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Other users have misspelling restaurant as:

pie chart
  1. resturant 10.1%
  2. restaurante 9.41%
  3. restront 5.33%
  4. resteraunt 3.14%
  5. restrant 2.95%
  6. ristorante 2.89%
  7. restent 2.89%
  8. restante 2.51%
  9. restant 2.51%
  10. restraunt 2.38%
  11. Other 55.89%

Definitions of restaurant


  1. a building where people go to eat

Examples of restaurant

  1. It was a beautiful wooden skiff, with a little outboard motor, perfect for his part-time second occupation of working a few pots to catch crustacea to sell to local pubs and restaurants.
  2. The sun was shining, the food at the restaurant was good and I was left with a warm glow in my tummy afterwards.
  3. A fisherman's son opened this beachside restaurant, which stretches down into the sand.

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