Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling customer as:

pie chart
  1. custumer 8.03%
  2. coustomer 7.94%
  3. cutomer 6.78%
  4. costomer 5.03%
  5. coustmer 1.74%
  6. custormer 1.45%
  7. Other 69.03%

Definitions of customer


  1. someone who pays for goods or services

Examples of customer

  1. They have recognized that their business depends on world of mouth, and that world of mouth is based on customer satisfaction.
  2. It makes data generators, multimeters and oscilloscopes, as well as semiconductors, optoelectronic components and RF chip sets - all very complex products that require a great deal of customization for individual customers.
  3. Companies need to be able to handle surges, otherwise the cost of generating leads is wasted and prospective customers who cannot get through may get such a bad impression of the company that they do not bother calling back.

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