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1. One who is excessively fastidious in dress, manners, or taste.

2. One who manifests an exquisite attention to external appearance; one who is overnice in dress or ornament; a fop; a dandy.

3. A superfine gentleman; a dandy; a fop; a coxcomb.

4. Synonyms Fop, Dandy, etc. See coxcomb.

5. Especially fine or pleasing; exceptional.

6. Recherché; far-fetched; abstruse.

7. obsolete Carefully adjusted; precise; accurate; exact.

8. Of special beauty or rare excellence.

9. Extremely or delightfully beautiful:

10. Excellent or outstanding, especially by exhibiting or appealing to refined taste.

11. Obsolete Ingeniously devised or thought out.

12. Intense; keen.

13. Extremely subtle or precise.

14. Characterized by highly skilled or intricate art; excellently made or formed.

15. Carefully selected or sought out; hence, of distinguishing and surpassing quality; exceedingly nice; delightfully excellent; giving rare satisfaction.

16. Of delicate perception or close and accurate discrimination; not easy to satisfy; exact; nice; fastidious.

17. Exceeding; extreme; keen; -- used in a bad or a good sense.

18. intense or sharp

19. delicately beautiful

20. of extreme beauty

21. Giving or susceptible of pleasure or pain in the highest degree; intense; keen; poignant: as, exquisite joy or torture; an exquisite sensibility.

22. Curious;careful.

23. Curious; careful.

24. Exceedingly choice, elegant, fine, or dainty; very delightful, especially from delicacy of beauty or perfection of any kind: as, a vase of exquisite workmanship; an exquisite miniature; exquisite lace.

25. Recondite; deep. Sir T. Elyot, The Governour, i. 10.

26. Skilful; cunning; consummate.

27. Very accurate, delicate, or nice in action or function; especially, of keen or delicate perception or discrimination; delicately discriminating: as, exquisite taste, etc.


1. My mother still smells and looks exquisite.

2. It was a scene of exquisite beauty.

3. They were a blend of exquisite tastes.

4. He then produced a couple of exquisite chips to save par on the closing holes.

5. They taste as exquisite as they look.

6. He recovered with an exquisite chip that came to rest on the far lip of the hole.

7. There is no substitute for the exquisite beauty and power of the human voice joined in harmony with others.

8. Some of this softening should probably be understood as a reaction to the sheer beauty of these exquisite exhibition spaces.

9. In works of exquisite craftsmanship, line takes on a life of its own.

10. Upstairs, a selection of exquisite drawings is exhibited.

11. With looks this exquisite, we can see why.

12. It looks exquisite, so expect to see those celebs flood back.

13. It's not much fun looking at an exquisite sunset and having nobody to share it with.

14. During her tour of Australia she has looked exquisite.

15. The big man's got exquisite taste.

16. By now, he was firing on all cylinders, yet managing passages of the most mercurial wit and exquisite delicacy.

17. This was a performance of real quality, not for his simple goal but for his two exquisite assists for Welbeck.

18. Above all, he turned the wanton cruelty of the natural world into clothes of exquisite beauty, season after season.

19. President's picture, full of grace and life, and richly meriting the term exquisite: nothing can be finer than the dark luxuriant hair contrasted with the alabaster delicacy and elegance of the features; the eyes too beam with benignant expressiveness.

20. The cumulative effect is devastating, as DeLillo in exquisite increments lowers the reader into an inexorable rendezvous with raw terror.

21. Let's see ... pornography has been strictly and totally off limits for kids since forever, but letting them virtually hack other people, monsters, and aliens to bloody shreds in exquisite, life-like detail and with the most vicious weapons imaginable is (ho hum) tolerated, if not exactly condoned?

22. Step 1 of the preemie research uses a technology called optical coherence tomography, or OCT, that beams light to create a map of the back of the eye, showing the retina's layers in exquisite detail.

23. If you watch the briefing (which I recommend, you can view it off of Space Multimedia) it is explained in exquisite detail.

24. Tolkien can be seen as the archetype, constructing languages, histories, location in exquisite detail for his Middle Earth.

25. The Big House was of sturdy concrete, but here was marble in exquisite delicacy.

26. Each of them travel throughout the many cities of Europe tracking Dracula and tracking each other through their letters; clearly Kostova herself traveled to each of this cities, for the book is partially a travel log of Europe, written in exquisite detail.

27. We had attended Morning Chant and were now seated for breakfast, disheartened but not surprised that the early Greys had already taken the bacon, and it remained only in exquisite odor.

28. ‘Executed with breathlessly fine strokes, these exquisite images are as beautiful and accomplished as line drawings by Picasso or Matisse.’

29. ‘Her fine exquisite features and extremely pale skin were making her look as a statue made by a sculptor master.’

30. ‘Their delicate and exquisite prints, some of which use gampi paper as their base, sell for very reasonable prices, an opportunity that may not last.’

31. ‘It is the most beautiful, immaculate, exquisite piece of paper - splendidly printed, if not actually embossed.’

32. ‘The feature on fathers and daughters, was exquisite, delightful and beautifully written.’

33. ‘Neither of us ever had sampled a more exquisite delicacy.’

34. ‘My friend has a website filled with beautiful art and exquisite illustrations.’

35. ‘With beautiful scenery and exquisite costumes, Coppelia is a truly delightful production to charm audiences of all ages.’

36. ‘These beautiful houses with exquisite carvings were built by eight brothers.’

