Definition of 'kudos'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Credit for one's achievements

2. Praise; accolades.

3. proscribed Plural form of kudo.

4. Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement.

5. Glory; fame; renown; praise.

6. Glory; fame; renown.

7. To bestow kudos on; glorify.

8. rare, rare To praise; to extol; to glorify.


1. Here, they were setting up the game and the series and the performances carried extra kudos for that.

2. Get yours in leather or suede for extra kudos.

3. Company donations are usually about winning gongs or kudos for the chairman.

4. Not getting enough kudos from the boss?

5. That brings its own kudos as well as its own pressure.

6. The guitar case just adds to the kudos.

7. Their bosses gained kudos for introducing them from the bench.

8. If only he had changed the first vowel he would at least get kudos for honesty.

9. The days when a former minister added kudos and credibility to a board have gone.

10. But does it get the kudos it deserves?

11. But being listed can add kudos to small companies both with suppliers and in mergers and acquisitions.

12. Knowing them gives you extra kudos.

13. Yet festivals bring tourism and kudos.

14. What you lose in height, you gain in kudos.

15. Who would not want to experience life at the Bernabeu and the huge kudos it brings?

16. He feels that managers get too much praise and kudos when things go well, too much opprobrium when they don't.

17. I am sure a lot of people will draw kudos if she wins, but they say success has many friends but failure is an orphan.

18. ‘Still a win is a win and the champs will find a way to win when its necessary so kudos to Detroit.’

19. ‘The lone conductor never stood a chance of subduing them, but kudos to her for trying anyway.’

20. ‘Now on the surface this sounds like a right reasonable question to ask and kudos to the guy who brought it up.’

21. ‘So it isn't as if it is going to bring a lot of extra ratings but it will certainly bring a lot of kudos to the network that did it.’

22. ‘Still she performed like a trooper and actually did the shoot so kudos to her.’

23. ‘Even the staff at the International Plaza Hotel offered kudos to the conference.’

24. ‘Now I have to give credit where it is due, so kudos to all those involved in the major drug bust on Monos Island.’

25. ‘I've given out some kudos to Julia Baird and we all vigorously debated Miranda Devine.’

26. ‘They again gave kudos to the organising committee, led by retired police officer Kyron Arthur.’

27. ‘I don't know if they nailed him later with a credit card chargeback, but I say kudos to him for giving us all a big laugh.’

28. ‘However, Mr Murphy gave kudos to the Credit Union for organising the event.’

29. ‘Also, kudos to Terry Milewski of the CBC for fantastic reporting of this story.’

30. ‘It gives equal kudos to Harrison, the man who spent decades creating the most accurate clock in the world, and King.’

31. ‘If you are one of the few who have stuck with it, kudos to you.’

32. ‘Lastly, kudos to all three performers for their spot-on character work.’

33. ‘I'll give kudos to Kendall who has tried three times to get rid of him.’

34. ‘Also, kudos to Amy from Cooking with Amy for getting some press as well.’

35. ‘Good luck and kudos to you for taking an interest in a needy child.’

36. ‘If so, kudos to Neyer for being the only one to stand up to the guy.’

37. ‘The voluminous and emotional responses ranged from kudos to condemnation.’

38. ‘kudos to Szokolay for devoting part of his program to some of the composer's underrated keyboard gems.’

39. ‘kudos to the wonderful children who did their teacher proud, winning applause from her gurus in whose honour the mega event was held.’

40. ‘kudos to President Tadic of Serbia for arresting him.’

41. ‘kudos to the costumes by Michael O'Connor (The Last King Of Scotland).’

42. ‘More kudos to your site due to the fact the CEO likes your idea!’

43. ‘kudos to Nikolai for navigating the sometimes turbulent, shark infested waters around weblog island to create The Bloggies.’

44. ‘kudos to the Toledo Blade for breaking an important story.’

45. ‘kudos to all of you for an amazing job.’

46. ‘kudos goes to Robert Yates Racing for developing a better overall package for Jarrett.’

47. ‘kudos for the excellent job on the college football bowl preview.’

48. ‘kudos to the Astros for bucking the conventional wisdom in favor of guys who can actually pitch.’

49. ‘kudos to the Journal for finally raising the issue.’

50. ‘kudos on the quality of the production; they did not skimp on anything.’

51. ‘kudos, by the way, on the fantastic articles.’

52. ‘kudos to them for providing Hussain with a forum.’

53. ‘kudos to Anchor Bay for doing at least something with a little old horror flick from the '80s.’

54. ‘kudos to this dancer for thinking beyond the customary perception of affording Rama the superlative prowess; thereby questioning his viability to be worshipped.’

55. ‘kudos to the library there for taking the lead on this project!’

56. ‘kudos to Mark for at least getting it out the door periodically.’

57. ‘kudos to MGM for their great work on this title!’

58. he always appreciated kudos for his work

Other users have misspelling kudos as:

1. qudus 12.71%

2. kudus 11.86%

3. kaydos 5.93%

4. kaddo’s 4.24%

5. qudoos 2.54%

6. quedase 2.54%

7. kuidas 2.54%

8. Other 27.99%

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