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1. An incident or action standing out by itself, but more or less connected with a complete series of events.

2. An installment of a drama told in parts, as in a TV series.

3. An incident or event that is part of a progression or a larger sequence.

4. A separate part of a serialized work, such as a novel or television series.

5. Music A passage between statements of a main subject or theme, as in a rondo or fugue.

6. A section of a classic Greek tragedy that occurs between two choric songs.

7. One of a series of events in the course of a narrative or drama. synonym: occurrence.

8. (Rhet.) A separate incident, story, or action, introduced for the purpose of giving a greater variety to the events related; an incidental narrative, or digression, separable from the main subject, but naturally arising from it.

9. a brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series

10. a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events

11. In music, an intermediate or digressive section of a composition, especially in a contrapuntal work, like a fugue.

12. An incident or action standing out by itself, but more or less connected with a complete series of events: as, an episode of the war; an episode in one's life.

13. A separate incident, story, or action introduced in a poem, narrative, or other writing for the purpose of giving greater variety; an incidental narrative or digression separable from the main subject, but naturally arising from it.


1. And there are at least two scenes in episode two that make me cry.

2. The scene appears towards the end of episode one.

3. episode one will leave you eager to know how it pans out.

4. What action there is in this final episode merely underlines the absolute lack of it in the six previous episodes.

5. As a whodunnit, the first episode was short on a decent twist.

6. We're in court for the final episode of this powerful drama.

7. Next week is the final episode, but there obviously will be another series.

8. Despite the freezing temperatures during winter filming, he still managed to get his shirt off a couple of times in episode one alone.

9. Although cinema audiences will have to pay to see the final episode in the fourth series of Sherlock, they will get some extra footage.

10. This is an important episode in your life.

11. The intervals between episodes became shorter as time went on.

12. Some may dismiss this episode as a pedantic storm in a teacup.

13. The opening scene of episode two is superbly realised.

14. The rest was instantly forgettable apart from one odd episode in the first half.

15. The concluding episode will be broadcast tomorrow night.

16. This episode is part of a wider political campaign.

17. That may seem harsh on those who have periodic episodes of mental illness.

18. International users will be able to download as many episodes and programmes as they want.

19. It was one of the scariest episodes of my life.

20. Surgery is usually a single short episode in what is often a lifetime relationship with specialist services.

21. One episode may yet contain a sudden flash that makes it all worthwhile.

22. These episodes are just part of a restless yet thrillingly assured score.

23. episodes are pleasingly short but packed with info.

24. episodes pain may come and go for years.

25. The first episode set the scene.

26. This is the final episode of the series, which both actors have said will be the last.

27. I sat through the final episode expecting to make sense of the previous five.

28. These policies represent an important benefit to employees because they provide security against lost income for episodes of illness and injury that are largely beyond their control.

29. I don't like speaking about this episode in my life.

30. This episode focuses on one juvenile male chimp as he tries to befriend the dominant males in his troupe, with varying degrees of success.

31. In the first episode of the programme the judges will taste just one spoonful of food as hopefuls audition for a full-time place on the show.

32. In one episode they run off to Las Vegas and are about to wed when they get cold feet.

33. One of the episodes is a never before seen episode, which is the title episode of the DVD.

34. I think the Seinfeld poppy seed muffin episode is hilarious.

35. It includes 6 episodes of the show that are new-to-DVD, plus the title episode that is seen for the first time anywhere, only on this disc!

36. But Running With Scissors will always be, to me, the title episode of when Carrie and Big have an affair – season 3.

37. In the title episode, the creatures of the "100 Aker Wood" help Christopher Robin after he has been bitten by a smitten (the love bug).

38. A version of the title episode from Fantasia (1940) doesn't appear in Jon Turteltaub's plodding potboiler until two-thirds of the way through, but by that point, so many other blockbusters have been plagiarized, I was surprised that (SPOILER!) the

39. The title episode, "Star Wreck", was previously available on a 2007 release called

40. ‘In any event, the whole episode has given rise to the same mercantilist arguments that have always been used to justify tariffs.’

41. ‘If we take it at face value, the whole episode was a terrible accident, but the way the police have handled the aftermath has perhaps done them more harm than good.’

42. ‘Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the whole episode has been a huge embarrassment to English football.’

43. ‘Single events or episodes can, either negatively or positively, often assume disproportionate significance.’

44. ‘Single events or episodes can often assume a disproportionate significance.’

45. ‘The events of the previous episodes have no bearing whatsoever on those of the current one.’

46. ‘Sure, his songs may allude to past loves, events and episodes of his life, but they never provide the listener with solid biographical insight.’

47. ‘The sedimentary record from the North Atlantic also shows a number of ice-sheet surge episodes.’

48. ‘Whole episodes of history, including the rise of Mussolini and fascism, would be omitted from official textbooks.’

49. ‘The strike over excessive toll charges has been marked by episodes of violence.’

50. ‘Few episodes in American history attracted more conspiracy theories than the Oklahoma bombing case.’

51. ‘The novel consists of five separate stories that relate episodes in the life of this contemporary hero.’

52. ‘Updike's short story lines up four episodes, all told from a different point of view.’

53. ‘From the near vicinity, there is a small beaker in Romano-British style from a grave at Little Wittenham, embellished with scenes depicting episodes in the life of Christ.’

54. ‘During the years leading up to the Civil War a number of episodes similar to the one at St. Mary's occurred in and around Boston.’

