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1. An alteration in sound after it has been produced by an instrument.

2. The result or outcome of a cause. See usage notes below.

3. A device for producing an alteration in sound produced by an instrument.

4. cinematography An illusion produced by technical means (as in "special effect")

5. A particular impression.

6. Movable belongings; goods.

7. Production of a desired impression.

8. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result.

9. The basic or general meaning; import.

10. The condition of being in full force or execution; operativeness.

11. Something that produces a specific impression or supports a general design or intention.

12. Advantage; avail.

13. Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.

14. to become operative, to accomplish aims.

15. Execution; performance; realization; operation.

16. to make valid; to carry out in practice; to push to its results.

17. Power to produce results; efficiency; force; importance; account.

18. Impression left on the mind; sensation produced.

19. In general: That which is produced by an agent or cause; the event which follows immediately from an antecedent, called the cause; result; consequence; outcome; fruit.

20. Goods; movables; personal estate; -- sometimes used to embrace real as well as personal property.

21. Manifestation; expression; sign.

22. Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.

23. The purport; the sum and substance.

24. destitute of results, validity, force, and the like; vain; fruitless.

25. for an exaggerated impression or excitement.

26. in fact; in substance. See 8, above.

27. Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; -- with to.

28. That which is effected by an efficient cause; a consequent; more generally, the result of any kind of cause except a final cause: as, the effect of heat.

29. A state or course of accomplishment or fulfilment; effectuation; achievement; operation: as, to bring a plan into effect; the medicine soon took effect.

30. Power to produce consequnces or results; force; validity; account: as, the obligation is void and of no effect.

31. Goods, Chattels, etc. See property.

32. Purport; import or general intent: as, he immediately wrote to that effect; his speech was to the effect that, etc.

33. pl. [After F. effets, effects, chattels, effets mobiliers, movable property; cf. effect, a bill, bill of exchange, effets publics, stocks, funds.] Goods; movables; personal estate.

34. In art, an accidental or unusual combination of colors, lights, or forms which especially excite the interest of a painter and form a suitable motive or key in painting or etching.

35. Mental impression; general result upon the mind of what is apprehended by any of the faculties: as, the effect of a view, or of a picture.

36. The conclusion; the dénouement of a story.

37. Actual fact; reality; not mere appearance: preceded by in.

38. Execute, Accomplish, etc. See perform.

39. To bring to a desired end; bring to pass; execute; accomplish; fulfil: as, to effect a purpose, or one's desires.

40. To produce as a result; be the cause or agent of; bring about; make actual; achieve: as, to effect a political revolution, or a change of government.

41. Synonyms To realize, fulfil, complete, compass, consummate; Affect, Effect. See affect.

42. To bring about; make happen; cause or accomplish.

43. To bring to pass; to execute; to enforce; to achieve; to accomplish.

44. To produce, as a cause or agent; to cause to be.

45. (in effect) In essence; to all purposes.

46. (to the effect that) With the general meaning that.


1. Not that they are taking real effect one way or another.

2. Fines and penalty points have little effect.

3. How far back you look in history can have a big effect on the resulting average.

4. You can expect pyrotechnics and special light effects too.

5. The new prices are expected to take effect within the next week.

6. The practical effect of this change is that an employee has the statutory right to request flexible working for any reason at all.

7. DEFEAT for the football team you support spills over into the next day and has an adverse effect on work, a study found.

