Definition of 'cemetery'


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1. A place where the dead are buried; a graveyard or memorial park.

2. A place for burying the dead; a graveyard.

3. A place or ground set apart for the burial of the dead; a graveyard; a churchyard; a necropolis.

4. A place set apart for interment; a graveyard; specifically, a burial-ground not attached to any church; a necropolis: as, Greenwood cemetery, near New York.


1. After visiting the cemetery this feels so positive.

2. The local war cemetery is named after it.

3. His body was recovered by another group of partisans and buried in the local cemetery the next day.

4. Her husband and mother had also died and it was their graves that she was visiting at the cemetery.

5. His name is on a memorial to missing soldiers there and he will be buried in a nearby war cemetery.

6. Not many churches have cemeteries anymore.

7. Soldiers were drafted in to dig graves for about 50 victims at one cemetery.

8. To visit the cemetery, you now go through three military checkpoints.

9. Wags suggest a military cemetery.

10. It's also interesting that the "cemetery' was placed close by the river.

11. We revisited two British war cemeteries, which always tug at your heart in that direct and inescapable way.

12. The third phase consists of scores of rituals held in all the cemeteries, churches, and halls of the associations.

13. A special ceremony was also held yesterday by serving and former soldiers, sailors and airmen at the military cemetery in Dunkirk.

14. The main cemetery is modern, but further down the slope, now in a sorry state of decay, is the Chinese cemetery, presumably reserved for immigrant miners, tradespeople and their families.

15. In between the Pentagon and the cemetery is the first permanent memorial at one of the three sites defined by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

16. Our favorite creature in the cemetery is a groundhog who has taken up residence under a massive stump, fringed with four-foot stalks of pokeweed.

17. A derelict synagogue may not be visible in the bazaar, but a Jewish cemetery is accessible on the city outskirts.

18. ‘Funerals are held in churches, and burials are in churchyards or public cemeteries.’

19. ‘To her horror, she found there was no official record of James's burial in the cemetery.’

20. ‘Having looked in the local churchyards and cemeteries, I can find no trace of any Jacksons.’

21. ‘Christians conduct burial rites in cemeteries, and some groups visit special sacred areas.’

22. ‘I have seen the graves of the Indian soldiers in the military cemeteries of France.’

23. ‘The service at Harrogate is one of only a few held on Remembrance Sunday in military cemeteries in Britain.’

24. ‘Can I remind both children and parents that graveyards and cemeteries are not playgrounds.’

25. ‘Some ask to be buried anonymously in a Zurich cemetery and a few have their bodies repatriated for burial.’

26. ‘My wife and I sat in the churchyard looking at the magnificent views from the little cemetery at the back.’

27. ‘It was never a formal or tidy place, the very opposite of our municipal cemeteries and more like an unkempt churchyard.’

28. ‘The Home Office has launched a review of burial law because there is a shortage of space in cemeteries across Britain.’

29. ‘As a result councils, as the burial authority, must keep cemeteries safe.’

30. ‘The cost of maintenance of parish cemeteries are available at the church doors.’

31. ‘The management and development of public cemeteries must not rely only on graveyard charges.’

32. ‘Thanks was extended to all who worked so hard in keeping the cemetery to such a high standard.’

33. ‘We had experienced a really early summer and I can remember the girls at work used to go for lunch in the cemetery.’

34. ‘She said there had been vandalism and regular drug dealing in the cemetery.’

35. ‘Both his parents are dead now and I'm really the only one whose left, and I keep an eye on the cemetery.’

36. ‘Hugh Goudge, warden at the cemetery, said they were aware of the theft problem.’

37. ‘Two years ago, the cemetery suffered from a spate of vandal attacks and several tombs were damaged.’

38. they were buried in the cemetery

Other users have misspelling cemetery as:

1. cemetary 20.95%

2. cemetry 8.1%

3. semiterie 1.9%

4. semitery 1.9%

5. Other 67.15%

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