Definition of 'certainly'


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1. In a way which is certain; with certainty.

2. Without doubt, surely; of course.

3. An emphatic affirmative answer.

4. Surely.

5. By all means; of course.

6. Undoubtedly; definitely.

7. Without doubt or question; unquestionably.

8. With certainty; without doubt or question; in truth and fact; without fail; inevitably; assuredly; undoubtedly; unquestionably; of a certainty.


1. There is certainly a buzz about the club once again.

2. They certainly looked like a side struggling to match their endeavour with quality.

3. This is almost certainly a correct judgment.

4. You are certainly getting better returns in that sense.

5. You can certainly say that again.

6. Which, when it comes to researching for roles certainly makes a change for me.

7. We're certainly not leaving much for archaeologists of the future to go on.

8. The variety of the role certainly keeps me awake and alert, much better than the coffee in the kitchen does.

9. Usually when players let their standards drop they don't recover - certainly not without being sold.

10. This would certainly appear to be the mentality he has nurtured in his new breed.

11. Writers certainly enjoy messing about with chronology.

12. The sprig taken from this man certainly looks like a fir tree.

13. This lot could already speak the lingo enough to understand almost certainly complex comedic propositions.

14. You will certainly have to get in and out of cars.

15. It certainly keeps you sharp if people are breathing down your neck.

16. There was certainly much to keep them apart.

17. The low costs of comedy have almost certainly helped.

18. This certainly appears to be true of hurricanes.

19. It certainly looks a long way back from here.

20. It will almost certainly prove to have been money well spent.

21. Change in equipment can most certainly make the difference between success and failure.

22. Loyalty dividends would certainly get their attention.

23. Most people would say no, certainly not.

24. He was certainly more relaxed without them, but in the end they made no difference.

25. He said: 'I certainly hope he is all right to the end of the season.

26. ‘It may be true of good wine, but it is certainly not true of a good sommelier.’

27. ‘On the other hand, if it turns out to be true, they certainly can claim to have been the first to mention it.’

28. ‘It is certainly not true to say that trains do not stop in Guiseley because they are already full.’

29. ‘First, it is certainly true that some judges are liberal, much more so than in the past.’

30. ‘It is certainly true that it is very difficult to use economics as a predictor of markets.’

31. ‘While that may certainly have been true a decade ago, it cannot be said to be the case now.’

32. ‘It certainly is true that people need to avoid certain things if we're going to survive.’

33. ‘Now this may be true, and certainly supporters of Marx have tried hard to establish it.’

34. ‘There are others as well, of course, and one of them will almost certainly come true.’

35. ‘League consolidation is the main aim but a good cup run will certainly add to the already high team spirit.’

36. ‘Sitting in a full and happy cinema certainly adds another dimension to a film.’

37. ‘One of those deficiencies will certainly be addressed and you can guess which one.’

38. ‘It adds musical depth and certainly creates new levels of interest in most if not all of the tracks.’

39. ‘This certainly adds a realistic dimension to the film and brings the stories down to earth.’

40. ‘It certainly adds to the enjoyment, making the Vanquish an easier car to get to know.’

41. ‘It took a while to get to the front of the line, but it was certainly worth the wait.’

42. ‘It has taken many years for the book to reach us and it was certainly worth the effort.’

43. ‘On the east coast, a three-hour drive from Tofino, it is certainly worth a short stay.’

44. ‘It is certainly worth spending a few hours exploring here, even if you choose not to spend the night.’

45. ‘It is telling them that and it is not true and it is certainly not proven to be true.’

46. ‘It was certainly quite a contrast from the last time when I saw him as Hilarion in Giselle.’

47. ‘His spirits have certainly not been lowered by the slump afflicting several of his players.’

48. ‘There is certainly no indication that the house was put to any other use during these gaps.’

49. ‘I have yet to decide, but am certainly going to give him my serious consideration.’

50. ‘Boris was most certainly not one of them, and I see no indication he has changed much since.’

51. ‘We can certainly, of course, shut ourselves off and say we can make nothing of it.’

52. ‘They generally like to play on traditional courses, and this is certainly a break from that.’

53. ‘For although it was indeed judged Council of the Year, it certainly was not on any public vote.’

54. ‘It certainly beats sitting on the carpet waiting for mum to decide that it is time for a change of scenery.’

55. ‘It was certainly better than the average submission, so he decided to spend a little time on it.’

56. ‘The lad can certainly play in a number of positions, but where remains to be seen.’

57. ‘From all this it can be seen that it is certainly not the case that a contract for a lease is as good as a lease.’

58. ‘There is of course a matter of degree here, but certainly quantum physics is not in any kind of grey area at all.’

59. ‘We should remark, of course, that Cramer was certainly not the first to give this rule.’

60. ‘There is certainly no reason to take the second course of action over the first.’

61. ‘Recent research is not conclusive, but certainly does not rule out the possibility.’

62. ‘"certainly, madam," he replied.’

63. ‘"Why, certainly," replied Hardin, amiably. "We're all scholars more or less."’

64. ‘"Why certainly. This one here, this cute plushie, is great for girls of that age."’

65. she certainly is a hard worker

Other users have misspelling certainly as:

1. certianly 7.18%

2. certainl 4.87%

3. certanly 3.85%

4. certenly 3.08%

5. certinally 2.82%

6. certainlly 2.56%

7. certaintly 2.31%

8. certinaly 2.31%

9. Other 71.02%

10. probably 0%

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