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1. The female ruler of a duchy (where women can reign).

2. The female spouse or widow of a duke.

3. A woman holding title to a duchy in her own right.

4. The wife or widow of a duke.

5. The wife or widow of a duke; also, a lady who has the sovereignty of a duchy in her own right.

6. the wife of a duke or a woman holding ducal title in her own right

7. The consort or widow of a duke, or a woman who holds the sovereignty or titles of a duchy.

8. A variety of roofing-slate two feet long and one foot wide.

9. A part of ladies' head-dress in the seventeenth century, apparently a knot of ribbon.

10. UK, informal to court or curry favour for political or business advantage; to flatter obsequiously.


1. The four photos are the first portraits taken by the duchess to be publicly released.

2. What lofty habits would you indulge in if you were a duke or a duchess?

3. The duke and duchess have talked in the past about their competitive nature.

4. The duke and duchess have form on the subject.

5. The meeting with the duke and duchess went well, and she got the job.

6. So what does a duchess wear on the cover of Vogue?

7. The duchess always says it's important to have a keen pair of ears and keep quiet.

8. The duke and duchess were staying in Norfolk.

9. The duke and duchess were caught up in a minor earthquake in Assam last night.

10. The duke and duchess gave a preview tour yesterday morning, leading the way up a colossal flight of stairs.

11. But the new duke and duchess were determined to keep Woburn in the family and to make it a paying proposition.

12. The duke and duchess were there to highlight the threat of poaching and how animals and people can co-exist in such remote rural areas.

13. An aide said: 'The duchess is cheerful.

14. That, in a nutshell, is how the duke and duchess like it.

15. Great fun, certainly: but precisely why the duke and duchess are there is open to question.

16. But its website sternly warns: 'There will be no public access or opportunity to view the duke and duchess from afar.

17. A fire brigade officer said: 'The duchess may not feel that lucky right now but this fire could have been very much worse.

18. Someone once said that the prospect of having sex with a duchess is more alluring than the prospect of having sex with a chamber maid.

19. And there is Anne of Cleves, a duchess from a far-away country who cannot even speak the language in her new homeland.

20. While a footman was absorbing the attention of the coachman by giving him some minute, unnecessary orders, Madame (as they called the duchess) slipped out of the carriage door with one of her ladies, while two others, who were standing ready in the darkness, took their places.

21. Teddy-bear that the matter had to be adjusted by distracting his attention in the direction of some drilling soldiers, while Wally concealed the toy under the embroidered rug which protected the plump legs of the "duchess" -- who submitted with delighted gurgles to being tickled under the chin.

22. By the end the "poor little person" – as Diana Mitford called the duchess – far from being vindicated, is shown as stupid and venal, the moment of glamour in the 1930s just that, a chance whereby she caught the light of history.

23. Associated Press Sarah Burton The dress worn by royal bride Kate Middleton, now known as the duchess of Cambridge, was designed by Sarah Burton , creative director of Alexander McQueen, which is owned by France's PPR SA.

24. The duchess has been the face of Weight Watchers for almost a decade now.

25. JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE": Even though Camilla is now technically, she is the princess of Wales, out of respect for Diana, she ` ll be known as the duchess of Cornwall.

26. The duchess was the bosom friend of Lady Laura Kennedy, who was in love with Phineas Finn.

27. “I daresay Jane — the duchess, that is — will invite me for dinner tonight,” he said.

28. ‘There are the kings and queens, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, and barons.’

29. ‘The duchess, a widow, is forbidden to marry again by her brothers Duke Ferdinand and the cardinal because they want to control her wealth.’

30. ‘None of the dogs belonging to either the duke and duchess or the earl and countess ever barked.’

31. ‘The mobsters discover that England is perfect for mob expansion, especially once they are offered help by some dukes and duchesses in need of money to hang on to their country estate.’

32. ‘Besides, the duke and the duchess still had much to discuss with each other.’

33. ‘The duchess and countess would be there to help her.’

34. ‘The guard was still there, watching the queen and the duchess stare at the duke.’

35. ‘Both my parents thought that having the title of grand duke and duchess were the most important things in the world and that my brother, my sister, and I should cherish our titles and our importance and our wealth.’

36. ‘He gets over the duchess, takes up with another beauty after his wife dies, and becomes wealthier and more famous.’

37. ‘His chief patrons were the Sidney family, the earl of Pembroke, the countess of Bedford, and the duke and duchess of Newcastle.’

38. ‘‘My father is a lord, Alex's mum is a duchess, and Brandon's father is an earl,’ Josh explained.’

39. ‘In fact, one of the duchesses from the princess's court was my best friend.’

40. ‘The prince and the duchess arrived at Balmoral last night.’

41. ‘The prince and his new duchess had invited representatives of their pet charities to share their special day.’

42. ‘Well then, Lady Grace Jameison, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife, my partner, my duchess, and the mother of my children?’

43. ‘Was she a daughter of a duke, was she a duchess herself?’

44. ‘The duke stood by the vehicle with his duchess beside him and took in the sight before him.’

45. ‘At twenty-five, she was offered the editorship of Tatler, a London society rag teeming with duchesses in disastrous yellow satin and dampeyed earls on horseback.’

46. ‘How did this girl know to give half curtsies to princesses and duchesses upon introduction in an informal situation?’

47. ‘Originally the arms of Burgundy and the initials of the duke and duchess were painted beneath the lower cornice.’

48. ‘Sarah strolled into the Blue Salon, an elegant parlor in the east wing of the house, and found the duchess in conversation with Lady Rhianna.’

49. ‘She rose in rank from fair maiden to fair lady and then to duchess.’

50. ‘A lady below the rank of duchess was likely to be rusticated from the court if she sat upon a cushioned stool in the royal chapel or, if in the presence of the King, anywhere else.’

51. ‘He then progressed through a variety of lovers including nuns, novices, duchesses, prostitutes, peasants and rich old ladies.’

52. ‘These words, taken from a special patent of 1644 granting Lady Alice the hollow title of duchess, effectively recognised Robert Dudley's legitimate birth seventy years after the fact.’

53. ‘The less gentlemanly ones settled for leering at the so-called future duchess and congratulating Rafe by slapping him on the back.’

54. ‘The grand duke or duchess, the ceremonial head of state, appoints the prime minister, who is responsible to a sixty-member Chamber of Deputies that is popularly elected every five years.’

55. ‘The worrying thing is that the book is likely, rather, to be part of the duchess's journey of healing and renewal that she's been making over the past few years.’

56. the duchess decided to divorce her husband

Other users have misspelling duchess as:

1. duchessi 16.67%

2. duchessss 7.14%

3. duchez 7.14%

4. duchas 4.76%

5. duchessa 2.38%

6. duches 2.38%

7. Other 59.53%

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