Definition of 'until'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. To;unto;upto:oftime.

2. To;unto:ofplace.

3. Before (a condition becoming true).

4. Up to the time that (a condition becomes true).

5. Up to the time that.

6. Before.

7. To the point or extent that.

8. As far as; to the place or degree that; especially, up to the time that; till. See till, conj.

9. Up to the time of (something happening).

10. Before (a time).

11. Before (a specified time).

12. Scots Unto; to.

13. Up to the time of.

14. To; unto; towards; -- used of material objects.

15. To; up to; till; before; -- used of time.


1. After that we went clubbing and danced until the small hours.

2. You really have to earn it and win it until the very last point.

3. She was not due to give birth until next month.

4. The fans saw until the last moment we tried to win.

5. He waited five hours until two of his comrades could reach him.

6. It will take until next summer to prove whether this is a temporary blip or an underlying problem.

7. until last summer the left had forgotten what it feels like to be in ideological hostility to government.

8. The hole at the top has widened and may take until next year to fill.

9. We wanted to wait until the weather is a bit warmer.

10. He will dance her until her toes bleed.

11. The crisps will stay fresh and crunchy until next time.

12. We waited until the end of the season to sit down.

13. He was leading them a merry dance until he was swallowed up soon after turning for home.

14. It was not until the next day that a policeman finally turned up.

15. We are now expecting potential sellers to wait until early next year.

16. They are not due to vest until 2016 and depend on performance targets being met.

17. They will keep you up until 4am.

18. Purchasing a tent to hold worshipers, he began a revival season that lasted until the spring.

19. That night we talked and talked until about 4am.

20. He is then alleged to have falsely imprisoned her until October last year.

21. My crazy uncle talked about chaos theory until 4am.

22. For most of us, the drafting process goes on until the last minute.

23. One told me she regularly stayed until 10pm and also logs on from home to get through her workload.

24. You get up at 7.30am and it goes on until 10pm.

25. They stay until about 10pm.

26. I remember my ex-girlfriend was having a stressful day teaching swimming until 10pm.

27. ‘This one had sat in a tobacco tin for generations until it was valued at a coin fair.’

28. ‘He added that the glass was replaced but lasted for less than a month until this week.’

29. ‘They will be kept there until fines have been paid and if they are not they will be crushed.’

30. ‘We have lost a lot of stock and are unable to assess the damage until the water levels drop.’

31. ‘Pour it into a saucepan and heat until the flour is cooked and the sauce is thickened.’

32. ‘They will be kept away from other bees until it is confirmed they are free of disease.’

33. ‘Roast at the top of the oven, turning once or twice until the skin is crisp and golden.’

34. ‘The rules are due to change but until then it still pays you to keep your mileage up.’

35. ‘It cannot be long until the first offers appear to pay us a modest fee to sign up to their system.’

36. ‘If you want to book a seat in it you'll have to wait until April as they're all booked up.’

37. ‘There is a limit on how much you can send and withdraw until you gain verified status.’

38. ‘As soon as the flames go out, add the cider and boil until the liquid has reduced by half.’

39. ‘By the way you only have until the end of September to lend your support to this idea.’

40. ‘Up until then it had been very hard on some levels because my family moved around a lot.’

41. ‘They can then remain in the property until they die or have to move into a nursing home.’

42. ‘You never quite know how a poem sounds until your hear it coming out of a pair of speakers.’

43. ‘The site will not be able to accept this sort of waste until the area is declared safe.’

44. ‘He is a natural left side player and was doing a good job for us until he was injured.’

45. ‘If I can get fit and play until the end of the season, it will give me a new lease of life.’

46. ‘You pay by the hour so you can play as many frames as you like until your time runs out.’

47. too expensive until now

Other users have misspelling until as:

1. untill 50.1%

2. untl 1.99%

3. untell 1.34%

4. Other 46.57%

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