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Other users have misspelling duchess as:

pie chart
  1. duchessi 16.67%
  2. duchessss 7.14%
  3. duchez 7.14%
  4. duchas 4.76%
  5. duchessa 2.38%
  6. duches 2.38%
  7. Other 59.53%

Definitions of duchess


  1. the wife of a duke or a woman holding ducal title in her own right

Examples of duchess

  1. Suzy Menkes noted in an article that the jewels the Duchess of Windsor gave Princess Michael included: ‘a gold sunburst suite set with pearls and a pair of emerald panther earrings.’
  2. The dinner has highlighted the difficulty for the duke and duchess of how careful they should be about where their charitable donations come from.
  3. An aide said: 'The duchess is cheerful.

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