Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling exquisite as:

pie chart
  1. existe 9.43%
  2. exquisita 7.55%
  3. exquicite 7.55%
  4. exquisit 5.66%
  5. exquite 5.66%
  6. exqisit 3.77%
  7. esquisite 3.77%
  8. exquisito 3.77%
  9. Other 52.84%

Definitions of exquisite


  1. delicately beautiful
  2. intense or sharp
  3. of extreme beauty
  4. lavishly elegant and refined

Examples of exquisite

  1. His small, exquisitely crafted pictures could look a bit twee.
  2. These small exquisitely carved ivory figurines come in an almost limitless variety.
  3. These require you to face manipulative individuals, relinquish your rights unfairly or be exquisitely tactful when you'd be justified in blowing up.

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