Definition of 'receive'


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1. To have inflicted or imposed on oneself.

2. To admit or accept.

3. To be the person who gets (something sent or transmitted).

4. To experience or be subjected to; meet with.

5. Sports To receive a pass or a kicked ball, for example.

6. To take in, hold, or contain.

7. To convert incoming electromagnetic signals into sound, light, or electrical signals.

8. To listen to and acknowledge formally and authoritatively.

9. To have (a title, for example) bestowed on oneself.

10. To perceive or acquire mentally.

11. To take in and convert (radio waves, for example) into an electrical signal or into an audio or visual output.

12. Sports To catch or get possession of (a pass or a kicked ball, for example).

13. To acquire or get something; be a recipient.

14. To be exposed to or withstand.

15. To admit or welcome guests or visitors.

16. To take or intercept the impact of (a blow, for example).

17. To partake of the Eucharist.

18. To take or acquire (something given or offered); get or be given.

19. To hear or see (information, for example).

20. To regard with approval or disapproval.

21. To greet, welcome, or be visited by.

22. To bear the weight or force of; support.

23. To receive visitors; to be at home to receive calls.

24. (Lawn Tennis) To return, or bat back, the ball when served.

25. To admit; to take in; to hold; to contain; to have capacity for; to be able to take in.

26. To give admittance to; to permit to enter, as into one's house, presence, company, and the like

27. To take from a thief, as goods known to be stolen.

28. To be affected by something; to suffer; to be subjected to

29. Hence: To gain the knowledge of; to take into the mind by assent to; to give admission to; to accept, as an opinion, notion, etc.; to embrace.

30. (Lawn Tennis) To bat back (the ball) when served.

31. To allow, as a custom, tradition, or the like; to give credence or acceptance to.

32. To take, as something that is offered, given, committed, sent, paid, or the like; to accept

33. one on board of which newly recruited sailors are received, and kept till drafted for service.


1. He received a letter saying that it was legally privileged.

2. He had been on the receiving end of a few and he had to dish some out.

3. He was told to throw away any letters received about the safety notice.

4. BRITAIN'S first pregnant man says he has received death threats.

5. He received letters from all over the world from fans who liked to quote his best lines.

6. It has received dozens of calls.

7. Then he received a phone call from Mulberry.

8. It's no use to the team on the receiving end if a player is banned retrospectively.

9. Patrol officers received a call soon after 11am.

10. One witness who received an email saying his identity would be handed over said:'This is a nightmare.

11. They then use the money received to buy farmland.

12. Better teams than this will be on the receiving end this season.

13. The agent accepted he did receive money but through an approved channel.

14. The telephones could not receive incoming calls.

15. The nurses also had mobile phones on which they appeared to receive personal calls.

16. Only in this way will you receive the full enrichment a book is waiting to bestow.

17. It was extremely exciting to receive that phone call.

18. It says that patients expected less but in some ways received more.

19. It is at this point that victims begin receiving calls.

20. In this way we were receiving feedback on any issues worrying the shareholders.

21. If you decide to buy it you receive a discount based on the fees you have already paid.

22. Our company receives 1,000 letters a week.

23. Say the trust received income of 1,000 from deposits.

24. Perhaps they were at the receiving end of an adult losing control and have therefore grown up with an understandable terror of anger.

25. We're looking for persons who have insights to share with the writer of the following letter we received.

26. When he received a letter accepting his first book'it was like getting a letter from an unearthly address.

27. No one can say I received this money from a foreign government.

28. The service I received on buying a new car was abysmal.

29. But I have received many letters from younger people shocked by their first experience of hospitals.

30. I really don't want to be on the receiving end.

31. Yours is one of many letters I have received following my highlighting of a similar experience some weeks ago.

32. ‘Sir - I was saddened to read the story in last week's Western People about people who abandon pets after receiving them as Christmas presents.’

33. ‘The award winner receives a medallion presented in an attractive protective pouch and a certificate.’

34. ‘Anyone who earns money or receives income should pay taxes and the truth is, everyone does pay taxes.’

35. ‘I pointed out that most people had received their TVs as presents.’

36. ‘Both employees received an all-expenses paid holiday to Barbados as a reward for their efforts.’

37. ‘Each person will also receive a present courtesy of the organisers.’

38. ‘At present, farmers receive nine pence from every 36p pint of milk sold.’

39. ‘The historic buildings which will receive grants in the present allocation are from right across the country.’

40. ‘Boys and girls also receive different numbers of presents, although the amount of money spent on their gifts is the same.’

41. ‘Big business has received huge tax cuts over the last ten years.’