37. ‘Salmon is an exquisite delicacy and is also a complete health food, nutritionists tell us.’

38. ‘Without creativity, even the most exquisite and beautiful long hair cannot be said to be fashionable.’

39. ‘He could give her gifts as exquisite and beautiful as the jewelled butterfly he'd given her on the day he realised he loved her.’

40. ‘Gold and silver were made into exquisite adornments, and beautiful objects were created from indigenous turquoise, marble, and other stones.’

41. ‘You're always beautiful, with you dark curls and beautiful eyes and exquisite skin.’

42. ‘Here, his theme of moral redemption is reflected in the renewing of the seasons - a beautiful metaphor in this exquisite film.’

43. ‘A ring was placed on top of her bag, a really beautiful, exquisite ring.’

44. ‘They expect a degree of service to go with the exquisite delicacies they have selected for purchase.’

45. ‘With over 25 stands displaying their beautiful range of exquisite handmade crafts, the fair is sure to attract a large gathering’

46. ‘She has delighted in rendering in delicate detail and exquisite colour the little-known plants and creatures of the desert.’

47. ‘I felt I was in the presence of an angel; a wondrous, exquisite but delicate angel.’

48. ‘These sorts of wounds are sharp, quick, and part of the game's exquisite agonies.’

49. ‘It's a form of exquisite torture watching George and Martha torment each other, and occasionally this becomes tiresome.’

50. ‘It's like tapping a spoon on a bad tooth, exquisite agony.’

51. ‘Where was the pain of probing the pressure points, the exquisite agony of muscular crystals breaking up under relentless fingers?’

52. ‘It was an illuminating moment of exquisite agony still vivid these many years later.’

53. ‘I could empathise with the exquisite torture of figuring out your place in the world.’

54. ‘Nights of research, practicing accents, roles and dances, were exquisite torture.’

55. ‘And it must be the most exquisite torture to be a centrist who is also a patriot.’

56. ‘It is an endearing trait, for it encapsulates the exquisite torture endured by so many football fans at this time of year.’

57. ‘I still remember the exquisite agony of my first ice cream headache - no one had warned me not to inhale a chocolate milkshake.’

58. ‘We know envy as a state of exquisite tension, torment and ill-will, provoked by an overwhelming sense of inferiority, impotence and worthlessness.’

59. ‘But in practice the prohibition means exquisite torture for the fighting men and women who crave and deserve a stiff drink at day's end.’

60. ‘It drew on sociological studies from several countries that describe confinement under sentence of death as exquisite psychological torture.’

61. ‘The spring rain that she had worshipped before now trickled down the back of her neck like the most exquisite torture.’

62. ‘My heart was simultaneously full of exquisite joy and unbearable sadness.’

63. ‘They both took quadruple bogey nines and suffered the exquisite torture that golf inflicts on all those who deign to play the game.’

64. ‘She found it exquisite torture to have to hold still, to remain kneeling, but somehow she managed.’

65. ‘The last eight years working with her had been, to say the least, the most exquisite type of torture.’

66. ‘And you wonder, lucid in exquisite agony, how this child will ever be born without tearing you in two,’

67. ‘The agony is not quite as exquisite as it has been in the past.’

68. ‘Soprano Juliane Banse's fruity voice is neither childish nor stereotypically innocent, but her diction and sensitivity to words are exquisite.’

69. ‘The exquisite sensitivity of the nose can be defeated by a common cold.’

70. ‘Happily, the technology is now doing its job, collecting data methodically and with exquisite sensitivity.’

71. ‘The nervous system is thus specialized skin that has been internalized to preserve its exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness.’

72. ‘Musically, the film is epic yet nuanced, and evidences an exquisite sensitivity to detail.’

73. ‘His exquisite sensitivity to the difficulties faced by employers never failed him.’

74. ‘In nearly five decades of concert going this writer has rarely heard more exquisite, sensitively projected Chopin.’

75. ‘The exquisite taste in clothing of the Indian upper class is in sharp contradistinction to its complete indifference to the external appearance of houses and streets.’

76. ‘I'd like to think that I'm a man of exquisite taste.’

77. ‘They have exquisite taste in home furnishings.’

78. ‘Its high-ceilinged rooms, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, are decorated and furnished with exquisite taste.’

79. ‘A catalogue of unparalleled scope and exquisite taste accompanied the exhibit.’

80. ‘Clearly, however, he is a man of exquisite taste and judgement.’

81. ‘My hostess was a woman dressed in exquisite taste, friendly but politely distant.’

82. ‘She had exquisite taste and a flawless grasp of the Court's Byzantine code of conduct.’

83. ‘How could someone so morally degenerate have such exquisite taste?’

84. ‘He had exquisite taste in literature, but curiously enough these wonderful books didn't sell.’

85. ‘Sirk's is a popular cinema fashioned with exquisite taste during what we now know as the twilight of Hollywood's self-enclosed grandeur.’

86. ‘Not only did she touch my heart with her sincere and charming correspondence, I was impressed with her exquisite taste and her very modest requests.’

87. ‘His exquisite taste and critical attitude has resulted in a collection in the finest imaginable condition.’

88. an exquisite cameo

Other users have misspelling exquisite as:

1. existe 9.43%

2. exquisita 7.55%

3. exquicite 7.55%

4. exquisit 5.66%

5. exquite 5.66%

6. exqisit 3.77%

7. esquisite 3.77%

8. exquisito 3.77%

9. Other 52.84%

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