Definition of 'veterinarian'


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1. A medical doctor who treats non-human animals.

2. A person who practices veterinary medicine.

3. One skilled in the treatment of diseases of cattle or domestic animals; a veterinary surgeon. Often abbreviated to vet.

4. One who practises the art of treating disease and injuries in domestic animals, surgically or medically.


1. Judy's mental messages crossed mountains and vast vineyards, and soon afterward the veterinarian came to visit her.

2. It appeared to be a well-run private collection and employed a veterinarian.

3. The veterinarian took his crew back home to the Napa Valley and Judy remained behind, summoning him with her thoughts.

4. Leo had bought the Jeep from Mr. Dambar's older son, a Shreveport veterinarian.

5. Horrified, she calls the veterinarian and asks what to do.

6. I called our veterinarian and made an appointment to bring the kittens in and get their eyes checked.

7. Our regular veterinarian is an avid pro-lifer and refuses to spay or neuter his patients!

8. "We called our veterinarian team in and they worked intensively over the next 24 hours to try and save her, but unfortunately she succumbed to a toxic infection."

9. She called the veterinarian listed on the rabies tag, reading to the person who answered both the dog's name, Kenzy, and the tag number.

10. When Myrick's other goat, Maya, went into labor Sunday morning, she called a veterinarian who specializes in livestock, but he was out of the county on another emergency call.

11. ‘For instance, the Act requires that fees paid by veterinarians to the Veterinary Council be established by regulations.’

12. ‘A visit from a veterinarian or veterinary technician will serve to extend the play in that setting.’

13. ‘It is best to consult with a veterinarian when setting up a deworming program.’

14. ‘They are physicians, nurses, veterinarians, research scientists and others.’

15. ‘The dog was taken to a veterinarian, who discovered a National Dog Registry tattoo on its hind leg.’

16. ‘Never give your companion animals medication unless you are directed to do so by a veterinarian.’

17. ‘After acquiring a new bird, schedule a physical exam with an avian veterinarian.’

18. ‘A medical exam performed by an avian veterinarian will reveal if an illness is present.’

19. ‘It is available as a caplet and chewable tablet and is given to dogs by mouth, or by injection administered by veterinarians.’

20. ‘It would place veterinarians on alert and hire more guards at laboratories researching food pathogens.’

21. ‘For example, many veterinarians now treat diabetes in cats with a meat-based canned diet.’

22. ‘If you don't know how or prefer not to trim your own bird, many pet shops and veterinarians offer this service.’

23. ‘When pets recover quickly, they get to go home faster, making owners and veterinarians happy.’

24. ‘Become familiar with the veterinarians in your area and make sure you know who to call when your pet needs care.’

25. ‘For this reason veterinarians usually do not recommend the vaccine for cats who are not at risk.’

26. ‘Your veterinarian can help provide an accurate diagnosis of your animal's condition.’

27. ‘This procedure is done by your veterinarian and is pretty much the same thing as the scaling you get at the dentist.’

28. ‘You can learn the proper way to clip your dog's nails from a standard pet care book, or your veterinarian.’

29. ‘Next time you visit your veterinarian, ask about new advances that might help your dog live better.’

30. ‘Move your dog to a cooler environment, immerse him in cool water and contact your veterinarian.’

31. we took our sick cat to the veterinarian

Other users have misspelling veterinarian as:

1. veterinario 11.84%

2. veterinaria 9.21%

3. verterianarian 3.95%

4. veternaryin 3.95%

5. vetranarian 3.95%

6. veternarian 3.95%

7. vetinarian 3.95%

8. vetararin 2.63%

9. vetenarian 2.63%

10. Other 53.94%

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