42. ‘German convicts work at real jobs while incarcerated - and even receive four weeks of paid vacation each year!’

43. ‘I never kept a diary when I was growing up but I did receive them as Christmas presents and loved the idea of documenting my daily and dull doings.’

44. ‘Winners will receive garden vouchers as prizes, which will be presented at the Horticultural Show on July 16.’

45. ‘We always receive thank-you cards and presents from guests who have stayed with us and that gives me such a buzz.’

46. ‘Members of the Royal Family receive hundreds of presents, often from people they have never met.’

47. ‘After a burst of thunderous applause, the children received a lot of presents.’

48. ‘Eid is a favourite among Muslim children, as they receive lots of presents!’

49. ‘Teenagers in Blackburn and Darwen will receive an extra birthday present this year as part of a mayor's plan to encourage young people to vote.’

50. ‘The office is giving increased scrutiny to international tax arrangements, reflecting the rising number of individuals and businesses receiving overseas income.’

51. ‘He was a prizewinner in 1988 at the Leipzig International Bach Competition in Spain, also receiving the special virtuoso prize for the most outstanding performance of the event.’

52. ‘Her claim is that she received an unequivocal assurance that the property was structurally sound.’

53. ‘In addition, she received an apology for any injustice occasioned to her.’

54. ‘These are my ideas so far, but any further contributions will be gratefully received.’

55. ‘A letter confirming the ballot paper would be sent out was also received yesterday.’

56. ‘You might have noticed it when sending and receiving Christmas cards last month.’

57. ‘You get a confirmation of the sent fax emailed back to you and naturally, any faxes sent to you are received via your e-mail.’

58. ‘Do you think that employers should be allowed to read the e-mails of their employees sent from or received by the computers of the company?’

59. ‘Any contributions from you will be gratefully received and replied to.’

60. ‘Most e-mail users send and/or receive one to five messages a day, and they check their mails at least once a day.’

61. ‘This allows phones to send and receive much longer messages, which will remove the need for the shorthand familiar to every teenage texter.’

62. ‘Royal Mail have assured me that papers received today will be delivered tomorrow.’

63. ‘I send and receive most of my parish communications by e-mail.’

64. ‘Any information you might have would be gratefully received.’

65. ‘The news has been gratefully received by Mr Harris, who called him on Saturday night to check on his old buddy.’

66. ‘The volume of the communications that we send and receive has multiplied tremendously.’

67. ‘Completed ballot papers must be received by the Council by 10 pm on Thursday, June 10.’

68. ‘Entry forms for the forthcoming Community Games should have been received by now.’

69. ‘More than 450 submissions had been received by inquiry commissioner Kevin Sproats.’

70. ‘Ballot papers need to be received by returning officers no later than 10 pm on Thursday June 10.’

71. ‘So frustrated have the members become that they have now decided to offer the map for sale, and already one inquiry has been received.’

72. ‘Scotland was top in 12 out of a total of 13 areas including the number of businesses making and receiving payments online and the quality of ICT advice available.’

73. ‘Residents and businesses have been receiving important letters - containing vital documents such as cheques, contracts and airline tickets - days late or not at all.’

74. ‘The appellant never received an acknowledgement of his application.’

75. ‘It is my honorary responsibility to receive donations, subscriptions and offerings sent to the group.’

76. ‘I will allow this evidence to be received as its probative value clearly outweighs its prejudicial effect.’

77. ‘He provided two reliquaries on which to receive their oaths - one for his magnates, splendidly fabricated of crystal and gold, but entirely empty, the other for the common herd, plainer and enshrining a bird's egg.’

78. ‘A 53-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman were last night charged with receiving stolen property in connection with the robbery.’

79. ‘Police Captain Blackie Swart confirmed that a scrapyard employee was to appear in court today for receiving stolen property.’

80. ‘Within a year of his return he was sentenced to hard labour at Newcastle for receiving stolen property.’

81. ‘Clark was charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, theft by unlawful taking or disposition, and receiving stolen property, all felonies.’

82. ‘Gibson is charged with receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, firearms violations and drug charges.’

83. ‘Five men, aged between 18 and 22, face multiple charges including burglary, theft, and receiving stolen goods.’

84. ‘He was twice sentenced to jail - once for disorderly conduct and once for receiving stolen property - but each time the sentence was suspended.’

85. ‘The 42 others were charged with robbery, theft, receiving and concealing stolen goods and wrongful damage to property.’

86. ‘Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fountain, of West Yorkshire Police, said it was important to realise receiving stolen goods perpetuated the criminal market.’

