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1. focus Used to place greater emphasis upon someone or something

2. manner In a special manner; specially

3. focus particularly; to a greater extent than is normal

4. To an extent or degree deserving of special emphasis; particularly.

5. In an especial manner; chiefly; particularly; peculiarly; in an uncommon degree.

6. In an especial manner; particularly; principally; chiefly; peculiarly; specially; in reference to one person or thing in particular.


1. especially when so much other research seems to suggest the opposite.

2. Camps holding a mixture of nationalities were especially vulnerable to abuse.

3. We had six very bad years, especially after we lost our city and our houses.

4. Jupiter shines a lucky light on property plans, especially those involving two generations of the family.

5. Not me - and especially not this one.

6. He lives alone and values his space, especially after growing up with so many siblings.

7. In urban areas especially, we can be surrounded by noise and activity but speak to no one.

8. especially to use the top escape exit.

9. This seems especially true in areas of music and worship.

10. The times for light exposure after landing are especially important.

11. especially with so much fat to cut elsewhere in public spending.

12. This is especially important for vulnerable older people.

13. It will be especially useful for areas with peak use.

14. especially after bringing in so many players who have made so little difference.

15. Pilot studies are especially vulnerable to being shelved.

16. Her lawyers argued that she was especially vulnerable to intimidation because of her history of mental health problems.

17. Three draws in a row is not good, especially with two home games.

18. Our primal ancestors would have used this method especially when cold and often before pleasurable tasks such as ripping flesh from a kill.

19. No one will take it seriously, especially with two matches already claimed to have been fixed.

20. Mental toughness counts for so much, especially in the second half of the season.

21. Prices tend to become exorbitant, especially in areas of highest demand.

22. For me, especially the last two months have been really hard.

23. No one deserves to earn that much, especially when the public are forced to pay for it.

24. It has also adopted a "planetary management" perspective calling for action in areas deemed especially important to the future of the planet.

25. Everyone was gutted conceding just five minutes before the end, especially after holding on for all that time.

26. This is true for all brand names, especially those used on the Web.

27. For many people, the legacy is a positive one, especially if the ex has helped them to feel safe and secure.

28. Well, I'm going to steer clear of the predictions for full-fledged 'virtual reality' - I think those are probably way too far off to be realistic, especially as they were suggested in the 1980s and we've not gotten *especially* closer.

29. It is to be noted, that the apostle saith not, "Let the presbyters that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially because they labor in the word -- for then he should have pointed at the distinct offices of ministers;" but he saith, _especially they that labor_, which clearly carries the sense to the distinction of elders themselves, who have distinct employments.

30. "Dreadful!" moaned Sister Ann. "Adnah goes about sighing all the day, and looks over-long in the mirror, and takes unseemly pains with her dressing, and does up her hair with flowers, and has feverishly pink cheeks, and likes to sit in a corner and brood, and takes long walks by herself, and especially, _especially_, seems fond of moonlight!"

31. Most feminists I had come across, especially the ones close to my age (20s) are pro-porn (or at least, "pro free speech" to the point of being indifferent to porn) and are condescending to those of us who are against pornography - * especially* when someone, like me, is against porn because of her emotions and gut and has no educated, rational, research-backed reasons to give.

32. 10, "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, especially they of the circumcision:" where _especially_ distinguishes

33. As for Antonio and Chick, much as they might support the concept of giving citywide electeds another term especially for controller and city attorneythey both know that the timing would be worse than awful for them to attempt to support such a measure at this time.

34. The three-letter “job,” with its can-do implications, also makes the term especially American.

35. Several poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight; wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse, and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year.

36. In its narrow sense, the term especially refers to certain English fictions of the period from 1764 to 1820, with The Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story by Horace Walpole as the herald, and Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Robert Maturin as the "terminator".

37. ‘It's a lonely life, especially for a woman on her own surrounded by male musicians.’

38. ‘The photo was taken especially for the blog by our latest work experience recruit last week!’

39. ‘It will make such a difference, especially for elderly people living on the estate.’

40. ‘We wish to celebrate a person who can be seen as a role model especially for younger business people.’

41. ‘Her dress, made especially for the ball, caught at her legs as she ran, slowing her down.’

42. ‘When we walked into the room, he announced that he was going to sing a song especially for Micky and me.’

43. ‘Knowing when to attack is much more difficult, especially for players at club level.’

44. ‘However it can also be a serious illness, especially for people who are frail or already ill.’

45. ‘The issues are less easy today than they once were, especially during the Cold War.’

46. ‘She refuses to let the issue lie, especially as she feels the snub has racist overtones.’

47. ‘On the other hand they can look most attractive, especially when planted up with herbs.’

48. ‘Also you may be better off getting a yearly cover - especially if you do travel quite a lot.’

49. ‘In its short history America has a lot to be proud of, especially in the field of human endeavour.’

50. ‘Yet especially over the past few decades, the strength of this commitment has waned.’

51. ‘He at once became a valued member, a very talented actor, especially in comedy roles.’

52. ‘Something must be done urgently especially as Bonfire Night is almost upon us again.’

53. ‘Some of the old style traffic wardens were ruthless, especially some of the women.’

54. ‘Make sure that the coach company knows this, especially if you have to arrive at a certain time.’

55. ‘This must be dealt with as soon as possible, especially if the tree is in a dangerous condition.’

56. ‘So a big thank you to Bradford and its people and especially to Gareth, who was the cause for us going there.’

57. ‘As a woman it's especially important to be open and say what you think about it.’

58. ‘It is especially important that babies and small children do not become dehydrated.’

59. ‘That real and deep sense of solidarity was especially important to us as Muslims.’

60. ‘This is especially important if it is going to be daytime when you arrive at your destination.’

61. ‘Handling data will be especially important as teams prepare for the race at Phoenix.’

62. ‘Fine tuning the car is especially important here, because of the nature of the track.’

63. ‘The second act is especially gripping as the virtual world grows and becomes even more real.’

64. ‘They said life there was boring and disorienting but not especially harsh.’

65. ‘It is especially useful for the information it gives on Strauss as a family man.’

66. ‘Rock is enjoying one of its biggest years ever, with the metal end faring especially well.’

67. ‘Residents there may like to know that this part of South Wales is especially beautiful.’

68. ‘This area is however especially prone to changes in the overall political climate.’

69. ‘Mention any features of which you are especially proud and which you would like the judges to see.’

70. ‘They have now handed out a phone number for residents to report especially loud aircraft.’

71. an especially (or specially) cautious approach to the danger

Other users have misspelling especially as:

1. especiallu 4.95%

2. espically 4.58%

3. especailly 2.15%

4. espcially 1.6%

5. espessialy 1.51%

6. Other 85.21%

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