Definition of 'eerie'


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1. Scotland fearful, timid.

2. strange, weird, fear-inspiring.

3. Scots Frightened or intimidated by superstition.

4. Inspiring inexplicable fear, dread, or uneasiness; strange and frightening. synonym: weird.

5. Affected with fear; affrighted.

6. Serving to inspire fear, esp. a dread of seeing ghosts; wild; weird.

7. suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious

8. Seeeery.

9. See eery.


1. In the eerie quiet, it’s easy to lose your way and those with second thoughts might struggle to retrace their steps.

2. There was an eerie atmosphere throughout the afternoon.

3. In his case it is his eerie calmness under almost any amount of pressure.

4. The second is the eerie howling that echoes around the night sky.

5. What at first seemed simple is gradually transformed into something subtle and eerie and strange.

6. After the blitz came the eerie calm.

7. There is a slightly eerie atmosphere at the dressage arena.

8. His pictures glow strangely and have an almost eerie feel.

9. He was magnetic to an extent that was almost eerie.

10. An almost eerie atmosphere of exaggeration haunts these images.

11. There was an eerie feel as tangible traces of lives were evident on some walls and whitewashed away on others.

12. There was a really eerie atmosphere.

13. The sound and evocative lighting give you a feeling of being in a dark, eerie dream.

14. When there is a fire, something eerie happens to the cats.

15. There is an eerie echo here of your recent series of special reports on Afghanistan.

16. It was a very eerie, strange thing.

17. The calm was eerie; the vista serene and surreal.

18. Something in this eerie sight intrigued, worried and enticed the nerves.

19. But right now he's at the centre of a prospective bid battle that carries eerie echoes from his past.

20. The abandonment feels decidedly eerie.

21. It caught me by surprise and was eerie, something that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

22. The streets around the headquarters are calm, an eerie contrast to the noise and chaos of the rest of this teeming city.

23. They are something much more eerie and ethereal, a coming together of cosmic forces and imagination that leaves the workaday world behind.

24. When the final buzzer sounded, the Woodinville junior was overcome with what she called an "eerie" feeling.

25. What's eerie is that Republicans then were saying some of the same things Democrats are saying now.

26. What really makes button, button so eerie, is its familiarity.

27. But as I was mulling this a little later, I was suddenly struck by one of those things that was probably already obvious to everyone else: There are a handful of strange inflection points where rock nerd culture and mass culture are in eerie synchrony for a few moments before skittering off in their respective ways for a bit — and one of them was my early teens.

28. The stage is completely clear, except for a chair in eerie spotlight.

29. Ordinary things gain eerie contours when illuminated by the imagination of this lonely girl.

30. Mysore, and they mirror the Maccabees story in eerie and powerful ways.

31. To call this tale eerie is a bit of an understatement.

32. STREATOR -- Soldiers 'paths may cross in eerie ways years after the battles have ended.

33. ‘Backstage is strangely eerie, so I go to my dressing-room for some quiet time.’

34. ‘The room was dark, except for an eerie glow of green from a weak neon lamp on the ceiling.’

35. ‘They are concerned for elderly neighbours who can be left terrified by the eerie silences on the end of the phone.’

36. ‘It's the later war scenes, in which there are no scenes of war, that are weird and eerie.’

37. ‘Dark grayish smoke smothered the scene and the eerie green fire ate away at the hole in front of him.’

38. ‘We move swiftly past riotously colonised rock faces of the cliffs into the eerie green water below the arch.’

39. ‘It's dark and eerie - a bizarre experience enhanced by the narcosis that is slowly creeping up on me.’

40. ‘The echoes of the last gunshot had died long ago, replaced by an unnatural and eerie silence.’

41. ‘The sun was setting and it cast an eerie red glow upon the tan walls of my small room.’

42. ‘The sound was particularly successful in adding an eerie feel to the mysterious and compelling plot.’

43. ‘He hated how his uncle crept up silently on him; it was both eerie and uncanny.’

44. ‘The eerie yellowish glow on the horizon turned out to be vapor lights from a large greenhouse.’

45. ‘Over the next few days we cut holes in the sea ice and dived beneath it, which was strange but beautiful in an eerie sort of way.’

46. ‘There was something rather eerie about people turning up unexpectedly around the door and starting to sing.’

47. ‘This chapter has an eerie, sombre feeling which draws their investigation to a close.’

48. ‘The plot begins with a woman who witnesses a murder on a dark and eerie night.’

49. ‘An eerie young boy keeps hanging about outside her Central Park apartment.’

50. ‘Some show York street scenes so deserted that they have an eerie quality.’

51. ‘From somewhere in the emptiness behind us there comes a faint, eerie howl.’

52. an eerie midnight howl

Other users have misspelling eerie as:

1. ieri 20.97%

2. Other 79.03%

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