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1. archaic A choir.

2. A book, poem, or pamphlet.

3. The architectural part of a church in which the choir resides, between the nave and the sanctuary.

4. bookbinding A set of leaves which are stitched together, originally a set of four pieces of paper (eight leaves, sixteen pages). This is most often a single signature (i.e. group of four), but may be several nested signatures.

5. One-twentieth of a ream of paper; a collection of twenty-four or twenty-five sheets of paper of the same size and quality, unfolded or having a single fold.

6. A set of 24 or sometimes 25 sheets of paper of the same size and stock; one twentieth of a ream.

7. A collection of leaves of parchment or paper, folded one within the other, in a manuscript or book.

8. A collection of twenty-four sheets of paper of the same size and quality, unfolded or having a single fold; one twentieth of a ream.

9. obsolete See choir.

10. a quantity of paper; 24 or 25 sheets

11. A body of singers; a chorus.

12. A set of four sheets of parchment or paper folded so as to make eight leaves: the ordinary unit of construction for early manuscripts and books.

13. Twenty-four sheets of paper; the twentieth part of a ream.

14. The part of a church allotted to the choristers; the choir.

15. A company or assembly.

16. A book.

17. A set of one of each of the sheets of a book laid in consecutive order, ready for folding.

18. bookbinding To prepare quires by stitching together leaves of paper.

19. intransitive To sing in concert.

20. Toharmonize.

21. rare To sing in concert.


1. The quire is properly St Georges Chappel whose Rooff is very high and Carved very Curiously, all free stone, so is the rest of ye Church.

2. The Lanthorn in ye quire is vastly high and delicately painted and fine Carv'd worke all of wood, in it the bells used to be hung, five, the dimention of ye biggest was so much when they rung them it shooke ye quire so and ye Carv'd worke that it was thought unsafe, therefore they were taken down.

3. The rooff of the quire is very Curious, Carv'd stone and soe thinn to ye Leads one might grasp it between thumb and finger, and yet so well fixt as to be very strong.

4. Beyond the quire was the sanctuary that housed the tomb of the saint.

5. There was a central door, which was called the quire door.

6. But the best thing about the quire is the wooden stall-work, of early decorated, very beautiful.

7. In the quire is a high tumbe, of one of them porturid with his wife.

8. A chancellor of York, Thomas de Farnylaw, leaves books, bound and unbound, to the Vicar of Waghen; a volume of sermons and a "quire" to the church of Embleton; and a Bible and Concordance to be chained in the north porch of St. Nicholas 'Church, Newcastle, "for common use, for the good of the soul of his lord William of Middleton" (1378).

9. I was still trying to decipher the language (what the heck is a "quire"??) when it was followed quickly by:

10. Hard, I found, to hold back a tear, and the goose pimples were not from the cold because it was a hot day, even in the quire.

11. ‘Pages printed on one or both sides, gathered into quires or folios, superseded papyrus and parchment rolls in the fourth century CE.’

12. ‘Finally, the quires of pages are bound between two wooden covers and the spine is tied with damp leather.’

13. ‘These, too, were the work of several artists working simultaneously on numbers of quires on details such as historiated initials, bas-de-page and marginal illustrations, and line endings.’

14. ‘But I did have the trimmings from the quires the monks made to make tiny booklets of my own.’

15. ‘These quires are then bound together in the correct order to produce the book.’

16. ‘Some of the resulting changes in practice, such as the systematic marking up of quires by scribes for assembly by the libraire, are of great value to the codicologist in reconstructing the original order of the manuscript.’

17. ‘There's only so many pens and packs of post-its to go round, so if you want something exotic like a stamp pad or a quire of photo-copy paper, get in with your order fast.’

18. ‘Myra had enclosed a quire of writing paper and three bottles of ink, no excuses for not writing now.’

19. ‘This is Franklin's workshop; its shelves are heaped with junk: quires of paper, rags, hammers, tongs, bottles, wires, books, old shoes, rolls of leather, bones, feathers.’

20. In our office, quires of 25 sheets are used

Other users have misspelling quire as:

1. queira 5.21%

2. quiera 5.21%

3. Other 89.58%

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