Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling cemetery as:

pie chart
  1. cemetary 20.95%
  2. cemetry 8.1%
  3. semiterie 1.9%
  4. semitery 1.9%
  5. Other 67.15%

Definitions of cemetery


  1. a tract of land used for burials

Examples of cemetery

  1. The flowers in bloom upon the graves at the Cemetery were shot away.
  2. A delectable path, for example, runs up behind the cemetery, bordered by butterfly orchids and lithospermum and aristolochia and other plants worthy of better names; it winds aloft, under shady chestnuts, with views on either side.
  3. A conical rhyton from the cemetery at Kameiros on Rhodes is even less easily understood.

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