8. There may be more than one effect at work anyway.

9. It just looks like another effect rather than something being dealt with or commented on.

10. The protective effects may also occur in humans.

11. This film shows the effects of the immigration.

12. What is the practical effect of this result?

13. Rarely has so much wailing been to so little effect.

14. Military activity coupled with prolonged drought will undoubtedly have had an adverse effect on its survival.

15. This association may or may not be one of cause and effect.

16. We are not permitted to know the real effects of the thousands of drugs we take.

17. Political economists who have read off meaning and effect from ownership and control.

18. The new law came into effect this week and has been virtually ignored.

19. When do the changes come into effect?

20. Was the overall effect still too cool?

21. You can blend or smudge pencil with a finger to soften lines or to make special effects.

22. You can enhance faded parts with an ultraviolet light effect.

23. They become celebrities and that has an effect on a person.

24. But the menace is also an effect of place.

25. You say things for effect all the time to lift players.

26. Too many teachers see first hand the effects of poverty on their pupils.

27. The extent to which they do this will influence the inflationary effects.

28. There are two reasons why new sanctions might have an effect where existing ones have failed.

29. Atmospheric haze has something of this effect.

30. A ceasefire is due to come into effect at midnight tonight, local time.

31. So it is deemed better to classify in accordance with the function or effect it is known a means _must_ perform or accomplish than in accordance with the _object_ with respect to which an act or acts are directed or in accordance with some _effect_ which may or may not result.

32. An effect being _defined_ as something subsequent to its cause, obviously we can have no _effect_ upon the past.

33. The Cause of any event, then, when exactly ascertainable, has five marks: it is (quantitatively) _equal_ to the effect, and (qualitatively) _the immediate, unconditional, invariable antecedent of the effect_.

34. He must study the nature of the effect he is to produce, and of the materials upon which he is to work, and adopt, after mature deliberation, a plan to accomplish his purpose, founded upon the principles which ought always to regulate the action of mind upon mind, and adapted to produce the _intellectual effect_, which he wishes to accomplish.

35. Given an effect to be accounted for, and there being several causes which might have produced it, but of the presence of which in the particular case nothing is known; the probability that the effect was produced by any one of these causes _is as the antecedent probability of the cause, multiplied by the probability that the cause, if it existed, would have produced the given effect_.

36. Both of these would have the effect of extremely diminishing the _effect_ of the measure in Ireland.

37. If it were proper to be rigorous in examining trifles, it might be replied, that Shakespeare would write more erroneously, if he wrote by the direction of this critick; they were not _distilled_, whatever the word may mean, _by the effect of fear_; for that _distillation_ was itself the _effect_; _fear_ was the cause, the active cause, that _distilled_ them by that force of operation which we strictly call _act_ involuntary, and _power_ in involuntary agents, but popularly call _act_ in both.

38. In that way I discern the power of each thing, and that is the same power which produces the same effect, and that is a different power which produces a different effect_. "[

39. "As to Mr Oswald's offer to make an acknowledgment of our independence the first article of our treaty, and your Excellency's remark, that it is sufficient, and that _we are not to expect the effect before the cause_, permit us to observe, that by the _cause_, we suppose, is intended the _treaty_, and by the _effect_, an acknowledgment of our independence.

40. What a model program like Globaloria and others like it shows us, in effect, is that kids don't need to wait for Superman.

41. ‘The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.’

42. ‘Central to that argument was that cannabis had a different effect from hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin.’

43. ‘There are most likely two factors - apart from voter apathy - which have a significant effect on the poll results.’

44. ‘This had a negative effect, resulting in ridiculous relationship standards.’

45. ‘It was clear from the start that the strong windy conditions were going to have an immediate effect on the result of the game.’

46. ‘There is no evidence of anything in the whole of the universe that is not the result of being the effect of some cause.’

47. ‘Interestingly, giving the subjects something that blocks the effects of the original drug resulted in the effects of the placebo being lost.’

48. ‘A large effect on compliance resulted from a relatively small intervention effort.’

49. ‘Labour and Conservatives seem to have forgotten that the student population is large enough to have an effect on the election results.’

50. ‘But the way they build their panels and cull their figures has a huge effect on the results.’

51. ‘We could see low-lying islands in the Pacific totally disappear as a result of the effect of greenhouse gases.’

52. ‘Consequently, the effect of hedge funds selling the Australian dollar went largely unnoticed.’

53. ‘On the other hand, the dry seasons 1996-1998 do not seem to have resulted in such an effect.’

54. ‘The consequences then have an effect on the community as a whole.’

