Definition of 'opportunity'


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1. A chance for advancement, progress or profit.

2. A favorable circumstance or occasion.

3. A chance for progress or advancement, as in a career.

4. A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances.

5. Fit or convenient time or situation; a time or place permitting or favorable for the execution of a purpose; a suitable combination of conditions; suitable occasion; chance.

6. obsolete Importunity; earnestness.

7. obsolete Convenience of situation; fitness.

8. a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances

9. Fit, convenient, or seasonable time; favorable chance or occasion; favorable or favoring conjuncture of circumstances: as, to avail one's self of the opportunity to do something; to seize the opportunity.

10. Character; habit. Halliwell.

11. Importunity; earnestness.

12. Convenience, fitness, or suitability for some particular purpose or set of circumstances.


1. You are so switched on at work that you see opportunities others miss.

2. It means more opportunities for young people to mix with those from different backgrounds.

3. So it was a good opportunity to go out there.

4. New and interesting opportunities open up and you turn them into a personal success story.

5. Opportunities for employment are limited for a man with his particular skill set.

6. We see great opportunities for both organisations.

7. She appealed for more youth centres and job opportunities for young people as alternative ways to combat radicalisation.

8. It is a wonderful job and an opportunity to go and work with some of the best players in the country.

9. Their relationship changed from 2013 where they were given equal opportunity and then again in 2014 when they could win races and the championship.

10. Tshibola is hoping to use his FA Cup chance as an opportunity to prove he deserves regular football.

11. Employment opportunities and the prospects of young people must be a clear priority.

12. Society is changing and is giving more people opportunities.

13. Your mind is sharp and you see opportunities that other people miss.

14. It is possible that opportunity maximising can be at least as important.

15. You want to take your chance and opportunity.

16. The opening half was fairly equal with opportunities at either end.

17. We pride ourselves on giving the skills and opportunities to go all the way to the top.

18. You have to look at the employment opportunities.

19. It is not a system set up for giving people equal opportunity.

20. They can see the opportunities for their businesses and are acting on them now.

21. He said he also asked about possible tennis coaching opportunities for a relative.

22. You recognise opportunities and a chance to learn a new language could be good for you.

23. They had the opportunity to go into the apartment.

24. We are then able to provide employment opportunities and are empowering people to earn an income.

25. It is easier to recognise genuine people and true opportunities.

26. New opportunities make it seem like the world's your oyster.

27. New opportunities beckon, so try to remain calm.

28. Borrowers in financial difficulties should always contact their mortgage lender at the earliest opportunity to see whether a more manageable payment plan can be agreed.

29. The most exciting prospect will bring opportunities for us here and in the US very quickly.

30. Indeed, she insinuated that I was perfectly willing to squander the safety of our family just because I couldn't get a deal on batteries, wondering whether I'd ever heard the expression "opportunity cost."

31. When Flair learned that Warrior was getting the title opportunity at SummerSlam instead of him, he launched another series of well-calculated mind games.

32. NXT guys than talking about his title opportunity on Sunday.

33. If Povetkin takes another fight, tune-up or otherwise, he loses his title opportunity because the IBF will take away his mandatory ranking.

34. Triple H reminds Shawn that he still has his title opportunity with the Elimination Chamber.

35. Could have used some sort of verbal discussion from Jack Swagger pre-match to express what this title opportunity means to him.

36. Last Saturday night in Houston, Texas, Rocky Juarez had yet another title opportunity and was once again unable to capture a belt.

37. It was put over as unlucky for C.M. Punk and he still looked pretty good, so perhaps he'll get another title opportunity sometime after the winner of No Mercy's number one contender's match gets their shot.

38. I will cetainly be glad to "collect" an animal anytime the opportunity is available, because there have been many miles of briers, ticks, mosquitos, sand gnats, snakes, sweat and effort expended in between.

39. ‘I think he should be given the opportunity of looking at these before I make an order.’

40. ‘It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I was really pleased to have the chance to meet him.’

41. ‘There will be plenty of opportunities for family swimming in the new swimming and training pools.’

42. ‘It proposes opening up opportunities for private organisations to run their own schools.’

43. ‘Besides this, there will be more opportunities for direct sourcing of plants overseas.’

44. ‘There are huge opportunities for local companies and businesses to become more involved.’

45. ‘Languages with fewer borrowed words obviously tend to have fewer opportunities for puns.’

46. ‘We believe it will also increase opportunities for musicians and other artists to perform.’

47. ‘There will be demonstrations and opportunities for young people to actually try things.’

48. ‘He will also be responsible for exploring new opportunities for the operation.’

49. ‘These close approaches are superb opportunities for everyone to observe the red planet.’

50. ‘Parents cannot afford to miss out on good investment opportunities for their children.’

51. ‘The cluster team will focus on new opportunities for the development of new timber products.’

52. ‘It is an activity which contains very few opportunities for genuine excitement.’

53. ‘There are also opportunities for people to get involved in a more hands-on manner.’

54. ‘Despite opportunities for both sides, the second half did not produce any more goals.’

55. ‘We believe that there are big opportunities for customers to use these services.’

56. ‘The manager intends there to be many more opportunities for the team to develop.’

57. ‘To do that would simply deprive many people of the opportunity of a better environment.’

58. ‘The time scale involved may make it not possible to afford an opportunity to comment.’

59. ‘He went on to say that if the roads were built the employment opportunities would come.’

60. ‘It is developing a course to help unemployed people get in on these new employment opportunities.’

61. ‘He added that it was also good news for the people of Shap as there would be more employment opportunities.’

62. ‘This would allow others to benefit from our taxes and employment opportunities.’

63. ‘He was confident the work on the town centre would help create employment opportunities.’

64. ‘Local employment opportunities will be created as businesses move into the area.’

65. ‘The aim of the event is to give young people a taste of career opportunities available in the Armed Forces.’

66. ‘For many expats, career opportunities are just as important as family concerns.’

67. ‘Those seeking discharge too soon may find good career opportunities hard to find.’

68. ‘Hedare must really care about their staff to give them career opportunities like that.’

69. ‘It kind of solidifies the buzz around your career and makes more opportunities open to you.’

70. ‘It seems women only want to be equal with men in regards to pay and career opportunities.’

71. ‘He told us that all staff would have the chance to find other job opportunities within IBM.’

72. ‘There are also plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic writers here in Oxford.’

73. the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington

Other users have misspelling opportunity as:

1. opertunity 8.59%

2. oppurtunity 6.96%

3. oppertunity 6.24%

4. oportunity 6.09%

5. opportunit 3.14%

6. opptunity 2.38%

7. apportunity 2.16%

8. opporunity 1.85%

9. Other 62.59%

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