55. ‘Uncertainty about the basic conditions of rural life, especially landholding, underpinned all of these episodes.’

56. ‘Miners went on strike more frequently than other workers, and several violent episodes erupted in the mine fields.’

57. ‘We could detect no further episodes of activity.’

58. ‘In February 1945, the obliteration of the historic city of Dresden from the air became one of the most controversial episodes of the allied war effort.’

59. ‘In one of his more famous episodes, Beaubien participated in the raid that captured Daniel Boone and twenty-six of his men.’

60. ‘Large numbers of the bacteria circulate in the blood, giving rise to recurrent episodes of illness interspersed with periods of feeling well.’

61. ‘We considered acute episodes of illnesses that had occurred during the previous year.’

62. ‘These patients typically present with recurrent episodes of purulent bronchitis and pneumonia.’

63. ‘A 16 month old child presented with a history of recurrent croup-like illness with 6 episodes from 4 months of age.’

64. ‘The number of recorded episodes of infectious illness from birth to age 15 years was calculated.’

65. ‘However, many people who live in areas where malaria is common get repeated infections and never really recover in between episodes of illness.’

66. ‘Information about previous episodes of acute otitis media, type of day care and signs and symptoms of allergies was also collected.’

67. ‘A total of 837 viral infections and 871 episodes of acute otitis media were documented.’

68. ‘Influenza vaccination decreases episodes of acute otitis media only when influenza is epidemic.’

69. ‘Temporary hearing loss has been demonstrated during episodes of acute otitis media with effusion.’

70. ‘Maybe there are some clinicians who will discontinue medication at the end of an isolated episode of disease.’

71. ‘A large intake of cannabis seems able to trigger acute psychotic episodes and may worsen outcomes in established psychosis.’

72. ‘One in three of us will experience a depressive episode at some time in our lives.’

73. ‘An estimated 10-15 percent of adolescents with recurrent major depressive episodes develop bipolar I disorder.’

74. ‘She reports that she was diagnosed as having suffered from an " acute psychotic episode " but she refused treatment.’

75. ‘At follow-up, 58 % of the children had recurrent episodes of wheezing.’

76. ‘Lack of sunlight might just be one of many stressors that trigger a depressive episode.’

77. ‘Asthma was defined by a past history of at least three episodes of wheezing.’

78. ‘The resultant symptomatology includes episodes of wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.’

79. ‘By age 24, half of them have had another episode of major depression.’

80. ‘In seven years they wrote 103 radio episodes and 63 television shows.’

81. ‘Whilst listening to an episode of Radio 4's programme Growing Science, I came across a word I hadn't heard before - thigmomorphogenesis.’

82. ‘My restaurant was used by BBC TV to shoot television plays and an episode of a serial was made there.’

83. ‘The joint venture will produce at least 80 episodes of serial television a year.’

84. ‘She and I had made 80 episodes of a television series for a satellite channel.’

85. ‘The first episode was broadcast on BBC TWO in 1964.’

86. ‘The actors' debut episodes will be broadcast on BBC ONE as part of Talent Week.’

87. ‘Past episodes of the BBC television series Airport began running through my mind.’

88. ‘The stage version is really like an extended episode from the television series, and it's a lot of fun.’

89. ‘We also watch quite a lot of TV in terms of watching whole season episodes of favourite shows or tele-movies on DVD, mostly old ones but also recent ones.’

90. ‘I saw the first two episodes of this series and just didn't get it.’

91. ‘"The show's final episode aired in 1975, but the loveable duo was not forgotten.’

92. ‘The show's final episode aired in May of 1993.’

93. ‘The six half-hour episodes are evenly divided on to the two discs.’

94. ‘The pilot episode was screened by BBC2 on 26 July 1999.’

95. ‘Right away, I have to admit that I've seen only one episode of the show.’

96. ‘Thirteen episodes have been taped so far, and the ratings bode well for a second season.’

97. ‘I saw the pilot episode a year ago and loved it.’

98. ‘The collection is divided into three double-sided discs, which contain all twenty-two episodes aired in 1973 and early 1974.’

99. ‘Indeed it is one of the best episodes in the history of the show.’

100. ‘I found myself visibly moved during the central subject's climactic high string episodes; likewise during the close of the development.’

101. ‘Fugue and episodes flow in and out of one another seamlessly.’

102. ‘Most of the episodes (excepting a very Stravinskian idea of an upward-thrusting minor third) seem related to the main theme.’

103. ‘Here Tirimo brought excitement to the rhythmic central episode, also recalling Robert's characteristic use of dotted rhythm themes.’

104. ‘They are predominantly positive works; minor key episodes, when they occur, offer more harmonic contrast than emotional contrast.’

105. ‘This was only the most dramatic episode in an unfolding tragedy.’

106. ‘His ‘Homeric Ballads’, versified episodes from the Odyssey told in brisk, headlong style, were for Fraser's.’

107. ‘Plato illustrates the intellectual advantage that Socrates has over Protagoras in the episode of Simonides's poem.’

108. ‘Shakespeare, for example, uses Gower to bridge the temporal gaps between adjacent episodes in Pericles in ways which parallel the use of Time as chorus in The Winter's Tale.’

109. it was a tragic episode

Other users have misspelling episode as:

1. epsiode 11.82%

2. episod 5.41%

3. episodi 5.07%

4. epidsode 2.36%

5. Other 75.34%

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