55. ‘It can be seen that the approximation does not have a large effect on the results.’

56. ‘This could represent an important source of bias and in a worst case scenario could have a large effect on the results.’

57. ‘Why this should result in a specific effect on anxiety remains an enigma.’

58. ‘There has been an immediate effect as a result of the engine rule, with all the teams doing less laps.’

59. ‘The aim is to ensure that young people are fully aware of the damaging health effects and legal consequences of drug use.’

60. ‘Controversial proposals to switch the school year from three terms to six are now virtually certain to take effect across Hampshire.’

61. ‘The revisions take effect from this week, says a bank press release.’

62. ‘The parameters of the agreement are due to be specified by mid-April so that the agreement can take effect in late April.’

63. ‘These are solutions that may take years, even decades to take effect.’

64. ‘The problem is that a revoked visa does not take effect until after the person leaves the United States.’

65. ‘However, those boundary changes will apparently not take effect until after the next federal election.’

66. ‘The long journey and the early start were beginning to take effect.’

67. ‘The first of the lay-offs will take effect from June this year with the remainder of the redundancies in October.’

68. ‘The closure will take effect in February, pending consultation.’

69. ‘Programmes designed to help them get back to normal life after their release do not have enough time to take effect, he said.’

70. ‘With the rule changes on hold, we now have the opportunity to void them for good - before they ever take effect.’

71. ‘The new harvesting days will take effect in the next three weeks, on Mondays and Tuesdays.’

72. ‘The move towards more transparency was expected to take effect by the end of this year or early next year.’

73. ‘But he was quick to add that the new fares would not take effect in the near future.’

74. ‘The offer is open to all direct employers in the region with effect from Monday.’

75. ‘The order also raises questions about whether the rules will ever be allowed to take effect.’

76. ‘Becket was armed with letters from the Pope which would take effect upon delivery.’

77. ‘Technically, as all 25 member states must ratify the treaty for it to take effect, it is dead.’

78. ‘Any increase in pay would not go into effect until the following House election.’

79. ‘The new rental policy will not come into effect until the outcome of a court appeal which is expected tomorrow.’

80. ‘The German Luftwaffe exercised their doctrine of joint operations in support of ground forces to great effect.’

81. ‘There is also a fair amount of clever wordplay, delivered rapid-fire to great effect.’

82. ‘The cinematography is astonishing, almost monochrome, capturing the darkness at the heart of the story, using close ups to great effect.’

83. ‘The soundtrack is used to great effect in most scenes, dubious effect in some.’

84. ‘Within it, works are placed where they will receive maximum exposure whilst also enhancing their surroundings to the greatest effect.’

85. ‘He is trotted out to play a hulking but child-like soldier to no great effect.’

86. ‘The director has used music and songs to great effect here.’

87. ‘Its parapets, grand staircases and sheltered side gardens are used to great effect.’

88. ‘The central bank has previously attempted to tried to keep pace with inflation by issuing banknotes, with little effect.’

89. ‘In the development process, technology can be tossed around with abandon, with little effect on the audience.’

90. ‘The scared women tried to fire emergency flares at the bear, with little effect.’

91. ‘Like most women she tried a few diets with little effect; discouraged she decided to cast a spell to help her drop a few pounds.’

92. ‘Most of us have said something of the sort on more than one occasion with little effect.’

93. ‘Lessons from history teach us that during wars all civil laws are made of no effect.’

94. ‘The marches that take place occasionally against crime are meaningless and of no effect.’

95. ‘Heinrich Hertz discovered the photoelectric effect, so called because it was caused by light rays, in 1887.’

96. ‘Atomic beams can act like light waves and exhibit all of the classic wave effects, like interference and refraction.’

97. ‘The energies are just right inside stars, thanks to an unusual quantum effect known as a resonance.’

98. ‘The vibration, though it is not completely circular, provides the rotating reference frame which gives rise to the Coriolis effect.’