87. ‘It also was common for the women to offload received stolen goods upon their relatives.’

88. ‘He has received stolen goods and keeps a secret store of them in his den.’

89. ‘It means that museums can receive stolen goods, something which is illegal for everyone else.’

90. ‘He was charged with receiving stolen goods (a Mercedes four wheel drive) on August 3, 2003.’

91. ‘A former Chiswick man charged with receiving stolen goods from a house in Chiswick and breaking bail conditions appeared at Feltham court last week.’

92. ‘If we buy the land we are receiving stolen goods.’

93. ‘The 35-year-old was charged with receiving stolen goods but failed to appear in court.’

94. ‘Measures will also be taken to catch people who receive stolen goods - particularly those who use second-hand outlets and car boot sales.’

95. ‘He pleaded guilty to receiving stolen goods, the £89 trainers.’

96. ‘But hang on, there is no doubt that he must have either stolen or received them.’

97. ‘He also admitted receiving stolen goods, having no licence and having no insurance.’

98. ‘Even though we have therapies, many people continue to experience pain despite receiving treatment.’

99. ‘He is now out of prison and receiving treatment for alcoholism.’

100. ‘In all countries where such programs are available, a user who has been receiving treatment outside the prison setting can continue doing so inside.’

101. ‘As well as suffering from asthma, she is receiving medical treatment for anorexia.’

102. ‘The press coverage the event receives is invaluable, she said, but she suggested the industry also consider the strength of the subliminal message.’

103. ‘The Church was shocked by the hostile press treatment it received following a campaign to save the home.’

104. ‘Women who receive prompt treatment appear to suffer no long-term harm from the condition.’

105. ‘Mathematics, traditionally a subject that receives little attention, is gaining popularity among students choosing college courses.’

106. ‘But he claims the Morans received much better treatment than he ever has from Victoria Police.’

107. ‘Here the inmates received the most dehumanising treatment from warders and other prisoners.’

108. ‘But she was found guilty by a jury at Basildon Crown Court and received a two-year conditional discharge.’

109. ‘The 35-year-old cabbie from Wakefield walked grinning from the city's magistrates court after receiving the fine and a six-month driving ban.’

110. ‘The union said helpline staff had also received more training.’

111. ‘And staff members also receive further training to acquaint them with technological developments.’

112. ‘Rural and farming life also received more attention, in situ.’

113. ‘People love it, we have only received positive feedback so far.’

114. ‘They are also to receive counselling for the emotional effects of their ordeal.’

115. ‘Soldiers seeking course enrollment must first receive counseling from an Educational Services Specialist.’

116. ‘News of his sudden death was received with much sadness in his home parish.’

117. ‘After group discussions each person receives coaching on which attitudes need to change to support progress.’

118. ‘Those investigating the case say they won't rest until the person responsible receives a prison term.’

119. ‘Enthusiastically receiving the rules and given free rein to be as chauvinistic as they like, the five men meet in the pub to think up some new rules of their own.’

120. ‘Violin solos by Mr Jenkins and solos by other instrumentalists were enthusiastically received.’

121. ‘Even the Duchy quarterly The Cornish Banner received the book enthusiastically.’

122. ‘News of her passing was received with regret by her friends in the area.’

123. ‘News of her death was received with much regret in the town.’

124. ‘Although Ohm's work strongly influenced theory, it was received with little enthusiasm.’

125. ‘So far the project, now entering its second year, has been received with enthusiasm.’

126. ‘News of his passing was received with sadness by family members and old neighbours.’

127. ‘While you may believe your ideas have been well received, it may only appear that way.’

128. ‘Not only was the idea well received, Clinton found that it was his biggest applause line on the stump.’

129. ‘It's a great idea and hopefully will be received well by all ages, especially the youngsters.’

130. ‘Mr Topp came up with the idea but had no idea how it would be received.’

131. ‘The producers apparently had little idea of how the movie would be received.’

132. ‘It encompasses not only ideas that are favourably received but also those that offend shock or disturb.’

133. ‘The introduction of the new bylaws has been received with different reactions.’

134. ‘The news of her death was received with deep and widespread regret throughout the parish.’

135. ‘Richardson, who was on the front seat of the vehicle beside the driver, received the full force of the collision.’

136. ‘For example, each barrier island has a shoreline that faces the sea and receives the full force of waves, tides, and currents.’

137. ‘The outer edge of the reef receives the full force of breaking waves, protecting the inner Australian shoreline.’

138. ‘In my first time overseas I am receiving a completely different reaction to my nationality than my seasoned traveller friends told me to expect.’

