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Other users have misspelling bystanders as:

pie chart
  1. by-standers 36.36%
  2. bysanders 18.18%
  3. bystanderls 18.18%
  4. bistanderds 9.09%
  5. Other 18.19%

Definitions of bystanders


  1. a nonparticipant spectator

Examples of bystanders

  1. The charges against the Commanchero members are for "affray" - fighting in public and causing bystanders to fear for their safety.
  2. Others argue the effect of low-level radiation may be amplified by ‘toxins’ emitted from irradiated cells to non-irradiated ‘bystanders’.
  3. Some patients have asystole from the onset of arrest and are unsuitable for defibrillation by the ambulance crew or bystanders.

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