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1. A piece of furniture or a cabinet in which clothes or household supplies may be stored.

2. A toilet; a water closet.

3. figuratively The imagined closet in idioms such as in the closet or skeleton in the closet, a place to keep things hidden.

4. A small private chamber.

5. A small private chamber, as for study or prayer.

6. A state of secrecy or cautious privacy.

7. A water closet; a toilet.

8. A cabinet or enclosed recess for linens, household supplies, or clothing.

9. A small room or apartment for retirement; a room for privacy.

10. A small apartment, or recess in the side of a room, for household utensils, clothing, etc.

11. sin commited in privacy.

12. a small private room for study or prayer

13. A small room or apartment for retirement; any room for privacy; a small supplementary apartment communicating with another, as a dressing-room with a bedroom; hence, in religious literature, the place or habit of devotional seclusion.

14. A small side room or inclosed recess for storing utensils, clothing, provisions, curiosities, etc.

15. A secret place; a place for the storing of precious things.

16. In heraldry, a diminutive of the bar, one half of its width.

17. A bedroom.

18. An inclosed or inside part.

19. Secret.

20. Private; confidential.

21. Being so or engaging only in private; secret.

22. Based on theory and speculation rather than practice.

23. transitive To shut away for private discussion.

24. transitive To shut up in, or as in, a closet for concealment or confinement.

25. transitive To put into a private place for a secret interview or interrogation.

26. confine to a small space, as for intensive work

27. To admit into or as into a closet, as for concealment or for private and confidential or clandestine consultation: used chiefly in the past participle.

28. Intimate; sharing one's privacy.

29. To inclose or shut up, as in a closet or close compartment.

30. Fitted only for seclusion or the privacy of a scholar; not adapted to the conditions of a practical life; merely theoretical; unpractical: as, a closet philosopher or theory.

31. Restricted, as to a closet; pertaining to or done in privacy or seclusion; suitable to or designed for private consideration or use; private; secluded: as, a closet conference or intrigue; closet reflections; a closet book or picture.

32. To enclose or shut up in a private room, as for discussion.

33. rare To shut up in, or as in, a closet; to conceal.

34. To make into a closet for a secret interview.


1. They may well have a bigger investment than others in keeping the closet door tightly shut.

2. We need to clear space in the closet first.

3. How do you identify a closet tracker?

4. Giving closet space pride of place in the house is becoming increasingly popular.

5. He stood up now and stretched in front of the mirror on the closet door.

6. Is my fund a closet tracker?

7. He then meticulously explores each room, opening closet doors and checking window locks.

8. My closet is full of jackets, pants and fun tops.

9. Homeowners with more space and money could go one step farther with a walk-in closet.

10. And a walk-in closet once filled with medical equipment including oxygen tanks is seen to be empty.

11. We name some such closet tracker funds - for which investors are paying too much.

12. Obviously the closet was full.

13. Amy liked the idea, and gave her leave to arrange the light closet next her room, hoping it would do her good.

14. But I don't just have one closet.

15. Push a gay person to a point of shame and self-denial — the closet is a far worse place than you can imagine, and leads to far more destructive behavior than you realize.

16. It seems that hiding in the closet is also a genetic trait.

17. Not to continue to invoke the hallowed name of Buffy, but the care with which Joss Whedon brought Willow into college life and then out of the closet is a good model to follow.

18. The lever action in my closet is a Marlin 39 AS I inherited from him.

19. "Glossy washable enamel on the doors, except the outside of the closet is all mirror" answered Myra.

20. Hanging them in the closet is the best way to make space for new boys.

21. The front door, like the closet, is a vintage subway-car component purchased from the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

22. A walk-in closet has been described by the Indianapolis Star as "larger than most living rooms."

23. One bedroom has a walk-in closet of sufficent size to be converted into a nursery if needed.

24. Some bedrooms include a walk-in closet, an en-suite bathroom and views of the bay.

25. ‘‘Yes just let me get my shoes on,’ Kat said walking over to her closet full of shoes.’

26. ‘I jump off my bed and walk to my closet scanning the clothes, but not really looking, for my mind is recalling the events that happened earlier.’

27. ‘Keeley walked out of the closet with clothes in her hands and threw them on the bed, smiling at me.’

28. ‘Blake had a walk in closet, large enough for him to lie in.’

29. ‘You'll end up with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.’

30. ‘She watched as he stood, and walked brusquely to the closet, flicking through his wardrobe.’

31. ‘He walked into his closet and grabbed some clothes to change into.’

32. ‘The closet was full of clothes and shoes, and dirty laundry littered the floor.’

33. ‘He walked over to his closet, reached over the rack of mostly black clothes, and pulled an old looking large box down from the shelf.’

34. ‘She opened the doors to a walk in closet full of purple outfits and at least fifty pairs of shoes.’

35. ‘She then walked over to her closet and pulled out a large, brown trunk full of heirlooms and dust.’

36. ‘Start opening your closets, drawers and cupboards now and donate your unused items to help others.’

37. ‘I'm here ransacking my closet for something good enough to wear, I can't believe all the trash I've got in here!’

38. ‘Taking a broom and dustpan from a narrow closet, Joe walked around the bar and began sweeping Bobby's broken glass off the floor.’

39. ‘Spare bedrooms or large closets make good drying rooms, but hot attics and damp cellars generally do not.’

40. ‘Houses that don't have catch-all closets or rooms in which the inhabitants can dump outdoor stuff always seem sinister to me.’