139. ‘Plans for the redevelopment of a public house in Chiswick were unveiled last week and received an almost unprecedented reaction.’

140. ‘Ms Selby has received a very positive reaction from the vast majority of employers she has encountered.’

141. ‘I did receive a few positive reactions from mainly Dutch and German managers.’

142. ‘I received some unexpected negative reactions as a result of this language difference.’

143. ‘The company says that it may well offer both colours in the future, but that it received a better customer reaction from a black and silver finish.’

144. ‘One could see that they liked dancing with each other and that they were very glad that the performance received such a good reaction.’

145. ‘Did you ever think the film would receive such a great reaction?’

146. ‘The android looked clearly stunned, not expecting to receive such a reaction from a normally pleasant woman.’

147. ‘The press pumps up many, but few receive such widespread public reverence.’

148. ‘Hopefully now the song will become available to buy in the shops and all going well, at least according to the reaction we have been receiving, it's going to be a massive hit.’

149. ‘Jane went on to tell of the fabulous reaction Shaylyn received from the people who attended the show.’

150. ‘It seems to be universal in its appeal judging by the reactions I have received.’

151. ‘When he voiced his suspicions to Sandy, he did not expect to receive such a violent reaction.’

152. ‘She looked down at her food, embarrassed by the reaction her question had received.’

153. ‘My mother did know who my father was, but she was too afraid to tell anyone for fear of the reactions she would receive.’

154. ‘The only thing I can ask for is to receive this type of response and enthusiasm with the next story I have planned.’

155. ‘Before making its last performance in Taipei, the university's orchestra and chorus had toured in Taichung and Pingtung, receiving passionate audience responses.’

156. ‘The idea has received a mostly positive reception at the Forum.’

157. ‘What intrigued me about Florida's current publicity tour is the uncritical adulation his ideas seem to be receiving in much of the Australian media.’

158. ‘The idea has already received support from the people chosen to head the scheme.’

159. ‘We're programmed to accept this received opinion as the god-honest truth.’

160. ‘As a matter of fact, I did, but it came as quite a shock to discover that I was just as guilty of accepting received wisdom as fact as the next man.’

161. ‘But then, overdosing on received wisdom and political correctness does tend to result in irony deficiency.’

162. ‘At least, that's the received knowledge, and it's pretty much true.’

163. ‘Critical ventures should not be bound by received wisdom or apparent common sense.’

164. ‘The same is true of the latest piece of received wisdom, that all our problems would be solved if we adopted the baccalaureate.’

165. ‘They appear to leave in their wake both the received theory and prevailing paradigms of the time.’

166. ‘Giotto's place in the history of Western art is more complex than the received tradition allows.’

167. ‘Others, however, will embrace ephemeral educational fashions as the received wisdom.’

168. ‘To say that they are inferior is to go with received opinion.’

169. ‘Or was this a wry post-modernist conceptual take on our received notions of the picture postcard?’

170. ‘But clearly the received opinion was that they'd rather be seeing the actual band.’

171. ‘In doing so, it re-examines many of the received opinions on the Thatcher years.’

172. ‘The author reads them as narratives of resistance to the received wisdom of the health educators.’

173. ‘It fundamentally questioned all of my received notions of what was good about music.’

174. ‘Again this suggests the shortcoming of the received approach to these general epistles.’

175. ‘As we saw in section 5.3.1, the supreme exercise of power exists in received assumptions about what is appropriate.’

176. ‘At least New South Wales Premier Bob Carr challenged the received wisdom.’

177. ‘Not until 1600 did Elizabeth consent to receive him at court.’

178. ‘Heads of State on official visits to France, mayors of major cities and prominent figures are received at the City Hall by the Mayor and the Council of Paris.’

179. ‘On his recent visit to New Zealand, he was received by our government officials.’

180. ‘I went to receive him at the airport as he was visiting the town for a lecture.’

181. ‘She described the large house, trimmed hedges, her uniform, and the mother who dressed elegantly to receive and visit friends for lunch.’

182. ‘She loved people and she was always most welcoming in receiving visitors into our home.’

183. ‘She has lost contact with her family and receives no other visitors.’

184. ‘Pierre noted that St Lucia receives some 700,000 visitors a year and it is important to produce goods visitors can enjoy.’

185. ‘It receives some 800 visitors a day all year round.’

186. ‘After she recovered, she was received into the Catholic Church.’

187. ‘According to Catholic custom, they receive a special name and are received into the Church.’

188. ‘With Newman's guidance, he was received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1866.’

