Definition of 'gorgeous'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. of a person or place very beautiful.

2. Very enjoyable, pleasant, tasty etc.

3. Informal Wonderful; delightful.

4. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance.

5. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent.

6. Imposing through splendid or various colors; showy; fine; magnificent.

7. dazzlingly beautiful

8. Sumptuously adorned; superbly showy; resplendent; magnificent.

9. Inclined to splendor; given to gorgeousness.

10. Synonyms Superb, brilliant, dazzling; rich, costly.


1. They will be absolutely gorgeous as a couple.

2. The weather was beautiful and our little house gorgeous.

3. He says she is gorgeous and he wants them to do silly things together.

4. She is not too pleased to find out it is a gorgeous blonde nun behind this fervour.

5. Where can you buy these gorgeous clothes?

6. His best man was gorgeous and flirted with me loads.

7. There is no denying the fact that this film looks absolutely gorgeous.

8. It fills the house with gorgeous smells leaving you free to do other things.

9. And next to her was a gorgeous blonde.

10. The clothes often look gorgeous and they do a brilliant job.

11. Say she looks gorgeous and you want her advice and support to look stunning and healthy like her.

12. My friend got dumped recently and he gave her a confidence boost by saying how gorgeous she is on her wall.

13. Are his builders beautiful and gorgeous?

14. It was the beginning of autumn, but the weather was gorgeous.

15. It's rich and gorgeous but stops short of flashy.

16. Times have changed and many of the world's most beautiful women have gorgeous porcelain skin.

17. There is not another vessel in sight, the weather is gorgeous and the scenery is simply stunning.

18. I have a good job, a nice house and a gorgeous husband.

19. There are no enemies jumping out: just gorgeous scenery to explore, sometimes with another player.

20. Who at my age wouldn't hook up with a rich, gorgeous older woman?

21. A month ago I met an extremely gorgeous woman who was quite a bit older than me.

22. Among the photo optimizations, the software giant has increased the display size of the thumbnails, made it possible for users to order photo prints from the service, offered people tags and what it referred to as a gorgeous online slide show.

23. Quercus has several titles due out: If the Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr, a new Bernie Gunther novel (£17.99), Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass (£12.99), and a reissue of David Pearce's 1974 and 1977 (£12.99 each), in "gorgeous" hardback editions.

24. Especially since I keep being lucky enough to see him in gorgeous worn old 19th century music halls with even more gorgeous acoustics.

25. For almost 20 years, I was fortunate enough to correspond via snail mail with a terrifically gifted artist friend who liberally illustrated his letters (written in gorgeous cursive, too) with wonderful sketches of whatever he was writing about -- needless to say, I treasure them (alas, we mostly talk on the phone now).

26. ‘You could say that I can see the appeal, the attraction of, a gorgeous pair of heels.’

27. ‘He gave me a cut that's easy to maintain and he did the colour, which is gorgeous.’

28. ‘A gorgeous deep golden colour on the flanks blends with a dark green tinge to the back.’

29. ‘I remember her being on the news when I was still at school and I thought she was a very sexy woman, gorgeous.’

30. ‘Meanwhile we have redesigned our website, and pretty gorgeous it looks too.’

31. ‘The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine's cards for their gorgeous women.’

32. ‘He is gorgeous; he has these sexy full lips and gorgeous sparkling blue eyes.’

33. ‘He was his usual gorgeous and good looking self, carrying his shoulder bag full with books.’

34. ‘You can give your bathroom an instant update by adding colour with a pile of gorgeous towels.’

35. ‘The hotel was set on the beach itself, with a beautiful view of the white, white sands and the gorgeous sunset.’

36. ‘If he wasn't so sweet and gorgeous and funny she would never have been attracted to him in the first place.’

37. ‘Happily for me, the actor I am working with is gorgeous and lovely and I love him.’

38. ‘Then I met the lovely and gorgeous Dan for lunch from his place of work at 3 Park Avenue.’

39. ‘First, she's gorgeous, with the kind of natural good looks that stop traffic.’

40. ‘The new designer on Scarlet is a genius and has made the mag look all glossy and sexy and generally even more gorgeous than it was.’

41. ‘It's a lush, sleepy island with gorgeous coves and citrus fruit hanging like jewels from the trees.’

42. ‘Even the CD cover art, a series of full color photographs of tribal masks, is gorgeous.’

43. ‘She has a gorgeous voice, she writes lovely poetry and this song for me was and still is her best.’

44. ‘She looked as gorgeous as ever and certainly had every young lad in town gawking with dropped jaws.’

45. ‘The other contestants were absolutely gorgeous and I didn't think I had a chance.’

46. ‘Not just sunny, but really really warm, like summer warm which was gorgeous.’

47. ‘The surface was slightly choppy but otherwise it was a gorgeous English summer's day.’

48. ‘I'd just run a gorgeous bath with bubbles galore, hot water and a divine smell from the bath soak.’

49. ‘I was working with cracking people, was happily married, life seemed pretty gorgeous.’

50. ‘Another utterly gorgeous morning here, ruined only by the fact that I'd rather not be working.’

51. ‘The hero of the day was the bright sunshine and balmy spring weather as the event kicked off under gorgeous sunny skies.’

52. ‘The weather is gorgeous, and we are constantly bobbing around in the wakes of larger boats.’

53. ‘It was such a gorgeous day that we had morning coffee on the patio of a friend's house.’

54. ‘There are palm trees and the weather is gorgeous all the time and it's really quite an idyllic spot.’

55. ‘It was a gorgeous bowl of strawberries in a beautiful, gleaming clear glass bowl.’

56. ‘They have an absolutely gorgeous autumn range of food in at the moment.’

57. ‘I had a gorgeous mushroom soup for starters and then a main course of salmon, with noodles and vegetables.’

58. ‘I am a sucker for beauty stuff that smells gorgeous - the more exotic, the better.’

59. ‘Have figured out how to make really gorgeous pizza; something that had evaded me until recently.’

60. ‘After a gorgeous cottage pie dinner, we got chance to look at the aquarium and it was looking pretty darn good already.’

61. a gorgeous Victorian gown

Other users have misspelling gorgeous as:

1. gorgous 4.8%

2. gorjus 3.38%

3. georgeous 3.02%

4. gorgious 2.31%

5. Other 86.49%

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