41. ‘Close doors to rooms that don't need to be heated, like closets, storage rooms, etc.’

42. ‘This section mainly held small maintenance closets, party rooms, storage areas, and a single inn.’

43. ‘Is there an area of your house that has a musty smell to it (basements, laundry rooms, and closets are all prime spots)?’

44. ‘The hall, closets, laundry room, bathroom, and den all had their own muted colored doors.’

45. ‘In my search I found a bathroom, two closets, the laundry room, and the basement.’

46. ‘He got up, and went away into the closet adjoining her room, in which a bed had been spread on the floor.’

47. ‘Her mother, a petite sort of woman and covered in flour, walked out from the store closet.’

48. ‘Some people will also use this kind of pantry closet to store occasional-use items, such as large platters and coffee urns.’

49. ‘I sat in my room, in my closet to be exact, and stared at the wall with my journal lying on my lap, waiting for me to fill its pages with tonight's occurrences.’

50. ‘The Interrogation Chamber was scarcely more than a small closet of a room.’

51. ‘We'd hit the big time, changing in a real dressing room, not some backstage janitor's closet.’

52. ‘He, along with the others, was waiting for me by the second floor janitorial closet, a secluded and unused room just under the side stairwell.’

53. ‘Suddenly they pulled him into a room that looked more like a janitor's closet then anything else.’

54. ‘He's obviously terrible in bed, and there's one scene that suggests he's a closet homosexual - so what's to admire?’

55. ‘He is a closet homosexual, quite clearly, and I'd advise him to act on his feelings.’

56. ‘It's hard to find an environmentalist who is not a closet socialist - with a nice condo in the suburbs and two cars in the garage.’

57. ‘I've discovered a whole drove of closet romance fans.’

58. ‘Does this mean that journalists are closet Stalinists, covering for their comrades in furtherance of the Revolution?’

59. ‘Things of a sexual nature such as prostitution, even though they were going on, were pretty much closet activities.’

60. ‘You half-expected the same spokesman to try to convince us all that bookies are really closet philanthropists.’

61. ‘Of course, there's always the possibility that she's got her own kind of closet issues.’

62. ‘Today it is a heritage centre where closet cowboys don fancy dress and fire blanks from six-shooters in the name of tourism and charity.’

63. ‘Dublin is harbouring a posse of disenfranchised closet cowboys, hollering for a dedicated country music radio service.’

64. ‘I just hoped he wasn't some kind of closet kleptomaniac.’

65. ‘Women are often closet gamblers and their husbands and families are the last to know about the addiction.’

66. ‘As it turned out he wasn't a closet Bolshevik at all, rather a secret Tory with a clever eye for career advancement.’

67. ‘Perhaps we workers in Antarctica are regarded as closet revolutionaries?’

68. ‘She added: ‘We have all been so affected by the tragedy that we risk closeting our kids and raising a generation of very nervous young adults.’’

69. ‘He responded by closeting himself in the former ladies' cabin of the steamer Magnolia while he poured over maps pondering the situation.’

70. ‘I guess it was time for me to sulk about the house of the rest of the evening, closeting myself away in my room listening to music.’

71. ‘Alex told me that although his family knows that he is gay, he closets himself more than I would have expected - particularly at his school.’

72. ‘It became impossible to closet millions of people behind a physical wall that was so easily penetrated by informatics.’

73. ‘You know, he closeted himself off from the rest of the world, in that sense.’

74. ‘From the Ministry of Defence, where he closeted himself for much of the time, there issued a steady flow of handouts extolling his sagacity and leadership.’

75. ‘The Daily Mail, which was due to run extracts in January, leapt at the chance to go early, and so I closeted myself away and bashed out an extra chapter bringing the book up to date.’

76. ‘It requires instead that women must closet themselves in order to protect themselves from sexual assault.’

77. ‘Before going for official-level talks, the Defence Secretary was closeted with his counterpart for about an hour.’

78. ‘Then he closeted himself in the bathroom, intent on a shower.’

79. ‘The former senator closeted himself yesterday at his New Jersey, home to consult supporters.’

80. ‘Brendan closeted himself in his office for the rest of the day and wallowed in his misery.’

81. ‘The secret to his stage routine is out: he sings as though he's in the shower and dances as though he's safely closeted in his bedroom.’

82. ‘Immediately after the assassination he raced from Montreal to New York, where he was closeted in a five-hour locked-door meeting.’

83. ‘Amanda closeted herself in her room for two days trying to sleep away her headache and the heartache that was its companion.’

84. ‘And so, closeted in our jury room, sandwiches ordered, mobile phones removed and under strict instructions to speak to no-one, we sat down to make our decision.’

85. ‘He would prefer to walk up the stairs than get closeted in a lift.’

86. ‘Being closeted within the four walls of the kitchen amid pots, pans and ladles, dishing out culinary delicacies for family, friends and relatives need not always be drudgery.’

87. ‘I'm the loser here, closeted in my room, thinking that study is an adequate substitute for life, or even, for vanity is something I've never quite outgrown, superior to it.’

88. ‘Constantly closeted with management, they come to see negotiation, compromise, as the very stuff of trade unionism.’

89. he folded all his clothes and placed them in the closet

Other users have misspelling closet as:

1. closit 8.33%

2. colset 7.14%

3. cloisite 6.55%

4. clust 5.36%

5. clost 4.17%

6. clozet 2.98%

7. Other 65.47%

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