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Other users have misspelling certainly as:

pie chart
  1. certianly 7.18%
  2. certainl 4.87%
  3. certanly 3.85%
  4. certenly 3.08%
  5. certinally 2.82%
  6. certainlly 2.56%
  7. certaintly 2.31%
  8. certinaly 2.31%
  9. Other 71.02%
  10. probably 0%

Definitions of certainly


  1. definitely or positively (`sure' is sometimes used informally for `surely')

Examples of certainly

  1. She has certainly branched out into more interesting work in recent years.
  2. I think it's certainly quite a lot of the comedy that I've been involved in is quite extreme, if you like, and the extremity is part of what's funny about it.
  3. I'd say name it except for your second point, that named Wealden brachiosaurids are plentiful and once better material is described, some would near certainly be synonymized.

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