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Other users have misspelling veterinarian as:

pie chart
  1. veterinario 11.84%
  2. veterinaria 9.21%
  3. verterianarian 3.95%
  4. veternaryin 3.95%
  5. vetranarian 3.95%
  6. veternarian 3.95%
  7. vetinarian 3.95%
  8. vetararin 2.63%
  9. vetenarian 2.63%
  10. Other 53.94%

Definitions of veterinarian


  1. a doctor who practices veterinary medicine

Examples of veterinarian

  1. I find as many homes as I can and keep as many as I can house properly; I spay/neuter, give annual shots, treat for heartworms and fleas, and hold the others in my arms as my veterinarian gives them the shot to euthanize them.
  2. Gator, my cousin is a veterinarian and is the same. the only thing that grosses her out is drool.
  3. The role of veterinarians as first responders to outbreaks of animal disease is central to national efforts to defend against agroterrorism.

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