Definition of 'egregious'


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1. Outrageously bad.

2. Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion.

3. Conspicuously bad or offensive. synonym: flagrant.

4. Surpassing; extraordinary; distinguished (in a bad sense); -- formerly used with words importing a good quality, but now joined with words having a bad sense

5. Now, more commonly in a bad or condemnatory sense, extreme; enormous.

6. Above the common; beyond what is usual; extraordinary.

7. Synonyms . Huge, monstrous, astonishing, surprising, unique, exceptional, uncommon, unprecedented.


1. Two egregious examples show just how easy it is to subvert the scientific process.

2. This month has seen three egregious examples of poor scientific practice.

3. There can be few more egregious examples.

4. The most egregious examples involve the use of armed force.

5. The most egregious example is in payment protection insurance.

6. All are thought to exemplify egregious examples of where free speech can harm.

7. The most egregious errors were on public investment and employment.

8. Other courts have been willing to accept the concept of presumed injury to reputation in egregious cases.

9. And these are clearly egregious cases of misconduct.

10. Football is often a particularly egregious example of human reason gone wrong but it is by no means alone.

11. It will be used in egregious cases, where deceit is clear.

12. But police will get involved only in egregious cases, preferring to leave corruption inquiries to sports bodies.

13. In the most egregious cases, speed was used to bait rivals into disclosing their positions before ripping them off.

14. Though egregious cases have to be covered by the law, this is surely best left to common sense and parental responsibility.

15. His failure to limit how much could be paid out over the mis-selling of payment protection insurance was seen as particularly egregious.

16. The most egregious example of the present culture is the IPL.

17. But, still, egregious errors cannot pass without condemnation.

18. That's why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke protested Tuesday what he described as "egregious errors" in some reports, and released a staff memo with details.

19. The judge discovered what she called egregious government disclosures to expected witnesses.

20. Cursing himself for what he called his egregious folly in making himself the slave of a mere lady's attendant, and for having given the parish, should they know of her refusal, a chance of sneering at him -- certainly a ground for thinking less of his standing than before -- he went home to the Old House, and walked indecisively up and down his back-yard.

21. The book is compiled and made public every year by Citizens Against Government Waste, which also dispenses "Oinker Awards" to highlight what it calls egregious examples of pork barrel requests.

22. One of the most egregious is the alleged "News" of Fox News and News Corp.

23. I am advocating that bans on reimportation be lifted so that companies cannot engage in egregious price discrimination.

24. ‘That's the kind of service recovery you'd expect from a decent company, especially after being publicly outed for egregious customer abuse.’

25. ‘The desire for vengeance is very strong, simply because the abuses were so egregious.’

26. ‘Music companies are more egregious in their abuse of consumers than the movie companies.’

27. ‘But there's often more egregious abuse among the tiny nonprofits that operate below the radar.’

28. ‘The misuse of the grand jury by prosecutors is among the most egregious abuses of all.’

29. ‘It is in the cover-up that we usually see the most egregious abuse of a leader's power.’

30. ‘Journalists are running back and forth across town to find the most egregious technical errors and blatant fraud.’

31. ‘I don't think you need a defector to tell you how foul he was and how egregious were his human rights abuses…’

32. ‘If you do something outrageous or egregious enough, you can become rich and famous.’

33. ‘Obviously, when journalists betray their code of ethics by making up stories, or egregious misconduct, they must be punished.’

34. ‘The public has a compelling right to know about egregious examples of nepotism and favoritism like this by public officials.’

35. ‘They are so unprofessional - if a newspaper or a broadcast programme made such an egregious slur they'd print a correction or broadcast an apology.’

36. ‘But I find it hard to deny that egregious self-importance in individuals is one of the defining characteristics of our society.’

37. ‘I've never seen such an egregious act of political opportunism or shameless trafficking in human misery.’

38. ‘That is an egregious violation of the responsibility a scholar has.’

39. ‘Why do you think the specialized business press continues to make what you consider such an egregious and howling error?’

40. ‘Keep in mind that I found these egregious examples of bias in a single issue of a single newspaper, randomly chosen.’

41. ‘People have said to him since then that the loss of the title might not be such a bad thing, that such an egregious collapse might well help focus the mind and restore desire in the long run.’

42. ‘No, the egregious violation was going past the sacred 51 day deadline for replacing a name on the ballot.’

43. an egregious lie

Other users have misspelling egregious as:

1. egregio 13.21%

2. Other 86.79%

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