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1. To give utterance to disparaging or calumnious remarks; make insinuations: with upon.

2. To exercise; keep in breath.

3. To inject by breathing; infuse: with into: as, “to breathe life into a stone,”

4. To draw air into and expel it from the lungs; respire; figuratively, to live.

5. To pass, as air; blow: as, “when winds breathe sweet,”

6. To exhale; send out as breath; express; manifest.

7. To exhale, as an odor; emanate.

8. Figuratively, of inanimate things, to be instinct; be alive.

9. To open and bleed (a vein).

10. To inhale and exhale in respiration: as, to breathe vitiated air.

11. To make a single respiration.

12. To suffer to rest or recover breath.

13. To inspire or blow into; cause to sound by breathing.

14. To take breath; rest from action.

15. To utter; speak; whisper.

16. To pause to rest or regain breath.

17. To be exhaled or emanated, as a fragrance.

18. To exhale air or another gas.

19. To be alive; live.

20. To be manifested or suggested, as an idea or feeling.

21. To inhale and exhale air using the lungs.

22. Linguistics To utter with a voiceless exhalation of air.

23. To make apparent or manifest; suggest.

24. To impart or instill.

25. To use air in combustion.

26. To inhale (an aroma, for example).

27. To utter, especially quietly.

28. To allow air to pass through.

29. To move or blow gently.

30. To reach fullness of flavor and aroma through exposure to air. Used chiefly of wine.

31. To draw in (air) for combustion.

32. To inhale air or another gas.

33. To take in or exchange (air or gases).

34. To exhale or blow out.

35. To inhale and exhale (air or a gas such as oxygen) during respiration.

36. To allow (a person or animal) to rest or regain breath.

37. To exchange gases as part of respiration or photosynthesis.

38. To pass like breath; noiselessly or gently; to exhale; to emanate; to blow gently.

39. To respire; to inhale and exhale air; hence;, to live.

40. To take breath; to rest from action.

41. To exhale; to emit, as breath.

42. To inject by breathing; to infuse; -- with into.

43. To inhale and exhale in the process of respiration; to respire.

44. To emit or utter by the breath; to utter softly; to whisper.

45. (breathe (one's) last) To die.

46. (breathe down (someone's) neck) To watch or monitor closely, often annoyingly.

47. (breathe down (someone's) neck) To threaten by proximity, especially by pursuing closely.

48. (easily/easy) /freely) To be relaxed or relieved, especially after a period of tension.


1. All on this page will breathe new life into old tunes.

2. He also said that the trend could help breathe new life into decaying commercial areas and parades of shops.

3. I was only breathing the same air as these people.

4. If you were to take out two or three shrubs to let the remainder breathe, what sort of rhythm would be left?

5. You get to be near your family and grandchildren, which will breathe life into you and give you continual relationships and purpose.

6. Plants clean the very air we breathe, trapping pollutants, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

7. Treatment was out of reach for those without money - a couple of years breathing the champagne air of Switzerland topped the list of remedies.

8. There is another reason to breathe easier about your bag for life.

9. Some of them could hardly breathe let alone understand what was happening to them.

10. Will the album be able to breathe new life into a moribund music industry?

11. You have the right not to breathe my smoke.

12. Yet there are unavoidable pollutants in the air we breathe.

13. She was just about breathing by herself but the breaths were getting slower and slower.

14. Next time leave space to let your love breathe.

15. The first series of the drama that breathed new life into the crime procedural concludes tonight.

16. The doctor said it could have killed you if you had breathed the smoke.

17. Plants are good for the environment in many respects and clean the very air we breathe.

18. She can explain things about voices and breathing in great detail.

19. Let it flex a little and let it breathe.

20. He wants to atone for forcing people to breathe his cigarette smoke.

21. We want fierce pride and commitment to be as natural to these folks as the air they breathe.

22. But that seems a small price for breathing clean air and being able to see the night sky.

23. Then talk to your boyfriend about how breathe fresh life into your relationship and what changes you both need to make.

24. This six-part series breathes new life into the classic horror tale.

25. Can white superstars breathe new life into downbeat Motown?

26. ‘When we breathe in, the lungs take in oxygen, which our cells need to live and carry out their normal functions.’

27. ‘Put your lips over the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply and quickly.’

28. ‘Close your eyes and breathe in very deeply, concentrate on the days pleasant happenings.’

29. ‘Through the air process or through inhalation, you actually don't breathe in all that much mercury.’

30. ‘Having the child breathe in the moist air through his mouth will sometimes break a croup attack.’

31. ‘Their function is to condition the air we breathe in and to conduct it to the alveoli.’

32. ‘However, at certain heights the air thinned drastically, and it took a trained lung to breathe in those areas.’

33. ‘Our bodies are rhythmic - our blood flows, heart beats and lungs breathe in patterns.’

34. ‘When you breathe in through your windpipe, the air moves through your bronchial tubes into your air sacs.’

35. ‘It moves downward when we breathe in, enlarging the chest cavity and pulling air in through the nose or mouth.’

