Definition of 'cigarette'


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1. Tobacco, marijuana, or other substances, in a thin roll wrapped with paper, intended to be smoked.

2. A small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking, enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper.

3. A similar roll of another substance, such as a tobacco substitute or marijuana.

4. A little cigar; a little fine tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.

5. A small cigar made of finely cut tobacco rolled up in an envelop of tobacco, corn-husk, or thin paper, generally rice-paper, so as to form a cylinder open at both ends.


1. These should be just as discouraged as the cigarette packets.

2. I like the idea of sitting, sweating over a laptop with cigarette smoke in the air.

3. We'd smoke 160 cigarettes a night.

4. They would come and buy cigarettes and then disappear.

5. We heard the snipers were winning packets of cigarettes for hitting the correct number of targets.

6. It important to keep active steer clear of cigarette smoke.

7. One day he came in to buy cigarettes.

8. You feel guilty about your anger and might often rely on props such as cigarettes or alcohol to cope.

9. And the negotiations made are more in terms of offerings of fresh fish in exchange for alcohol and cigarettes.

10. Ninety per cent of smokers already know which brand of cigarettes they will buy before going into a shop.

11. Beer and cigarettes are brand buys.

12. Ministers have decided they cannot justify some of the more draconian measures to reduce cigarette and alcohol sales during the economic downturn.

13. Besides cigarettes and pipe tobacco, the pub sells stamps and aspirin.

14. This additional damage could be coming either from the free radicals present in cigarette smoke or from free radicals produced in the body.

15. It also decreases the craving for cigarettes, alcohol and sugar.

16. The increase was helped by British holidaymakers buying cheaper cigarettes and alcohol.

17. How serious is your craving for a cigarette, for alcohol?

18. In the first week you could smoke as many cigarettes as you wanted, just none after dinner.

19. It called for measures including dearer tobacco, taking cigarettes off display in shops and banning smoking in cars.

20. All cigarette tobacco is toasted.

21. Evidence also shows that people picking up a packet of cigarettes tend to buy other items as well, which also helps drive sales.

22. They were always friendly, had fantastic accents, and often left a cigarette in the packet.

23. In the case of the Indian troops, sweets will be supplied instead of tobacco or cigarettes.

24. They're tiny: not much larger than a cigarette packet.

25. Smoking cigarettes is an obvious example and, in recent years, obesity has become a bigger problem.

26. Mom - Jeremy, give your sister back her cigarette, she HAS been saveing it for three hours me - * snickers** grabs cigarette** laughs as I walk away*

27. A cynic, my dear Arthur (_he opens case deliberately, puts cigarette in mouth, and extracts gold match-box from right-hand trouser_) is a man who (_strikes match_) knows the price of (_lights cigarette_) -- everything, and (_standing with match in one hand and cigarette in the other_) the value of --- pff (_blows out match_) of (_inhales deeply from cigarette and blows out a cloud of smoke_) -- nothing.

28. The plaintiff moved for summary judgment to preclude assertion of the Correia defense, arguing that the Correia defense should, as a matter of law, be unavailable because a cigarette is an inherently dangerous product that causes injury when used for its ordinary purpose.

29. For some reason, he began thinking of his Columbia days and chuckled to himself when he remembered what they call a cigarette in England.

30. The cost of the program is funded by an increase in cigarette taxes of 62 cents per pack.

31. Still, humans are inadvertently carpeting the planet in cigarette butts.

32. Last week Reynolds American and Altria Group reported declines in cigarette sales.

33. Anyway, an alert reader points out that a new, "fire-safe" type of cigarette is being foisted on the puffing public, by governmental mandate, and the new smokes are not going over well with the addicted consumers.

34. ‘There is a perception that light smoking or smoking low tar cigarettes is not dangerous.’

35. ‘Her voice was low and husky from smoking twenty cigarettes a day in that sexy cigarette holder she always used.’

36. ‘What is the best way to stop tobacconists selling cigarettes to children?’

37. ‘She picked up a gold cigarette case and pulled free one of the thin cigarettes.’

38. ‘I remember the time Pearl and I had a huge argument over her smoking cigarettes.’

39. ‘Downstairs will then become no smoking but cigarettes will be still be allowed upstairs.’

40. ‘He was told by bar staff to put out the cigarette but continued smoking.’

41. ‘Until Bonsack's invention, cigarettes had been rolled by hand by young women.’

42. ‘During a severe paper shortage, Bakhtin tore up his own manuscripts to roll cigarettes.’

43. ‘Standing in the doorway of the library, rolling a cigarette, is a young woman.’

44. ‘Simon stepped out to get a paper from the boot and to smoke a cigarette.’

45. ‘Yes, it's smelly, dirty and harmful, but in reality people do smoke cigarettes.’

46. ‘So in the end, we all went outside and smoked our cigarettes on the pavement like outcasts.’

47. ‘Cousin Liam and Nate were just a pair of casual guys who sat around smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes.’

48. ‘Lipstick-stained cigarettes overflowed in the ashtray on the table and on top of the television.’

49. ‘He used to smoke a pack and half of a day, and still smokes around a dozen cigarettes daily.’

50. ‘A leading medical journal called today for an outright ban on smoking and cigarettes.’

51. ‘By the time I met her, Sheila had been smoking about twenty cigarettes a day for many years.’

52. ‘If you really want to smoke cigarettes then do it in the privacy of your own home.’

53. ‘Marlene stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray upon the low coffee table.’

54. ‘The following morning he said he rolled several cannabis cigarettes to smoke during the day.’

55. ‘Herbal cigarettes, sold in pharmacies and health stores, have a very limited market.’

56. ‘The gradual replacement of regular cigarettes with non-tobacco herbal cigarettes is an effective aid in tobacco detoxification.’

57. ‘Although cannabis cigarettes are smoked less frequently than nicotine cigarettes, their mode of inhalation is very different.’

58. he smokes cigarettes

Other users have misspelling cigarette as:

1. cigarrete 3.23%

2. cigrate 2.74%

3. sigeret 1.99%

4. Other 92.04%

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