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1. Characterized by coldness, as of manner, influence, etc.; chilling; frigid; cold.

2. Covered with ice, wholly or partially.

3. Pertaining to, resembling, or abounding in ice; cold; frosty.

4. Bitterly cold; freezing: synonym: cold.

5. Containing or covered with ice.

6. Showing no emotion.

7. Unfriendly or hostile.

8. Pertaining to, resembling, or abounding in, ice; cold; frosty.

9. shiny and slick as with a thin coating of ice

10. covered with or containing or consisting of ice

11. extremely cold

12. Figuratively, characterized by coldness or coolness, as of manner, influence, etc.; frigid; chilling; freezing; indifferent.

13. Pertaining to, composed of, produced by, resembling, or abounding with ice: as, an icy surface; icy coldness; the icy regions of the north.

14. Synonyms Frosty, cold-hearted, stoṅy.


1. Gravity eases me off the platform and an icy blast rushes against my cheeks.

2. For most couples it blows icy winds right into the heart of their relationship.

3. The icy conditions and thick dense mist could bring delays and disruption around the country during rush hour.

4. An icy blast of rain on an otherwise bright January afternoon summed up the mood.

5. The instructors will also teach you top winter driving tips for when you're in your own car on icy roads.

6. As far south as Surrey, police tweeted warnings about icy conditions.

7. He said:'The pitch is hard and very icy.

8. The icy blast of polar weather that swept in from Canada saw planes grounded, ferries hit and cars slithering off roads.

9. Their first national campaign is timed to coincide with the wet and icy roads that winter brings.

10. The north and east are expected to bear the brunt of icy winds from the east.

11. Today will remain cold with icy patches first thing.

12. Hospitals overrun with victims of the icy conditions cancelled operations.

13. Roads were too icy to reach many nearby hotels.

14. In spite of an icy wind the smoke still hung inside the plane.

15. The icy cold tunnel through part of the mountain is the only scary bit.

16. And they did so with an icy blast from their boss ringing in their ears.

17. Four people were killed on icy roads and a woman died of exposure.

18. An icy wind blows and the sky is dull grey.

19. It will be as cold and icy as the weather.

20. Drivers are warned to prepare for icy roads all weekend.

21. And it will be followed by an icy cold snap today as temperatures plummet.

22. What we do know is that the road was cold, wet and probably icy.

23. Or anyone, if conditions are wet and icy.

24. Three people have died this week in the icy conditions of northern England.

25. The freak icy blast has been blamed for at least 16 deaths.

26. The rain clouds had blown away under a strong, icy wind.

27. It allowed icy blasts of air to escape from the Arctic and make their way southwards.

28. I usually find that people expect me to be really icy and hard.

29. ARCTIC air has brought icy conditions that have probably come as a shock to some.

30. A cheaper way to cope with icy conditions is snow socks.

31. Too much sugar and it will become overly sweet and syrupy and too soft to freeze completely; too little, and it will be icy and hard.

32. It was as if some hard icy pressure had melted, and her consciousness had room to expand: her past was come back to her with larger interpretation.

33. ‘One learner skier made a claim after he hit an icy patch, leaned very heavily on his ski pole - and, as a result, stabbed himself with it.’

34. ‘On the shaded parts of the lane that led to the pub, there were still icy patches where he had to slow.’

35. ‘The county woke on both Saturday and Sunday to frozen cars and icy roads but walkers still took to the hills and families to their sledges.’

36. ‘The sleet stung our faces and made the rigging icy and slippery, the yards were swaying back and forth with the roll of the ship.’

37. ‘It is a game for boys and girls who assemble on neighborhood frozen ponds next to icy rural roads.’

38. ‘Too cold and too much snow, rail signal systems freeze and roads become icy.’

39. ‘Are there outside steps that are slippery when wet or icy and dangerous in the winter?’

40. ‘I trudge through sleet on icy sidewalks to look at equally slippery art shows.’

41. ‘Heavy frost set in, making already icy conditions even more hazardous.’

42. ‘The AA has now told motorists to take extra care on icy roads and only go out when necessary - and then armed with tool kits and hot drinks.’

43. ‘A pensioner told today how he lost a thumb when he crashed on an icy road - and said better gritting might have prevented his accident.’

44. ‘So spare a thought for the crop of young drivers who may have passed their test over the spring or summer, and have never yet had to face icy roads and dark evenings.’

45. ‘I too used to live at the top of a steep hill and ran a Daihatsu Sportrak off-roader, which was absolutely fine in snow and icy conditions.’

46. ‘He died April 17 from brain injuries suffered in a fall on an icy Manhattan sidewalk.’

47. ‘To our left was an alpine glacier dominated by sharp-edged icy pinnacles and to our right were walls of soaring rock.’