189. ‘Those who are to be received into the communion of the Church of England stand before the president to make this declaration.’

190. ‘It can only generate new ideas by receiving new impressions.’

191. ‘The eye receives an impression in a very minute fraction of a second.’

192. ‘We receive the impression that belief in the existence of God is based entirely upon these proofs.’

193. ‘Of course the impression the observer receives from a photograph is, in the final analysis, always subjective.’

194. ‘He concentrated, focusing his thoughts on the strange impressions he was receiving.’

195. ‘The impressions one receives are of the weariness of a traveler who must convince himself by convincing others that what he has seen and experienced is as real as his own skin.’

196. ‘That is certainly the impression one receives from the memoir of Gustave Folcher.’

197. ‘Simple things should not be ignored, such as the first impression you receive when entering the agent's office.’

198. ‘This is why I only have to open my eyes and paint the impressions that I receive.’

199. ‘I would like to record some initial impressions I received from the encounter.’

200. ‘In the stimulus-drawing approach, the images take the place of words as the source for receiving and expressing ideas.’

201. ‘As transmitters are switched on and new areas receive BBC digital radio broadcasts the postcode checker on the website will also be updated.’

202. ‘Scares about mobile phones have centred on two areas - the handsets and the base stations, whose antennae receive and broadcast signals.’

203. ‘Listeners will continue to receive BBC World Service programmes in English from 21.00 to 05.00.’

204. ‘Listeners will need a DAB digital radio to receive the BBC's digital radio broadcasts.’

205. ‘For a fee private subscribers could also be hooked up to receive the time signal.’

206. ‘A station on the earth's surface sends the signal to the satellite, which receives the signal and rebroadcasts it to other places on the earth.’

207. ‘These systems work by comparing time signals received from different satellites.’

208. ‘Listeners will also be able to receive the BBC local service, Radio Devon, which is already available on DAB.’

209. ‘There are four ways to receive a digital television broadcast.’

210. ‘There are now estimated to be 10 million homes in the UK which can receive all of the BBC's digital services.’

211. ‘Current and future Sky subscribers will continue to receive all BBC services.’

212. ‘receivers in aircraft or helicopters will typically be able to receive the signals at distances up to about five miles.’

213. ‘A closer look reveals unusual devices on its roof - satellite antennas to receive signals from space.’

214. ‘In a few years, PDAs will probably be able to function as televisions by receiving terrestrial digital signals, says Hinze.’

215. ‘Some handsets are available that can receive free analog terrestrial broadcasts but these pictures tend to break up when transmitted to a moving device.’

216. ‘There is a minute electrical current induced in the antenna by the radio signal it receives.’

217. ‘Listeners will continue to receive a further 15 hours of programming in Arabic on both frequencies.’

218. ‘Kagan had already been there, and the screen showed the list of navigation buoys whose signals they were receiving and their approximate distances.’

219. ‘Current and future Sky subscribers will still be able to receive all the BBC's services.’

220. ‘Many African countries still do not have universal radio or TV services capable of being received in all parts by all people.’

221. ‘The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.’

222. ‘Each tube received an aliquot of 100 ml of sodium fluoride solution (20 mg/l) and was sealed and shaken in a bath maintained at 298 K for 3 hours.’

223. ‘A second connector housing is provided for receiving a second optical fiber plug.’

224. ‘The front of the housing is open, while the rear of the housing has a rear wall with a slot that receives the contact unit.’

225. ‘In also receiving the ball, a tennis player, in order to return the ball effectively, must ascertain the type of spin which has been imparted to the ball so as to be able to compensate in the return stroke for the spin or rotation of the ball in flight during trajectory.’

226. ‘The player served to is the only player allowed to receive the serve.’

227. ‘Unlike other racquet sports like squash or racquetball, in tennis, a point can be made by the server or by the player receiving the serve.’

228. ‘Their opponent stands diagonally opposite, ready to receive the ball.’

229. ‘Ten percent said ‘you are receiving bread and wine, in which Jesus is really and truly present.’’

230. ‘He had ignited a controversy over the Eucharist, claiming the right for the laity to receive both the bread and the wine at Mass.’

231. ‘It also states that as the two churches share the same beliefs about the presence of Christ in communion, Anglicans should not be excluded from receiving the Roman Eucharist.’

232. ‘But we must recall that in approaching the altar we receive our Lord, body and blood, soul and divinity.’

233. ‘So why should openly pro-choice politicians get to receive Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Communion?’

234. receive a gift

Other users have misspelling receive as:

1. recieve 23.44%

2. receiv 2.48%

3. Other 74.08%

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