[ US /ˈɪɹi/ ]
[ UK /ˈi‍əɹi/ ]
  1. suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious
    an eerie feeling of deja vu
  2. inspiring a feeling of fear; strange and frightening
    an eerie midnight howl
    an uncomfortable and eerie stillness in the woods
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How To Use eerie In A Sentence

  • The calm was eerie; the vista serene and surreal. Times, Sunday Times
  • What caught my eye about this is that it bears interesting relation to Bakhtin's concept of the dialogism of the "living word" -- in fact, capitalize that "w" and it would be downright eerie. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning...
  • He was one of the cheeriest of guys. The Sun
  • Flying this kite among the otherwise conventional swept wings on a breezy day was initially eerie.
  • My son seems much cheerier now, happily, although being me I worry that he is just putting a good face on things so as not to worry me. Fragments From A Week « Tales from the Reading Room
  • Relying on their well-established formula of eerie melodies, pastoral soundscapes, babbling children and rhythmic clamour, their sophomore effort rings true.
  • He wins himself an Academy Award and leaves the public with an eerie image of electrotherapy. Can Magnets Enhance Your Mood?
  • With inebriated puppets and an eerie soundtrack, consider it a shoddier predecessor to Thunderbirds. 2009 June : Scrubbles.net
  • A wonderfully eerie musical score accompanies the two youngsters as they pound miles of wet roads for hours on end, experiencing nothing but uncertainty at every turn.
  • But as I was mulling this a little later, I was suddenly struck by one of those things that was probably already obvious to everyone else: There are a handful of strange inflection points where rock nerd culture and mass culture are in eerie synchrony for a few moments before skittering off in their respective ways for a bit — and one of them was my early teens. The (Rock) Stars Are Aligned
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