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1. A patron; one who purchases or receives a product or service from a business or merchant, or intends to do so.

2. informal A person, especially one engaging in some sort of interaction with others.

3. Informal An individual with whom one must deal.

4. One that buys goods or services, as from a store or business.

5. colloq. A peculiar person; -- in an indefinite sense.

6. obsolete A lewd woman.

7. One who regularly or repeatedly makes purchases of a trader; a purchaser; a buyer.

8. A person with whom a business house has dealings.

9. obsolete One who collect customs; a toll gatherer.

10. someone who pays for goods or services

11. Any one with whom a person has to deal; especially, one with whom dealing is difficult or disagreeable; hence, a fellow: as, a queer customer; a rough customer.

12. One who has special customs, as of the country or city.

13. One who purchases goods or a supply for any current need from another; a purchaser; a buyer; a patron, as of a house of entertainment.

14. A collector of customs; a toll-gatherer; a tax-gatherer.

15. Made to the order of or for a customer; specially ordered by a customer and made for him: opposed to ready-made, or made for the market generally: as, customer work.

16. Being a customer or customers; purchasing; buying.


1. They're taught enough Latin and Anglo-Saxon to say hello and ask any potential customer if they speak either language.

2. Caldere eyed him coldly then crossed to the other end of the counter to serve another customer.

3. My daughter's been telling me about you, she says you're the nicest customer she's ever waited on.

4. The cashier's newspaper was pinned beneath a half-eaten, browning apple on the counter at her side, awaiting the next customer lull.

5. If so, we have to use SQL clause to filter the records, then put them into the seperate charts one by one. customer = @customer

6. The middle of the twentieth century also saw the first incarnations of the term customer service, as businesses started to answer customers questions and take orders by phone.

7. By the end of the 1980s, the term customer service had become a part of our everyday lexicon.

8. Im proud to work for a company that takes the term customer service so literally.

9. The UK television industry's main customer is still the US, where British formats including American Idol (from Pop Idol) and Dancing with the Stars – the US version of Strictly Come Dancing – continue to pull in massive audiences.

10. One manager sent me an email chastising me for using the term customer internally.

11. Our corporate policy is to use the term customer when referring to internal customers.

12. * Pause in the Story* •   The term customer going forward can also represent a   

13. Her responsibilities are now handled by Rob Bacon who will take the title customer and employee brand director when he joins later this year from Carphone Warehouse.

14. ‘There are some welcome concessions over pay for our customer service colleagues.’

15. ‘This service allows customers to book flights and hotel rooms in the same purchase.’

16. ‘Employers can access funding to improve the customer service skills of their workers.’

17. ‘Place decisions refer to the ease of access which potential customers have to a service.’

18. ‘Management has told customers that delays in service are due to staff training days.’

19. ‘This may look like a recessionary move, but it is actually a canny service to customers.’

20. ‘If we do not try to find a need and try to sell the customer a new service then we are disciplined.’

21. ‘In a digital scenario, customers cost nothing to service but much to obtain and retain.’

22. ‘It would be easy to make these cuts by diminishing the service we give customers.’

23. ‘It is essential to maintain a water service in which customers can have confidence.’

24. ‘There is a need for us to continuously upgrade the quality of service we give to customers.’

25. ‘I have lost business and my regular customers are going to have nowhere nearby to go.’

26. ‘Kinner also believes that the company can improve its service to fleet customers.’

27. ‘The court found that a takeover would not harm customers buying business software.’

28. ‘I want to do more and more business with my customers in the area of communications.’

29. ‘In the worst cases, it took a customer three weeks to get through to customer services.’

30. ‘She said traders desperately wanted a variety of shops to attract more customers.’

31. ‘The sale has worked well and the couple have seen customers waiting for the shop to open in the morning.’

32. ‘When customers are scarce, businesses will have to compete for them and cater to them.’

33. ‘Both officers grabbed him by the arms in a thumb lock and marched him out of the shop past the customers.’

34. ‘Hasseck said one way of deciding how to deal with awkward customers was to work out what kind they were.’

35. ‘The overseas customer to whom the goods are exported may or may not be a genuine purchaser of them.’

36. ‘The boy's clearly a slippery customer by this point, but the worst was yet to come.’

37. ‘It would not surprise me to see this speedy customer produce a repeat performance tomorrow.’

38. ‘The Internet became truly worthwhile at last and I was a very happy customer indeed.’

39. ‘It's been an amazing draw for us but we felt in Manchester there is that urban customer.’

40. he is great with the customers so they keep coming back

Other users have misspelling customer as:

1. custumer 8.03%

2. coustomer 7.94%

3. cutomer 6.78%

4. costomer 5.03%

5. coustmer 1.74%

6. custormer 1.45%

7. Other 69.03%

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