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Other users have misspelling forty as:

pie chart
  1. fourty 55.68%
  2. farty 3.86%
  3. fourthy 1.14%
  4. forthy 0.91%
  5. foty 0.68%
  6. Other 37.73%

Definitions of forty


  1. the cardinal number that is the product of ten and four


  1. being ten more than thirty

Examples of forty

  1. _Catty. _ (_speaking very rapidly_) Bless you for that word, counshillor; and by the first light to-morrow, I'll drive all the grazing cattle, every four-footed _baast_ off the land, and pound 'em in Ballynavogue; and if they replevy, why I'll distrain again, if it be forty times, I will go.
  2. This was the first bloodless revolution the city, which has been burned down forty times in its history.
  3. We catered for forty but only twenty came.

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