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1. Of a superior type; especially, exhibiting admirable personal qualities.

2. Showy; tasteless; trying unsuccessfully to demonstrate taste.

3. Elegant, highly stylish or fashionable.

4. Highly stylish; elegant.

5. informal exhibiting refinement and high character. Opposite of low-class

6. informal having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress. Opposite of styleless.


1. The classy cast adds weight to a touching story.

2. This is a classy courtroom drama which plays its cards close until the very end.

3. Surely they could have worn something a bit classier?

4. But some game support is provided by a classy cast.

5. He was in one episode of the classy drama as a young man falsely accused of murder.

6. This is such a classy drama.

7. He provided a classy finish to a neat pass from Oscar.

8. She is refined, elegant and classy and comes from a respectable family.

9. There's something quite stylish and classy about it.

10. We want something classy, but on trend.

11. The phone fits the hand well, looks stylish and feels classy.

12. It comes from the clothes, classy and stylish but not loud.

13. The on-screen chemistry between the two leads makes this drama a classy weepy.

14. His classy finish might have come as a bit of a surprise to regular watchers at the Reebok.

15. I thought she looked elegant and classy.

16. classy display at the back.

17. classy finish sealed vital win.

18. Oxford looked to be heading for a third draw in a row but Constable had other ideas and won it with a classy finish.

19. I want something classy and elegant, but not too trendy.

20. The classy thriller, and series, concludes next week.

21. Presented in a classy display case, it is carved from finest green plastic and features three probing fingers to reach the most inaccessible of nooks.

22. It looks classy and elegant and is very'now '.

23. We wanted our market to be - I don't want to use the word 'classy' - but a step above, with a certain amount of sophistication.

24. The term classy doesn't even do that kind of attitude justice.

25. Stephanie is the epitome of what I call a classy lady.

26. People are surprised to see me at parties in classy clothes because I don't/can't wear them every day.

27. On this side of the Atlantic, the word means “style” or perhaps “poise” or “polish,” as in classy or a class act.

28. How classy is it to go on National television and say “Full of Crap”?

29. ‘It is an extremely well made movie, and a smart, classy bit of social comment.’

30. ‘The classy curls, gels, trendy perms, and chic colours have not seemed to inspire us!’

31. ‘The atmosphere is quite classy and cool and it's stylishly decorated with lovely leather seats.’

32. ‘The film boasts sharp colours and hectic editing, and everything looks slick and classy.’

33. ‘He is too classy an operator to admit it, but revenge will be sweet.’

34. ‘Shouldn't she wear something classy that doesn't detract from her more cerebral achievements?’

35. ‘It seemed that each course was a classy work by the chef, nicely presented and beautifully named.’

36. ‘During his playing days Jim would always be remembered as a classy, skilful, intelligent player.’

37. ‘In less classy places, there may be a room full of mats, sometimes separated by curtains, sometimes not.’

38. ‘May I be half as classy and decent as you all were when faced with another's pain.’

39. ‘It is a matter of getting issues across in a classy way, as opposed to writing about them in a crass manner.’

40. ‘If you work at the high stakes tables you get a classy vest and a starched white collar.’

41. ‘The pundits came on and said it was so high and mighty and so dignified and so classy.’

42. ‘Thankfully she soon settles down to deliver the sort of classy songs that made her Britain's best soul star.’

43. ‘If you had saved up for a special dinner in classy country house ambience, you'd have been disappointed.’

44. ‘We should never forget that it is possible to be graceful, even classy, under the most intense pressure.’

45. ‘We've all had pears poached in red wine: this version is a bit more complicated, but very classy.’

46. ‘As I said yesterday, I can be both classy and common in equal measure, depending on the context.’

47. ‘Well, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise that this was the brand name for a rather classy watch.’

48. ‘It is quietly confident, classy and brave, traits that it certainly shares with its director.’

49. a classy dame

Other users have misspelling classy as:

1. klussey 7.37%

2. classi 6.32%

3. clessy 2.11%

4. cloesy 2.11%

5. Other 82.09%

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