99. ‘By analogy, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a moving object also exhibits the Doppler effect.’

100. ‘All very understandable, but the effect on the impressionable minds of our intellectual class has been deleterious.’

101. ‘He pointed out that material of that sort could have an effect on impressionable minds.’

102. ‘Another marine did his best to sneer and look down his nose, though the effect was hardly impressing.’

103. ‘Not an extremely elaborate costume perhaps, but the time, thought and effort was clear to see and the overall effect impressed me no end.’

104. ‘Clever lighting prevents it from being too dark, though, and the overall effect is impressive.’

105. ‘Even researchers are of the same view and psychologists do stress that it has a soothing effect on a disturbed mind.’

106. ‘The effect is impressive, even if the images are familiar to anyone who has logged on to the band's website or seen one of their videos.’

107. ‘If all that sounds worryingly alcoholic, fear not: the whole effect was wonderfully impressive.’

108. ‘But he fears the campaign could have a damaging effect on impressionable teenagers.’

109. ‘Plastic objects fail to give a soothing effect on the mind, according to him.’

110. ‘However, the splashing water also created a nostalgic effect on the minds of onlookers.’

111. ‘In Britain, the experience of the revolution had a liberating effect on people's minds.’

112. ‘The sound of the water flowing through the rocks has a soothing effect on the mind.’

113. ‘It's interesting that how I've laid out the blog site has such an effect on my mind.’

114. ‘When he did you wondered why he was so reticent, for the effect was impressive enough.’

115. ‘The warning of the old-earth proponents was powerful in its effect on the minds of the public.’

116. ‘We ourselves barely understand a word of it, but the effect is pretty impressive.’

117. ‘As colors get closer to each other on the wheel, the more soothing their effect when combined.’

118. ‘But this music has always been a part of my life, and its effect is always soothing and uplifting.’

119. ‘Big, beautiful showy flowers have a tranquil effect that soothes you at the end of a long day.’

120. ‘There are some great moments in this film featuring multiple directional effects and surround sounds.’

121. ‘Those technicians would endeavour to provide the particular sound or lighting effects instructed by the promoter.’

122. ‘Several reviews have not been kind to the film's effects, particularly the creatures summoned by the game.’

123. ‘Sound effects and the musical score exhibit excellent fidelity, but the dialogue is harsh with too much noise.’

124. ‘There are a multitude of sounds, directional effects, and explosions to thrill any action fan.’

125. ‘There is effective use of puppets and perspective with the library stairs, and some clever lighting effects and physical comedy.’

126. ‘There is a sequence with a real live tiger, but that's about the extent of the film's visual effects.’

127. ‘The other films used very specialised effects and sound - things that were not possible with our equipment.’

128. ‘Donnie Darko proves that it's possible to do science fiction with visual effects in the independent film arena.’

129. ‘The effects of these films leave us in states of astonishment.’

130. ‘I was dreading a rehash of the '80s media onslaught detailing the effects behind the film.’

131. ‘She then added different coloured lighting effects to create what would have been a remarkable theatrical display.’

132. ‘We have lots of gory effects in this film, a lot more than Resident Evil had.’

133. ‘The performances are a mixed bag, which is usually the case when a film concentrates on effects so much.’

134. ‘Each film has some impressive effects, but in my view The Colossus attains far richer and more consistent value.’

135. ‘The film and effects where good, I enjoyed it but really felt I deserved a little more than was given.’

136. ‘Sound effects can provide a sense of realism for your project.’

137. ‘What an awful show with bad acting, lousy scripts, ridiculous effects, and poor lighting.’

138. ‘The effects were impressive, adding a more realistic touch to the movie.’

139. ‘Romeo Must Die makes use of similarly impressive visual effects, especially in the hi-octane fight scenes.’

140. ‘Then, after that, we had to bring all of her clothes and personal effects out of storage.’

141. ‘Packing up his personal effects and bringing them home was the most upsetting thing I've ever had to do.’

