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Other users have misspelling facade as:

pie chart
  1. vakada 5.9%
  2. focado 3.44%
  3. fachada 2.21%
  4. Other 88.45%

Definitions of facade


  1. a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant
  2. the face or front of a building

Examples of facade

  1. It found itself subjected to harsh rain it was ill equipped for, dissolving the sandstone facades of it's buildings slowly, even as the people chose not to lift their eyes and notice it.
  2. Both these people have lied and manipulated people through the press to believe one facade after another in order to get whatever it is they want…
  3. The other key aspect of the restoration involved repointing the exterior masonry, in the facades of limestone, sandstone, and granite.

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