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1. An eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables.

2. A place where meals are served to the public.

3. An eating house.

4. a building where people go to eat

5. An establishment for the sale of refreshments, both food and drink; a place where meals are served; an eating-house.


1. It is really just a large provincial city with fancy shops and restaurants.

2. Their absolutely favourite thing at the moment is visiting the bathrooms in restaurants and hotels.

3. The pretty quay is lined with bustling pubs and restaurants.

4. Do you know a good restaurant in London?

5. If you're single your new love first says hello in a health food restaurant.

6. They're lucky enough to have a nice life where they get to eat at restaurants.

7. Shops and restaurants selling alcohol must be more than 500m from motorways.

8. If there are no onsite facilities, this could be arranged through a local cafe or restaurant or a food delivery company.

9. This is basically a (quite good ) dessert restaurant.

10. We eat out in some very good neighbourhood restaurants too.

11. But restaurants so often profess some sort of philosophy.

12. Part of its work is to encourage hotels and restaurants to find and use local produce.

13. The heavily indebted pub and restaurant sector is facing a wave of collapses.

14. The food is fantastic with a choice of three restaurants for dinner.

15. Meeting at a public place like a restaurant has other perks as well.

16. The expense of a restaurant meal before the movie.

17. Bars and restaurants are often the masters of this particular dark art of obfuscation.

18. Wine makes infinitely more money for restaurants than food does.

19. Just do not expect to know how much sugar you are eating in his restaurants.

20. Dinner in the restaurant was worth the trip on its own.

21. So are restaurant meals too big and what should they really weigh?

22. And it happens to me quite often in restaurants.

23. The food is restaurant standard but requires no more than average kitchen skills to rustle up.

24. He enjoyed good food and wine and keenly sought out the best restaurants in any place he visited for work.

25. It has restaurants, shops and casinos galore.

26. The glib answer to the question'What makes a good restaurant?

27. This elegant city-centre hotel has three restaurants and an extensive spa.

28. He didn't like going into restaurants or pubs in case he was pestered.

29. As well as free wifi, there is a decent bar and cafe as well as a good restaurant.

30. My brother once saw him at a restaurant in Liverpool Street.

31. The area has outstanding pubs, restaurants, shopping and schools.

32. ‘On the camp site is a well stocked shop and a restaurant, that also serves takeaway dishes.’

33. ‘The pub now has two restaurants serving anything from sausages to shark steaks.’

34. ‘A large number of pubs serving food and restaurants now offer no smoking areas or no smoking at all.’

35. ‘Fred decides to take his family and friends for a meal at an expensive restaurant.’

36. ‘The market for coffee shops and convenience restaurants has exploded in recent years.’

37. ‘It will be an unique urban quarter with cafes, restaurants and places in which to relax.’

38. ‘A customer of a restaurant is deeply affected by the manner in which staff serve them.’

39. ‘Why not pause to eat at a decent restaurant and have a recommended local wine with your meal?’

40. ‘This is also the place to seek out some of the best, and cheapest, restaurants in the whole of France.’

41. ‘It's one of my favourite restaurants, partly for the food but mainly for the atmosphere.’

42. ‘Along the way are bars and restaurants ideal for a sunset drink in the soft sea breeze.’

43. ‘"I own the Italian restaurant down the street.’

44. ‘All the stores and fast-food restaurants were closed for the day.’

45. ‘He was going to meet her at the most expensive restaurant in town!’

46. ‘She'd taken him out for dinner at one of the more expensive restaurants in town.’

47. ‘The resort's restaurants offer a variety of local and international food.’

48. ‘Six women in their late twenties are gathered in a London restaurant for dinner.’

49. ‘When Lou's father was young, he started a restaurant in the city.’

50. ‘The few local shops and restaurants catering to summer visitors are closed for the season.’

51. ‘Eating out is easy with over 700 restaurants catering to a broad range of tastes.’

52. that restaurant has excellent service

Other users have misspelling restaurant as:

1. resturant 10.1%

2. restaurante 9.41%

3. restront 5.33%

4. resteraunt 3.14%

5. restrant 2.95%

6. ristorante 2.89%

7. restent 2.89%

8. restante 2.51%

9. restant 2.51%

10. restraunt 2.38%

11. Other 55.89%

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