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1. The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition.

2. Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.; for carrying on business); horse equipment; infantry equipment; naval equipment; laboratory equipment.

3. Something with which a person, organization, or thing is equipped.

4. The mental and emotional resources of an individual.

5. The act of equipping or the state of being equipped.

6. The rolling stock especially of a transportation system.

7. Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; ; for carrying on business); horse equipments; infantry equipments; naval equipments; laboratory equipments.

8. an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service

9. The act of equipping or fitting out, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or an expedition.

10. Anything that is used in or provided for equipping, as furniture, habiliments, warlike apparatus, necessaries for an expedition or for a voyage, or the knowledge and skill necessary for a vocation: as, the equipments of a hotel, a ship, or a railroad; the equipment of a man for the ministry, or for the law.

11. Specifically pl. Milit., certain of the necessaries for officers and soldiers, as horses, horse-appointments, and accoutrements; the clothes, arms, etc., of a soldier, or certain furnishings for artillery.


1. His medical equipment was stored in a suitcase.

2. The package includes shelter, equipment and medical teams.

3. It supplies medicines and medical equipment to oil rigs and the shipping industry, and has a wholesale and distribution business.

4. Other than that, they require only the same safety equipment as a regular bike and can be used anywhere you would normally cycle.

5. Much of the medical equipment is gone.

6. The company is considering whether to replace these machines with newer equipment.

7. This does not say much for the quality of the equipment our soldiers are given.

8. They were put to work without training or safety equipment.

9. German companies that make machinery and electronic equipment.

10. Medical equipment has spread through our home like an infection.

11. New generations of equipment displaced earlier machines.

12. One problem is that people who have safety equipment often take extra risks.

13. Fire safety officials warned against using the wrong chargers for electronic equipment.

14. Medical equipment and supplies also went missing.

15. Everything from electric equipment to electronic products and components.

16. The cold weather also gave it little chance to sell its spring range of clothes and outdoor equipment.

17. Yesterday he promised to sell the presidential yacht and spend the proceeds on medical equipment for soldiers and police.

18. The national winner will receive 1500 of coaching kit and equipment.

19. The best deals include shoes, clothes and outdoor equipment.

20. It is not only a case of bringing outdoor equipment indoors, though.

21. The best thing is you won't need any machines or heavy equipment.

22. They spend more money on their office equipment than on soldiers' equipment.

23. Meanwhile, a leading maker of bathing equipment for the elderly has been sold in a management buyout.

24. The world's largest telecoms equipment company has raised hopes of a rebound in spending after reporting unexpectedly strong second-quarter sales.

25. _ A part of the equipment that is not individual to the lines or to the cord circuits, but which may, as occasion requires, be associated with any of them is called the _operator's equipment_.

26. I can give one very simple reason, the investment in equipment is far less, let alone the fact you can play basketball anywhere you can put a hoop.

27. Quite deliberately, at times, inferior, old fashioned and more expensive European equipment is bought, even where the more modern and effective equipment from the United States is actually cheaper.

28. No word on whether the equipment is an effective fame monster deterrent.

29. The cost of the equipment is a onetime buy and will pay for itself soon pending how much you shoot.

30. Both suck, but I voted HD because our equipment is always broken, we carry far more products than we can reasonably fit on the shelves, and we're severly understaffed.

31. We understand the money we invest into this equipment is a tax write off.

32. Factoring in that this equipment is already installed, the Best Buy Magnolia home theater guy thought that this as an ok deal.

33. In radio installations, too, much of the equipment is amazingly compact in view of its intricacy.

34. ‘I was familiar as many readers would be with all the old horse gear, equipment and implements.’

35. ‘It has provided a little money to repair government offices and provide some office equipment.’

36. ‘Employees should take a break away from office equipment every hour or two.’

37. ‘The partnership is also funded through fines and helps to pay for its equipment, offices and staff.’

38. ‘I think they basically just got all the left over equipment from the office and gave it to me.’

39. ‘All the necessary ski equipment is available for hire and is fairly inexpensive.’

40. ‘The audio gear and battery charging equipment can be interchanged between radio sets.’

41. ‘They will also have the opportunity to access a variety of office equipment to help research and develop their ideas.’

42. ‘The grant will be used for social activities and to buy office equipment.’

43. ‘This test is safe, simple to perform, and can be done in the office with no equipment.’

44. ‘It still turns out that many of our kids are there without the equipment that they need.’

45. ‘People have offered us all kinds of help, including the loan of equipment and office space.’

46. ‘This will provide the dedicated staff and equipment necessary for small companies to compete.’

47. ‘I grabbed my bag and stuffed it with the necessary equipment, and the bread, then jumped on my bike.’

48. ‘The company manufactures drilling equipment and uses lithium batteries as part of the process.’

49. ‘As a child, his father kept him kitted out with all the necessary cricket equipment.’

50. ‘They are also contacting suppliers of skating equipment for quotes and information.’

51. ‘Spending on capital equipment by telecoms companies remains depressed.’

52. ‘They provide all computer equipment and course material for the duration of the programme.’

53. ‘The pair said there were several parties interested in buying the company's equipment but the land would be sold.’

54. ‘I feel it my duty to state the great activity, energy, and zeal shown by the Admiral in superintending the equipment of the Danish ships and the embarkation of the stores from the arsenal.’

55. ‘The equipment of the truck with large profiled solid rubber tyres allows best floor contact also on wet and bumpy floors.’

56. ‘Men don't quite have the right physical or mental equipment to be the dominant parent.’

57. ‘Sounds to me like you've got all the mental/spiritual equipment you need and should just get on with it!’

58. ‘A normal woman of 18 does not have the inchoate mental equipment of a child of 9. She has adult, mature mental equipment.’

59. ‘There must have been a time when man's mental equipment was different from what it is now.’

60. they made a check of their equipment

Other users have misspelling equipment as:

1. equiptment 10.68%

2. equipamento 7.71%

3. equitment 4.82%

4. equipmen 4.03%

5. eqripment 2.36%

6. equioment 2.01%

7. equiment 1.84%

8. eqipment 1.58%

9. Other 64.97%

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