Definition of 'very'


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1. The same; identical.

2. With limiting effect: mere.

3. True, real, actual

4. Archaic Genuine; true.

5. Being particularly suitable or appropriate.

6. Being the same; identical.

7. Complete; absolute.

8. Used to emphasize the importance of what is specified.

9. Being nothing more than what is specified; mere.

10. True; real; actual; veritable.

11. See the Note under Reverend.

12. precisely as stated

13. being the exact same one; not any other:

14. true, truly

15. to a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly

16. Truly; absolutely.

17. Used in titles.

18. In a high degree; extremely.

19. In a high degree; to no small extent; exceedingly; excessively; extremely.

20. used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal

21. precisely so

22. Truly;actually.


1. We have really used the book text and changed very little of it.

2. The fans here have been very good to me.

3. Otherwise you could end up feeling very rueful.

4. What it does is give us a very good indication.

5. We are all involved in an industry where there is corruption from the very top.

6. We are playing very well in a shape defensively and can build on that.

7. It will come back up very quickly.

8. There are lots of very different ones.

9. She wanted to do it and it would have been very churlish to say no.

10. And a very certain opposition as well: some of it sensible, a good deal of it plain hysterical.

11. We said very little to each other.

12. We have a very good take on it.

13. Those two songs at the end are very touching.

14. We felt we had already given it our very best shot.

15. They are strong in certain areas and very strong in others.

16. You are expected to be right at the top from the very beginning.

17. We improved in the second half and defended very well.

18. The staff say all will be back to normal very soon.

19. That beat is one of very few moments of real tenderness in the film.

20. We will have very little say in what happens.

21. They do not like humans very much.

22. Were you also very determined to make something very different to your previous albums?

23. It often turned out to be very little.

24. We have a very good squad with very good players.

25. He gives us a very good balance.

26. He seems certain to go very close.

27. This is a demoralising message and can discourage women from aiming for the very top.

28. They are very well organised and stubborn.

29. He was a very funny man.

30. But only at the very, very end.

31. It is trivially easy to make your superior look very *very* bad, and all while not quite doing anything that will get you in trouble if the case is that your superior is a total *ss.

32. Often the exposure is short-lived and very harmful but black hat techniques can show up * very* successfully early on, that's the way these tricksters are poised.

33. I could then clearly see two sets of very large claws come out from under a trap door beneath the fridge and behind them a large snout and *very* big teeth.

34. The ones who *don't* overlap that sub-set are the Christian school-at-homers who most certainly do produce TRADITIONALLY educated students who perform at traditional classroom activities very *very* well.

35. This is a serious problem for the boy scouts and even the girl scouts have very strict rules about children ever *ever* being alone with only one adult and they have a right to enforce as best they can an environment where it is *very* clear that sexual activity between boys or between scout leaders and boys is not in any way acceptable.

36. This was a very tiny study with a *very* small number of participants, no doubt handpicked to get the response that the people doing the study were looking for.

37. I changed my fish oil when i got back from trip and this one has a reasonable DHA content versus my previous and my appetite is noticeably reduced..very very noticeably.

38. I do have to say that I loved the photo of the young lady with her 'swain' in his kilt..very very classy.

39. Ten Heroes…not one Medal of Honor recipient…shows where focus is.very sad..very very sad ross berg-buffalo ny

40. In Incredible Hulk #401, Agamemmnon reveals to the Hulk that he ages very slowly and may even be immortal, has a youthful appearance *very* similar to Bucky's, and that he occasionally has left the Mount over the decades to go adventuring.

41. ‘People seem to take the idea of Kevin Bacon, and his Six degrees, very seriously.’

42. ‘This is something that you learn quite quickly and is very easy to exploit if you want free technical support.’

43. ‘There has been a very high degree of co-operation between everyone involved in this case.’

44. ‘Many seas are tideless, and the waters of some are saline only in a very slight degree.’

45. ‘He did very poorly in his degree and had to settle for only a pass degree.’

46. ‘However, it is plain that the Statute requires a very high degree of specificity.’

47. ‘A new form of ultrasound scan can show foetuses at very early degrees of development.’

48. ‘The crystalline state is one in which there is a very high degree of internal order.’

49. ‘The cars come down this road very quickly and we have seen quite a few accidents.’

50. ‘The numbers became very large very quickly but I would keep going quite a while.’

51. ‘Despite a good lap on wet tyres it dried very quickly and he was pushed down to eighth position.’

52. ‘Lettuce, be it red or green, smooth or crinkly, germinates very quickly and is soon ready to eat.’

53. ‘We reorganised and realigned very quickly and eventually there was nowhere for England to go.’

54. ‘But my memory of disagreements is balanced by how very quickly they always made it up.’

55. ‘She sensed someone moving very quickly after her before she was hit from behind and had her bag snatched.’

56. ‘Attacks on anyone who opposes these organisations quickly become very personal.’

57. ‘It was very tense, especially when we went a goal behind in the first half.’

58. ‘It was a bit strange really, and very frustrating especially as we had a chance to get something from the game.’

59. ‘Life is very busy and extra commotion in the background annoys me more than anything.’

60. ‘Twelve months is a long time and has seen two very significant developments.’

61. ‘Brittany, like other regions of France, has a very rich and distinct history which is all its own.’

62. ‘I've seen a lot of movies, but this is truly one of the very best I could ever hope to see.’

63. ‘He was quickly displaying the very mental toughness which has been lacking among his players.’

64. on this very spot

Other users have misspelling very as:

1. verry 8.5%

2. veri 4.5%

3. verey 3.78%

4. Other 83.22%

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