36. ‘The soft tissues in the upper airway vibrate when you breathe in and out.’

37. ‘I breathed out deeply and tried to relax my tense muscles.’

38. ‘His eyes slid closed, and he breathed out deeply, placing his hands over hers.’

39. ‘She breathed out deeply trying to set it up in her mind.’

40. ‘He did not answer, he closed his eyes and breathed out deeply, ignoring my question.’

41. ‘I had to breathe in deeply, to try and gather my thoughts.’

42. ‘I paused to breathe in deeply before continuing the attack.’

43. ‘She holds the client steady and asks him to breathe in deeply.’

44. ‘If you breathe in those spores, you can get the infection.’

45. ‘Other people breathe in the bacteria and may become infected.’

46. ‘Around him, the Dogs breathed like so many bellows, and the crisp snow crackled beneath his feet.’

47. ‘Avoid blocking the nose with food or formula so your kitten can breathe easily and not panic.’

48. ‘All the rain we've had means that the worms can't breathe.’

49. ‘The palomino horse was breathing heavily with all the running, and he deserved rest.’

50. ‘The plant breathes in that carbon monoxide and says, ‘Oh, thank goodness.’’

51. ‘This helps the fish breathe and keeps the water from smelling rotten.’

52. ‘After all this time she was alive, living, breathing, and walking on the earth.’

53. ‘Up till this morning, you were alive, living and breathing and doing alive things.’

54. ‘At each visit, the prison employee should verify that the inmate is alive and breathing.’

55. ‘It is, in short, an idea that is utterly indissoluble from our own living, breathing, everyday reality.’

56. ‘But when their enemies lived nearby, ‘you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them.’’

57. ‘He was a living, breathing, example of every comic's worst nightmare.’

58. ‘The ocean's like a living, breathing, super-organism, using solar energy to drive the atmosphere with heat.’

59. ‘Having a living, breathing, THINKING opponent really makes a world come to life.’

60. ‘All he wanted was to sit alone and perform the menial, unthinking actions necessary to remain breathing.’

61. ‘He was alive and breathing, but he was bleeding profusely from his side.’

62. ‘A figure of myself, alive and breathing, stands before me with gleaming eyes.’

63. ‘It's like treating a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being as some sort of dynamic, organic art project.’

64. ‘He was alive and breathing, but he was muttering as though out of his mind, and a bandage covered his eyes.’

65. ‘Everyone cried and laughed for joy when they saw their elders alive and breathing.’

66. ‘If you are breathing and awake and alive, you have some little dream to keep you going.’

67. ‘There was no stronger smell than that of a man decaying while he is yet alive and breathing.’

68. ‘It's passionate, and breathing, and alive, and it gets into your blood and makes your bones twist themselves up.’

69. ‘We did travel to California, just two weeks before she stopped breathing on our living room couch.’

70. ‘The garden was a living, breathing, creature that now seemed intent upon swallowing her up.’

71. ‘They were still alive, still living and breathing and smiling.’

72. ‘The suns' rays beat sharply on the maiden's back and a light wind breathed through the folds of her outfit.’

73. ‘As a sly wind breathed wispily beneath my collared shirt, I opened the main doors to the school and stepped inside.’

74. ‘I could hear the soft wind breathing through the snow, and I was so cold.’

75. ‘Turning to her side, she could feel the cool breeze breathing down upon her from the ventilation shaft above.’

76. ‘Unconsciously she shivered from a combination of the nipping wind that breathed against her skin and the gust of apprehension escaping her lips.’

77. ‘The room seemed to breathe the air of a different era.’

78. ‘The whole picture breathes timidity and refinement.’

79. ‘Every sentence breathes the character of its author.’

80. ‘His poem breathes the air of Middle Europe in the 1820s.’

81. ‘The formidable royal castle towering above the Danube still breathes the air of this era.’

82. ‘Such wines should be left to breathe for a short time before serving simply to allow any bottle sickness to dissipate.’

83. ‘Pour out this wine and let it breathe while you're cooking up some lamb chops.’

84. ‘Do you want to let the wine breathe before dinner?’

85. ‘Decanting the wine also introduces air into the wine — letting the wine breathe.’

86. ‘This wine is easy to drink and got better as it breathed.’

87. ‘Cotton breathes better than most fabrics and offers great absorbency.’

88. ‘Treasures here are stored in tissue paper rather than plastic because paper breathes.’

89. ‘Plastic is no good for the soil because soil needs to breathe.’

90. ‘Thatch breathes, can use local materials, is highly insulating, and is extremely beautiful.’

91. ‘A smoke machine breathes white mist over the empty dancefloor.’

92. ‘He had never heard of the slightest suspicion being breathed upon the name of a judge after he had been elevated to the bench.’

93. I can breathe better when the air is clean

Other users have misspelling breathe as:

1. brati 11.3%

2. brarti 3.95%

3. brethe 3.39%

4. barathi 2.82%

5. Other 78.54%

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