142. ‘There, he discovers boxes of personal effects, including the pulp literature of his youth.’

143. ‘The personnel effects of officers often comprised a significant portion of the baggage train's total.’

144. ‘I walked in, announced I was quitting and was given enough time to type up my resignation, take my personal effects from my drawers, and was gone.’

145. ‘Some personal effects, including a full packet of cigarettes and a cigarette lighter were found close to one of the uprooted trees.’

146. ‘After 1942, my grandfather's letters and personal effects were collected by his older sister.’

147. ‘The villa has since been converted into a museum with a gallery of photographs and replicas of Gandhi's personal effects.’

148. ‘I've just noticed that after two months I still have no personal effects decorating my desk or office walls apart from a few work type things.’

149. ‘Ten days later, the young man again smashed a car window, this time fleeing the scene with a small number of personal effects.’

150. ‘She is escorted back to the booking desk where the original officer is waiting with her personal effects.’

151. ‘When I left the final load of my personal effects in my car overnight, you found a brilliant way to drive that point home.’

152. ‘Your house contents and personal effects, are you sure they won't be stolen?’

153. ‘Two removalists trucks packed up the Butler's personal effects on Saturday to be put into storage.’

154. ‘Never leave valuables in view most insurance companies will not cover replacement costs for the loss of personal effects.’

155. ‘I simply became aware of it as I was burning various personal effects to avoid anyone finding them after I'd gone.’

156. ‘Few personal effects are visible - it looks as if he has just moved in.’

157. ‘She had been the victim of a previous break-in in July during which some personal effects were stolen.’

158. ‘Interestingly in his will he had no personal effects to leave to anyone and he had no surviving family.’

159. ‘Do not stop to collect your personal effects, there is no time to waste for this is surely a matter of life and death.’

160. ‘He even stated that he need not name every disease or body part, that God's power was effecting a multitude of cures all over the arena.’

161. ‘The acceptances were effected by the execution of the acceptance forms.’

162. ‘So the parliament is stacked against any possibility of really effecting the kind of security, peace and economic policies that I believe in.’

163. ‘Finding a good mechanic to repair vintage cars without effecting any alterations in their original look and design is a major headache.’

164. ‘Impressively, Nelson's interlinking pieces fill the whole gallery, effecting a transformation that fully exploits the possibilities of the space.’

165. ‘In many ways, it's simply been an escalation of the firepower on both sides without necessarily effecting a major change in the outcome.’

166. ‘Recently in the media, however, one aspect of the system has been highlighted for effecting drastic change: the courts.’

167. ‘The government has come out and assured the settlers that the soldiers who will be effecting the evacuation will do so without arms.’

168. ‘In effecting these controls, the Parish is making the point that the Church car park is private property and an asset belonging to the Church.’

169. ‘Both buyer and seller pay the auction house a considerable commission for effecting the transaction.’

170. ‘Just before this score Lawler had brilliantly effected a double penalty save to keep his side in the contest.’

171. ‘The protracted rebel war in the north of Uganda has effected many changes.’

172. ‘Stable Boys maintained better domination of the game and effected a tactical ball control game.’

173. ‘It is only by means of a conceptual violence that their separation is effected.’

174. ‘What we still do not know today, in many respects, is how that return was effected.’

175. ‘This is the first time she will have effected a change in her style and title without the need to marry a man.’

176. ‘He was grateful to the Government for the role it played in boosting the sales by effecting a ban on imported cement from Zimbabwe which had triggered an increase in the output of the commodity.’

177. ‘Banks (or at least their subsidiaries) are often members of these exchanges rather than simply effecting transactions through broker members.’

178. ‘He did not warn that those promoting recall are bent on effecting a massive transfer of wealth from the working majority to those in the top income bracket.’

179. ‘The more ordinary the means employed in effecting this contextual shift, the less we are likely to be able to say at just which point the change took place.’

180. the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise

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4. efect 4.3%

5. effecti 2.96%

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7. effct 1.91%

8. Other 57.75%

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