘There are no such things as vampires, or werewolves, or evil identical twins.’

7. ‘He wanted to have a few vampires try shifting to werewolves in the battle.’

8. ‘The idea of taking werewolves and vampires and pitting them against each other seems like a novel idea.’

9. ‘As far back as anyone can remember, the werewolves and the vampires have always had a friendship.’

10. ‘There were things in the woods, like werewolves and other monsters and I would not risk it.’

11. ‘He seemed like a werewolf, though she knew that werewolves were creatures of myth.’

12. ‘I knew the dangers that awaited any two werewolves who met on the full moon.’

13. ‘Pure blood was the term used for werewolves who had been born to werewolf parents.’

14. ‘The film takes the myth of the werewolf and transplants it into a small-town community and carnage ensues.’

15. ‘It was a slow achievement but eventually the humans were stopped, and the werewolves shifted forms.’

16. ‘Because of their regenerative powers, simple wounds didn't matter much to werewolves.’

17. werewolf stories can scare children

Other users have misspelling werewolf as:

1. warewolf 42.11%

2. warwolf 10.53%

3. wearwolf 10.53%

4. wereworlf 5.26%

5. werewov 2.63%

6. werwuf 2.63%

7. woriwof 2.63%

8. Other 23.68%

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