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1. The emotion of being happy; joy.

2. Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; — used especially of language.

3. archaic Good luck; good fortune; prosperity.

4. Good luck; good fortune; prosperity.

5. Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; -- used especially of language.

6. An agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind; the possession of those circumstances or that state of being which is attended with enjoyment; the state of being happy; contentment; joyful satisfaction; felicity; blessedness.

7. emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

8. state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

9. Synonyms Happiness, Felicity, Blessedness, Bliss; well-being, prosperity, welfare, enjoyment, comfort, security. Happiness, the generic word, is expressive of nearly every general state of pleasure. It is so far from its derivation that it is often expressive of that state of mind that triumphs over circumstances, finding material for contentment or even joy in that which might naturally produce deep unhappiness. Felicity is primarily a matter of favorable circumstances, which may be mere exemption from disaster or disagreeable experiences, or may be of a higher type, as domestic felicity depends not merely upon the comfort of the home, nor upon freedom from anxiety, but especially upon a high degree of mutual love. Blessedness is a state of the most refined happiness, arising from the purest and warmest benevolent and religious feeling. The type of its meaning is furnished by the use of the word blessed in the beatitudes, Mat. v. 3–11. Bliss is consummate happiness. See animation, mirth, hilarity, gladness.

10. The state or quality of being happy.

11. Any state of being, having considerable permanence, in which pleasure decidedly predominates over pain.

12. Fortuitous aptness or fitness; an unstudied grace or beauty; felicitousness.


1. This could be a wonderful new beginning for a happier life.

2. Research supports the theory that crying makes us feel happier and healthier.

3. Surveys of wellbeing also suggest that women typically are happier in their working lives than men.

4. There are less happy endings for others who pass through the camp.

5. He says he is happier than he was when we met previously.

6. Neither of them are in a happy place right now.

7. It must be a happy coincidence.

8. But life hasn't always been this happy and carefree.

9. There isn't a trade-off between being good at something and being happy.

10. Tomorrow night we should raise a glass and wish ourselves a happy and prosperous New Year.

11. We already have most of the ingredients of a happy life.

12. Their happy smiling little faces fill both ends of the pipe.

13. Would you expect other people to feel happy about your unhappiness?

14. It always makes me happy to hear that.

15. Most arrivals will work for employers happy to use them for low wages.

16. We are still happy and very satisfied with him.

17. Two lonely souls brought together by happy coincidence?

18. We are happy to say she has not.

19. It is a happy place at the minute.

20. They are more interested in being happy and doing something they value and love.

21. We are so thankful both of us pulled through and had a happy ending.

22. Instead focus your eyes on something else and just think about a happy memory.

23. You find a way to keep the family happy.

24. They are jealous of my new family and my happy life.

25. Happy and nervous faces have passed through and thousands of pounds have been spent.

26. He made me feel happy and alive.

27. It has gained enthusiastic reviews from the critics and happy plaudits from satisfied diners.

28. Council workers deliver vital services and they are all the better when those staff are happy in their work.

29. But they were always happiest together.

30. And this is no happy coincidence.

31. Once his childhood was over, he was quite happy to say goodbye to them.

32. Happy birthday and many more.

33. Now I shall really be very happy to walk into the same room with you.

34. So a happy New Year all round!

35. They even laughed at the possibility of their former happiness and called it a dream… but the strange and wonderful thing was that though they had lost faith in their former state of happiness… they longed so much to be happy and innocent once more that, like children, they succumbed to the desire of their hearts, glorified this desire, built temples, and began offering up prayers to their own idea, their own "desire," and at the same time firmly believed that it could not be realized and brought about, though they still worshipped and adored it with tears.

36. Children will profit from drill in and out of school in the science of avoiding offense and of giving happiness, but unless the categories -- _acts that give offense_ and _acts that give happiness_ -- are wide enough to include the main acts committed in the normal relations of son, companion, employer, husband, father, and citizen, those who set out to avoid alcohol and tobacco find themselves ill equipped to carry the obligations of a temperate, law-abiding citizen.

37. Patty at PerfumePosse had a great review of this where she wrote that it embodies happiness: a ..happiness that is complex and embraces all of life’s sorrow and joy.

38. * I get a big kick out of the lifestyle and design blog Oh Happy Day -- partly because it's fun to read, and partly because when I was starting my book "The happiness Project" and this blog, a good friend insisted that the phrase "happiness project" sounded like too much work, so I should re-name my blog "Oh Happy Day."

39. In fact, the word happiness has to do with happenings or things that happen.

40. But I'm trying to find the best path, and telling me that every path someone uses to attain happiness is equally valid is the same as telling me that the trans-Siberian mall route is just as good as the "take a right" method.

41. Hedonists have appropriated the term happiness as an equivalent to the totality of pleasurable or agreeable feeling.

42. It is not, however, the less true that there is a proper object to aim at; and if this object be meant by the term happiness, the perfection of which consists in the exclusion of all hap [_i. e., _ chance], I assert that there is such a thing as _summum bonum_, or ultimate good.

43. "There is no highroad to what you term happiness," Wingrave answered.

44. ‘It does not provide for the chance for a rest now and then, for decent food and lodgings, or the other little happinesses that this dusky laboratory allows its slaves.’

45. ‘All happinesses are alike, the knowing novelist intones.’

46. ‘If we can understand them, we may see that in their lives they share with us the same happinesses, frustrations and hopes.’

47. ‘That may be so, but it is frightening to imagine a future in which our current happinesses and unhappinesses will no longer exist.’

48. ‘This is most welcome news for the region and she is wished every happiness in the area.’

49. he was filled with happiness when he left that awful place

Other users have misspelling happiness as:

1. hapiness 14.11%

2. happness 4.65%

3. happinness 4.13%

4. happynes 3.61%

5. happieness 2.93%

6. hapyness 2.07%

7. Other 68.5%

8. sadness 0%

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