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Other users have misspelling hallelujah as:

pie chart
  1. halleluhah 17.39%
  2. halelluja 17.39%
  3. halleluja 13.04%
  4. halelujjah 8.7%
  5. halleluah 4.35%
  6. haleluja 4.35%
  7. halleluj-ah 4.35%
  8. Other 30.43%

Definitions of hallelujah


  1. a shout or song of praise to God

Examples of hallelujah

  1. If this is how man was supposed to be created, hallelujah!
  2. Nearby, a large group of Asians, whites and Hispanics danced and sang in concentric circles around guitarists and drummers, chanting, "Hallelujah" under a banner for the Iglesia Inmaculado Corazon de Maria from Newark, N.J. Terry Perez of Annandale, Va., a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines, called the multiethnic crowd "a little bit of the United Nations.
  3. David's prayers and complaints, by the lively actings of faith, are here, all of a sudden, turned into praises and thanksgivings; his sackcloth is loosed, he is girded with gladness, and his hallelujahs are as fervent as his hosannas.

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