Definition of 'harass'


Word Frequency
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1. obsolete worry; harassment

2. obsolete devastation; waste

3. rare Worry; harassment.

4. obsolete Devastation; waste.

5. Harassment.

6. To fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts.

7. To annoy endlessly or systematically; to molest.

8. To put excessive burdens upon; to subject to anxieties.

9. exhaust by attacking repeatedly

10. Synonyms Distress, etc. (see afflict); to jade, disturb, exhaust, fag. See trouble.

11. To fatigue or tire out, as with annoying labor, care, importunity, enforced watchfulness, misfortune, etc.; distress by perplexity; wear out, as with toil.

12. To rub or scrape.

13. Toruborscrape.

14. To lay waste or desolate; raid.

15. Milit.: To annoy by repeated attacks; keep constantly on the defensive.

16. To subject (another) to hostile or prejudicial remarks or actions; pressure or intimidate.

17. To irritate or torment persistently.

18. To make repeated attacks or raids on (an enemy, for example).

19. To fatigue; to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts; esp., to weary by importunity, teasing, or fretting; to cause to endure excessive burdens or anxieties; -- sometimes followed by out.


1. The mother had complained about being harassed but the police failed to act.

2. They accused the police of constantly harassing them for no good reason.

3. They were routinely harassed when driving their cars or walking down the street.

4. He said she was being harassed and the police hadn't done anything.

5. So I ended up telling the police he was harassing me.

6. No one has harassed us yet,' she said.

7. After this, he claimed, he began to be harassed by the police.

8. No more than a dozen runners in any public beauty spot at any one time - with numbers monitored by traffic police redirected from harassing lawful motorists.

9. ‘A pensioner who was harassed by aggressive beggars in Swindon town centre has backed a campaign to stop vagrants pestering shoppers for cash.’

10. ‘It would assume that anyone who says they don't own a car at all is lying and it would harass them continually with aggressive letters and vague threats.’

11. ‘Both harass the unemployed, pressuring them further into exploitative employment.’

12. ‘The prosecutor harassed me and pressured me enormously.’

13. ‘Dr. Das Dasgupta said that women are pressured and harassed by husbands demanding that their wives give birth to boys.’

14. ‘Researchers are harassed, and pressured against distributing their work.’

15. ‘I wouldn't drop the subject though, and harassed him all the way down to his locker and out the school's front door.’

16. ‘He was pressured and harassed all day, making his fourth quarter performance all the more impressive.’

17. ‘A local woman had seized Wang, 47, whom she said was following girl students and sexually harassing them.’

18. ‘Many of the girls pointed out that the boys should realise that harassing a girl will end up having negative consequences for them too.’

19. ‘Ms. O'Neill, the sexual-health educator, says she frequently gets complaints from parents who believe that their sons are being harassed by girls.’

20. ‘The girl had been harassed for dowry by her in-laws since her marriage two years ago, but this year they had become particularly cruel towards her.’

21. ‘A 33-year-old man who harassed a teenage girl and her family has lost an appeal against his conviction.’

22. ‘In the past, there have been reports that this day is used by boys to harass girls in some north Indian cities like Jaipur, much as they would do during Holi.’

23. ‘If older girls do harass you, talk to a guidance counselor - that's what she's there for.’

24. ‘But will they be able to keep themselves away from the culture of intimidating and harassing their oppositions?’

25. ‘We have seen thugs, employed by powerful people, intimidating and harassing journalists.’

26. ‘In last year's presidential elections, the main opposition candidate - a Hutu - was harassed, his supporters intimidated and ballot stuffing was rife.’

27. ‘And I am still being harassed and intimidated to this day.’

28. ‘In addition the crusaders used light cavalry and horse archers in large numbers to harass the enemy, to scout, and to supplement the knights.’

29. ‘Our pilots were used to harassing the enemy by strafing rail and truck areas, infantry and anything that moved.’

30. ‘The wise general never gives battle but on favourable ground; and until he has found it, he manoeuvres, skirmishes, and harasses the enemy.’

31. ‘Soon Vova and his sister join the partisans and are doing what they can to harass the enemy.’

32. ‘In other instances, the enemy will harass a convoy with small arms fire, enticing the unit to dismount and return fire.’

33. ‘Often, cavalry came out to harass enemy armies as they scattered to plunder, slowing down progress even further.’

34. ‘Some governments gave pirates and privateers safe harbor to earn revenues or to harass their enemies.’

35. ‘Now they're under your control, and you can call them from the sands and direct them to harass your enemies.’

36. ‘Drawing a card from the deck will summon one inconvenience with which the wielder can harass his foes.’

37. ‘conspirators, harassed by their enemies, and often at odds among themselves, scrambled through civil war and Japanese invasion to seize power.’

38. ‘Remnants of the enemy have slipped into the civilian population and continue to harass coalition forces.’

39. ‘They followed the patrols, harassing them by throwing rocks and yelling profanities.’

40. ‘From Tunisia, a guerrilla army of tens of thousands of troops harassed French units arrayed along the border.’

41. ‘We, the Animal Rights Militia, have looked on for some years now as members of animal rights organisations such as the animal liberation front have attacked your property and harassed you.’

42. ‘While Platt was striking into Eritrea, Cunningham began his operations by harassing the Italians with raids from Kenya.’

43. ‘Visiting human rights groups have been routinely harassed by the army and threatened and attacked by militias.’

44. ‘It will be used to support hit-and-run, ambush, and harassing, and urban warface missions.’

45. ‘He was subsequently harassed by hordes of aggressive mice, and despite taking refuge in a tower in the middle of the Rhine, was eventually eaten by his pursuers.’

46. ‘Starlings can be aggressive and will persistently harass other species to take over nesting cavities.’

47. ‘The besiegers lacked artillery, and their communications were harassed by the aggressive Enniskillen men.’

48. harass the enemy

Other users have misspelling harass as:

1. harrass 8.24%

2. Other 91.76%

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