48. ‘As well as having some teachers stranded at home, headteachers were also concerned about health and safety on icy playgrounds.’

49. ‘This was the dramatic moment when an injured walker from the York area was winched from an icy mountainside by an RAF helicopter.’

50. ‘A gritting lorry's windscreen was smashed by a snowball containing a stone as it was clearing icy streets on the Bell Farm estate.’

51. ‘The number of accidents also fell, despite the icy conditions.’

52. ‘The weather warning came during a day which saw severe icy conditions making life miserable for many in East Yorkshire yesterday.’

53. ‘The weather began to turn colder and colder as the icy winds swept the land.’

54. ‘A large truck drove by causing an even larger icy cold wind than normal.’

55. ‘Scores of swimmers also defied icy temperatures and bitter winds to take a seasonal dip in Dublin Bay.’

56. ‘For once the weather bureau got it right and the predicted cold front arrived last night with a blast of icy wind.’

57. ‘As he turned away she felt a chill, like an icy wind blew through her soul.’

58. ‘The weather was beginning to change, giving the air and the wind an icy chill.’

59. ‘I shivered in the cold wind since my sweater was now soaking wet with icy cold water.’

60. ‘Expect a riveting two hours tonight and tomorrow from 7.30 pm, as icy as the coldest Keighley weather.’

61. ‘While they worked to open the door, an icy blast of cold air blew through the cottage causing every open window and door in the cottage to slam shut.’

62. ‘The sweet aroma of the beans tickled nose as I held the steaming cup gratefully in my icy cold hands.’

63. ‘Ichiro froze as Neo's icy fingers took hold of his neck and tilted his head to the side to get a better view of the wounds.’

64. ‘Two men were found dead in icy conditions in Istanbul on Saturday and two more froze to death in southeastern Turkey.’

65. ‘The wrought iron was freezing on my hands when I jumped and caught the icy top rail.’

66. ‘The Arctic weather had been expected to arrive in Scotland yesterday, before taking an icy grip on the rest of the country this morning.’

67. ‘By the end he was ‘feeling no pain’ and as the liner slipped beneath the waves, he just stepped off into the icy waters.’

68. ‘And over that time, at least 10 people have fallen from it, into the icy waters below.’

69. ‘Once I could pry my icy fingers off the bagel I was eating, I shut the door.’

70. ‘The stories about the nice weather, up to 24C, made the switch from icy Michigan very easy.’

71. ‘Until March, indoor football is the only game in icy Budapest.’

72. ‘More than fifty hardy souls, many very young and a few of advanced years, dived, jumped or simply slid into the icy water.’

73. ‘Her power game and icy cool attitude set her apart from her peers.’

74. ‘The cub shivered and stood up, closing his icy eyes to the unwelcome sunlight.’

75. ‘This refreshing feeling of freedom felt like icy cool water flowing over her face in the morning.’

76. ‘I guess the characters of the governess, the seemingly haughty and icy employer and the mad woman added to that impression.’

77. ‘She fixed her own feline eyes with Damien's cool icy stare, an unspoken challenge sparking in her eyes.’

78. ‘The pirate swept his icy, hard glare over the pair that lay helpless at his feet.’

79. ‘His face remained cool, icy almost, so cool that Morana could not stand to look at him anymore and quickly turned back to Rissa.’

80. ‘The Nephyl looked around in icy disdain at the soldiers resting underneath dark trees.’

81. ‘Casey took larger strides, ignoring his icy looks.’

82. ‘Gillian's character, Lady Dedlock, is a society beauty and on the surface appears icy cool.’

83. ‘The crowd go wild as the Italian referee strolls down to the ring with his icy cool exterior.’

84. ‘A few weeks on, his genial countenance has frozen into icy indifference.’

85. ‘Tiekkyra covered her up and sent an icy glare at the speaker.’

86. ‘The red bandanna covered the rider's face concealing all but his icy emotionless eyes.’

87. ‘Wilson and Meaker both depict her as icy, needy and eager to belittle Highsmith.’

88. ‘The icy Marion slowly comes into sharper focus as we also learn the true horror of what really happened in the accident that took her sons' lives.’

89. ‘She's got a wonderful icy beauty - although she's not an icy person - but in the film it works, this cold beauty.’

90. ‘In essence, this production lacked depth and strength, and failed to emit the icy austerity of Ibsen's masterpiece.’

91. ‘While some might be disturbed by the icy stare of their future meal, I found it reassuring to see the fresh selections.’

92. ‘Mr Condit's comments also got an icy reception from many constituents, though some rallied behind him.’

93. ‘So I just gave him a cold, icy stare and laughed at him, like I had the upper hand.’

94. icy northern waters

Other users have misspelling icy as:

1. icey 30%

2. Other 70%

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