Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling discreet as:

pie chart
  1. discret 7.48%
  2. descrit 4.08%
  3. descreet 3.4%
  4. discreat 2.72%
  5. Other 82.32%

Definitions of discreet


  1. marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint
  2. heedful of potential consequences
  3. unobtrusively perceptive and sympathetic

Examples of discreet

  1. Maybe they should be a little more discreet in their calls.
  2. The couples agreed on a discreet slate-tiled mansard roof extension that gave each house an additional 30sq m of floor space.
  3. With Erin following at a discreet distance, Stone pedalled into the village, keeping to the back streets.

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